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Andre Norton's picture

Andre Norton

(Alice Mary Norton)
USA (1912 - 2005)

aka Andrew North

For well over a half century, Andre Norton has been one of the most popular science fiction and fantasy authors in the world. Since her first SF novels were published in the 1940s, her adventure SF has enthralled readers young and old. With series such as Time Traders, Solar Queen, Forerunner, Beast Master, Crosstime, and Janus, as well as many stand-alone novels, her tales of action and adventure throughout the galaxy have drawn countless readers to science fiction.

Her fantasy, including the best-selling Witch World series, her "Magic" series, and many other unrelated novels, has been popular with readers for decades. Lauded as a Grand Master by the Science Fiction Writers of America, she is the recipient of a Life Achievement Award from the World Fantasy Convention. Not only have her books been enormously popular; she also has inspired several generations of SF and fantasy writers, especially many talented women writers who have followed in her footsteps. In the past two decades she has worked with other writers on a number of novels. Most notable among these are collaborations with Mercedes R Lackey, the Halfblood Chronicles, as well as collaborations with A C Crispin (in the Witch World series) and Sherwood Smith (in the Time Traders and Solar Queen series).

Andre Norton died on thursday 17 March 2005 at her home in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.
Lorens van Norreys
1. The Sword is Drawn (1944)
2. Sword in Sheath (1949)
     aka Island of the Lost
After the Apocalypse
Daybreak 2250 AD (1952)
     aka Star Man's Son
No Night Without Stars (1975)
Darkness and Dawn (omnibus) (2003)
Central Control
1. Star Rangers (1953)
     aka The Last Planet
2. Star Guard (1955)
Star Soldiers (omnibus) (2001)
Pax / Astra
1. The Stars Are Ours (1954)
2. Star Born (1957)
Star Flight (omnibus) (2007)
Solar Queen
1. Sargasso of Space (1955) (as by Andrew North)
2. Plague Ship (1956) (as by Andrew North)
3. Voodoo Planet (1959) (as by Andrew North)
4. Postmarked the Stars (1969)
5. Redline the Stars (1993) (with Pauline M Griffin)
6. Derelict for Trade (1997) (with Sherwood Smith)
7. A Mind for Trade (1997) (with Sherwood Smith)
The Solar Queen (omnibus) (2003)

1. The Crossroads of Time (1956)
2. Quest Crosstime (1965)
     aka Crosstime Agent
Crosstime (omnibus) (2008)


1. Storm over Warlock (1960)
     aka Over Warlock
2. Ordeal in Otherwhere (1964)
3. Forerunner (1971)
4. Forerunner Foray (1973)
5. The Second Venture (1985)
Warlock (omnibus) (2002)
The Forerunner Factor (omnibus) (2012)




Dark Companion
1. Dark Piper (1968)
2. Dread Companion (1970)
Dark Companion (omnibus) (2004)
Gods and Androids
1. Android at Arms (1971)
2. Wraiths of Time (1976)
Gods and Androids (omnibus) (2004)


Halfblood Chronicles (with Mercedes Lackey)
1. Elvenbane (1991)
2. Elvenblood (1995)
3. Elvenborn (2002)
Witch World : The Turning
1. Storms of Victory (1991) (with Pauline M Griffin)
2. Flight of Vengeance (1992) (with Pauline M Griffin and Mary H Schaub)
3. On Wings of Magic (1994) (with Patricia Matthews and Sasha Miller)
4. The Key of the Keplian (1995) (with Lyn McConchie)
5. The Magestone (1996) (with Mary H Schaub)
6. The Warding of Witch World (1996)



Witch World : Secrets of the Witch World (with Lyn McConchie)
Secrets of the Witch World (omnibus) (2001)

Series contributed to
Anthology series


Anthologies edited
Non fiction
Anthologies containing stories by Andre Norton

Short stories
All Cats Are Gray (1953)
Mousetrap (1954)
Wizard's World (1967)Hugo (nominee)
Spider Silk (1976)
Were-Wraith (1984)
Serpent's Tooth [short story] (1987)
The Dowry of the Rag Picker's Daughter (1988)
Hob's Pot (1990)
No Folded Hands (1996)
Frog Magic (1997)
Churchyard Yew (1999)
Noble Warrior And the "gentleman" (1999)
Root And Branch Shall Change (1999)
Needle And Dream (2000)
Procession to Var (2000)
Set in Stone (2000)

Hugo Best Novel nominee (1964) : Witch World
Hugo nominee (1968) : Wizard's World
World Fantasy Lifetime Achievement nominee (1981)
World Fantasy Lifetime Achievement nominee (1982)
World Fantasy Lifetime Achievement winner (1998)

Books about Andre Norton
Andre Norton recommends
Too Many Magicians
Too Many Magicians (1966)
(Lord Darcy, book 2)
Randall Garrett
"A cannot count the number of times I have read TOO MANY MAGICIANS - each time with the same pleasure."
Mahogany Trinrose
Mahogany Trinrose (1981)
(Sime/Gen, book 4)
Jacqueline Lichtenberg
"Imaginative and outstanding. It captures the reader and won't let go."
Daggerspell (1986)
(Deverry, book 1)
Katharine Kerr
"One of the best sword and sorcery novels I have read in some time."
The Voices of Heaven
The Voices of Heaven (1994)
Frederik Pohl
"Rousing adventure ... a very exciting and reader-enticing series!"
Crota (1996)
Owl Goingback
"One of the best un-put-downable novels that has passed through my hands in a long time. Goingback has excelled. Excitement on every page."
Obsidian Butterfly
Obsidian Butterfly (2000)
(Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, book 9)
Laurell K Hamilton
"...a departure from the usual type of vampire tale which will have a wide appeal to any reader hunting for both chills and fun."
The Lesser Kindred
The Lesser Kindred (2000)
(Song in the Silence, book 2)
Elizabeth Kerner
"Not since Elizabeth Moon's valiant Pak has a heroine of such status, physical and moral, stormed onto the stage of fantasy."
Wings of Morning
Wings of Morning (2005)
Katharine Eliska Kimbriel
"I want to thank you very much for introducing me to your world."
Dragon's Tongue
Dragon's Tongue (2006)
(Demon-Bound, book 1)
Laura J Underwood
"Here is an exciting - and most satisfying - tale of magical adventuring."

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