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Dean Wesley Smith's picture

Dean Wesley Smith

USA (1950 - )
Husband of Kathryn Wesley

aka Sandy Schofield

Bestselling author Dean Wesley Smith has written more than eighty popular novels, both his own and tie-in projects, including Laying the Music to Rest and X-Men: The Jewels of Cyttorak. With Kristine Kathryn Rusch, he is the coauthor of The Tenth Planet trilogy and the motion picture novelization X-Men, along with more than a dozen Star Trek books and two original Men in Black novels. He has also written novels in a number of gaming universes, including Vor and the novelization for the movie Final Fantasy.
Shadow Warrior
1. For Dead Eyes Only (1997)
1. The Smoke That Doesn't Bark: A Poker Boy story (2011)
2. Iron Eyebrows: A Romance With Too Much Hair (2011)
3. Daddy is an Undertaker: A Poker Boy story (2011)
4. My Socks Rolled Down (2011)
5. The Songs of Memory: A Jukebox Story (2011)
6. Fighting the Fuzzy-Wuzzy: A Poker Boy story (2011)
7. The Waiting of the Wind (2011)
8. On Top of the Dead (2011)
9. Nonexistent No More: A Poker Boy story (2011)
10. Hand and Space: A Captain Brian Saber story (2011)
13. She Arrived Without A Song (2011)
14. I Killed the Clockwork Key: A Bryant StreetStory (2011)
17. It's a Story About a Guy Who... (2011)
19. Dried Up: A Poker Boy (2011)
20. Last Car For This Time (2011)
21. Long Dead New Love: A Buckey the Space Pirate story (2011)
22. Living Time: A Poker Boy story (2011)
23. Shopping Cart Lover (2011)
24. For Your Consideration: A Bryant StreetStory (2011)
26. The Empty Mummy Murders: A Poker Boy Story (2012)
He Could Have Coped with Dragons: A Jukebox Story (2009)
Black Betsy: A Jukebox story (2010)
A Golden Dream: A Jukebox Story (2010)
Luck Be A Lady: A Poker Boy story (2010)
The Old Girlfriend of Doom: A Poker Boy story (2010)
Dead Even: A Poker Boy story (2010)
Shootout in the Okey-Doke Casino: A Poker Boy story (2011)
Pink Shoes and Hot Chocolate: A Poker Boy story (2011)
Not Salable For Sale: A Poker Boy story (2011)
Just Shoot Me Now!: A Poker Boy story (2011)
The War of Poker: A Poker Boy story (2011)
Poker Boy Vs. The Silicon Suckers: Five Poker Boy Adventures (2012)
Sighed the Snake: A Poker Boy story (2012)


Cold Poker Gang
1. Kill Game (2014)
2. Cold Call (2015)
3. Calling Dead (2015)
Earth Protection League
1. Life of a Dream (2014)


Series contributed to



Star Trek : Strange New Worlds
1. Strange New Worlds I (1998) (with Paula M Block and John J Ordover)
2. Strange New Worlds II (1999) (with Paula M Block and John J Ordover)
3. Strange New Worlds III (2000) (with Paula M Block and John J Ordover)
4. Strange New Worlds IV (2001) (with Paula M Block and John J Ordover)
5. Strange New Worlds V (2000) (with Paula M Block and John J Ordover)
6. Strange New Worlds VI (2003) (with Paula M Block and John J Ordover)
7. Strange New Worlds VII (2004) (with Paula M Block and John J Ordover)
8. Strange New Worlds VIII (2005) (with Paula M Block and Elisa J Kassin)
9. Strange New Worlds IX (2006) (with Paula M Block and Elisa J Kassin)
10. Strange New Worlds X (2007) (with Paula M Block)

Anthologies edited

Non fiction
Anthologies containing stories by Dean Wesley Smith

Short stories
Flawless Execution (1984)
Our Last Dance (1985)
Mists (1992) (with Kristine Kathryn Rusch)
A Bubble for a Minute (1993)
Model Lover (1993) (with Kristine Kathryn Rusch)
Nevermore [short story] (1993) (with David Bischoff)
Another Damn Deal (1994)
In Search of the Perfect Orgasm or Doing It with a Big Lizard Can Be Fun (1994)
Last Man Out [short story] (1995)
A Parker House Roll (1995)
Tumbling Down the Nighttime [short story] (1995)
Two Roads, No Choices (1995)
In the Shade of the Slowboat Man (1996)Nebula Awards (nominee)
Ambassador to the Promised Land (1997)
As the Robot Rubs (1998)
The Song of a Gift Horse (1998)
The Life And Death of a Sleepwalker (1999)
A Time to Dream (2000)

Bram Stoker Best First Novel nominee (1990) : Laying The Music To Rest
Nebula Awards Best Short Story nominee (1997) : In the Shade of the Slowboat Man

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