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The Muir Island Saga: The Irresistible Force (1994) by Ralph MacChio
Enter the Phoenix (1996) by Stan Lee
The Chaos Engine Book 1: X-Men / Doctor Doom (2000) by Michael Jan Friedman
The X-Men (1982) by Stan Lee
Days of Future Past (1989) by Chris Claremont
Dark Phoenix Saga (1990) by Chris Claremont
God Loves, Man Kills (1990) by Chris Claremont
The Asgardian Wars (1990) by Stan Lee
X-men Versus the Fantastic Four (1990) by Chris Claremont
The All-New, All-Different X-Men Masterworks (1993) by Chris Claremont
X-Men and Ghost Rider (1994) by Chris Claremont
X-tinction Agenda (1994) by Chris Claremont and Vicki Kamida
Greatest Battles of the X-Men (1994) by Chris Claremont
Mutant Genesis (1995) by Chris Claremont
Mutations (1996) by Chris Claremont
Visionaries (1996) by Chris Claremont
Mutant Massacre (1996) by Chris Claremont
Inferno (1997) by Chris Claremont
Smoke and Mirrors (1997) by eluki bes shahar
Empire's End (1997) by Diane Duane
The Jewels of Cyttorak (1997) by Dean Wesley Smith and Chuck Wojtkiewicz
The Law of the Jungle (1998) by Reed Manning
Prisoner X (1998) by Ann Nocenti
Crossroads (1998) by Chris Claremont
Codename Wolverine (1998) by Christopher Golden
Soul Killer (1999) by Richard Lee Byers
Shadows of the Past (2000) by Michael Jan Friedman
The X-Men (2000) by Kristine Kathryn Rusch and Dean Wesley Smith
X-Men Vignettes (2001) by Chris Claremont
Fall of the Mutants (2002) by Chris Claremont
E Is for Extinction (2002) by Grant Morrison
The Legacy Quest: Book 1 (2002) by Steve Lyons
X-Men 2 (2003) by Chris Claremont
X-Men Legends (2003) by Chris Claremont
Old Soldiers (2004) by Chris Claremont
X-Men: The Legacy Quest Trilogy Omnibus (2004) by Steve Lyons
Dark Mirror (2005) by Marjorie M Liu
Watchers On the Walls (2006) by Christopher L Bennett
The Last Stand: Fight the Cure (2006) by Jasmine Jones
X-Men the Return (2007) by Chris Roberson
X-Men: Nation X (2010) by James Asmus, Matt Fraction, Scott Snyder and Simon Spurrier
2. Enter the Phoenix (1996) by Chris Claremont
The X-MenDays of Future PastDark Phoenix SagaGod Loves, Man Kills
The Asgardian WarsX-men Versus the Fantastic FourThe All-New, All-Different X-Men MasterworksX-tinction Agenda
Greatest Battles of the X-MenMutant GenesisMutationsVisionaries
Mutant MassacreInfernoSmoke and MirrorsEmpire's End
The Jewels of CyttorakThe Law of the JunglePrisoner XCrossroads
Codename WolverineSoul KillerShadows of the PastThe X-Men
X-Men VignettesFall of the MutantsE Is for ExtinctionThe Legacy Quest: Book 1
X-Men 2X-Men LegendsOld SoldiersX-Men: The Legacy Quest Trilogy Omnibus
Dark MirrorWatchers On the WallsThe Last Stand: Fight the CureX-Men the Return
X-Men: Nation XEnter the Phoenix
X-Men and the Avengers : Gamma Quest
Lost and FoundSearch and RescueFriend or Foe?
Astonishing X-Men

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