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Kristine Kathryn Rusch's picture

Kristine Kathryn Rusch

USA (1960 - )

aka Kristine Grayson, Kris Nelscott, Sandy Schofield

Kristine Kathryn Rusch is an award-winning mystery, romance, science fiction, and fantasy writer. She has written many novels under various names, including Kristine Grayson for romance, and Kris Nelscott for mystery. Her novels have made the bestseller lists worldwide and have been published in 14 countries and 13 different languages.
TraitorsThe Gallery of His DreamsThe White Mists of PowerAfterimage
FacadeHeart ReadersAlien InfluencesSins of the Blood
The Devil's ChurnHitler's AngelAftershockFantasy Life
The Spires of DenonDestiny: A Story of the FeyCoolhuntingThe Death of Davy Moss: A Love Story
Unknown Baby GirlBleed ThroughSnipersThe Enemy Within
Five Short NovelsDifferent kinds of MagicScars plus The Perfect Man: Two Short Mystery Novels
Stained Black: Horror StoriesMillennium BabiesStories for an Enchanted AfternoonLittle Miracles: And Other Tales of Murder
Recovering Apollo 8: And Other StoriesG-MenFive Fantastic TalesFive Feline Fancies
Five Oregon StoriesEnter A Future: Fantastic Tales from Asimov's Science FictionFive for the Winter HolidaysSanta and Other Christmas Criminals
Silent Night: A Christmas CollectionFive Female SleuthsFive Mystery StoriesFive Diverse Detectives
Five Goofy Science Fiction StoriesSecrets & Lies: Ten Top Mystery StoriesThe War and After: Five Stories of Magic and RevengeInfinities
Reflections on Life and DeathFive California TalesThe Ninth Science Fiction MegapackThe Lady Sleuths
Track 61: Uncollected Anthology Book 3Mysterious Science Fiction: The Retrieval Artist / Diving into the Wreck
The Poop Thief (2010)
The Secret Lives of Cats (2010)
Broken Windchimes (2010)
Cowboy Grace (2010)
Discovery (2010)
Domestic Magic (2010)
The Moorhead House (2010)
Paparazzi of Dreams (2010)
Say Hello to My Little Friend (2010)
Victims (2010)
What Fluffy Knew (2010)
What the Monster Saw (2010)
The One That Got Away (2010)
The Amazing Quizmo (2010)
Details (2010)
Dragon's Tooth (2010)
Flower Fairies (2010)
Going Native (2010)
Patriotic Gestures (2010)
Pudgygate (2010)
Stomping Mad (2010)
The Assassin's Dagger (2010)
Except The Music (2010)
Jury Duty (2010)
Spinning (2010)
Elites (2010)
Familiar Territory (2010)
Her Mother's Secrets (2010)
Loop (2010)
Nutball Season (2010)
The Perfect Man (2010)
Rehabilitation (2010)
Stille Nacht (2010)
The Women of Whale Rock (2010)
Advisors at Naptime (2010)
Boz (2010)
Disaster Relief: Seavy Village Story (2010)
Doubting Thomas (2010)
Ghosts (2010)
Hero Dust (2010)
Saving Face (2010)
Searching for the Familiar (2010)
Snow Angels (2010)
Strange Creatures: Seavy Village Story (2010)
The Strangeness of the Day (2010)
Substitutions (2010)
Blind (2011)
Corpse Vision (2011)
Dark Corners (2011)
Dragon Slayer (2011)
Judgment (2011)
The Light in Whale Cove: Seavy Village Short Story (2011)
Subtle Interpretations (2011)
Thrill of the Hunt (2011)
Flowers and the Last Hurrah (2011)
The Questing Mind (2011)
Without End (2011)
June Sixteenth at Anna's (2011)
Fifteen Minutes at Mercy General (2011)
Jackie-O (2011)
Kindred Souls (2011)
Kuchen (2011)
Models (2011)
Monuments to the Dead (2011)
Scars (2011)
Strays (2011)
Christopher's Crummy Christmas (2011)
The Last Christmas Letter (2011)
Bring Me the Head of Anne Boleyn (2012)
E-Male (2012)
Red Letter Day (2012)
Spirit Guides (2012)
Cat Nap (2012)
The Observer (2012)
Songbirds (2012)
Death on D Street (2012)
Elegy for Piano and Three Voices (2012)
Good Genes (2012)
Results (2012)
Star (2012)
Burial Detail (2012)
Forest for the Trees : Seavy Village (2012)
The Japanese Sword (2012)
Physical Therapy (2012)
Present (2012)
Turbulence (2012)
Valuables (2012)
Remodeling (2012)
Thorns (2012)
Watching the Music Dance (2012)
Worlds Enough...And Time (2012)
The Beautiful, The Damned (2012)
Canopy (2012)
Dispatches from the Front: Number Sixty-One (2012)
Fit to Print: Fantasy Life / Seavy Village (2012)
Love and Justice (2012)
Something Blue (2012)
Clay Feet (2012)
Crunchers, Inc. (2012)
Elvis at the White House (2012)
Homecoming (2012)
Killer Advice (2012) (with Kris DeLake)
Parking Space Vigilantes (2012)
Still Life, With Cats (2012)
Chameleon (2012)
The Disappearance of Wicked (2012)
Dunyon (2012)
Dread Unlocks (2012)
The Hook (2012)
The Taste of Miracles (2012)
Fate (2012)
Incident at Lonely Rocks (2012)
Updates (2012)
Well-Chosen Words (2012)
Ghosts of Christmas Present (2012)
Mr. Alibi (2012)
The End of The World (2013)
The Front Porch (2013)
Improvements (2013)
Renn and the Little Men (2013)
The Tower (2013)
Unnatural Disaster (2013)
Craters (2013)
The Flower Man (2013)
A Helping Hand (2013)
Hitchhiking Across an Ancient Sea (2013)
The Life and Deaths of Rachel Long (2013)
Murder, She Workshopped (2013)
Sing (2013)
Death and Taxes (2013)
The Destruction of a Goddess (2013)
Moments (2013)
Spree (2013)
Story Child (2013)
After the Fall (2013)
Flitting Away (2013)
Heroics (2013)
Shadows on the Moon (2013)
Show Trial: A Faerie Justice Novella (2013)
Tribute (2013)
The Best Defense (2013)
Defect: Assassins Universe (2013) (with Kris DeLake)
Solo for Concert Grand (2013)
Twenty Years Later, By Separation Peak (2013)
Coin of the Realm (2013)
Local Knowledge (2013)
SeniorSource (2013)
Waltzing on a Dancer's Grave (2013)
Blood Trail (2013)
Killing Time (2013)
Skin Deep (2013)
The Dead Line (2013)
Safety Tests (2013)
The Voodoo Project (2013)
What People Leave Behind (2013)
Fumes (2013)
ProtectVision (2013)
Year of the Rat (2013)
Heart Flesh (2013)
Roger, at Sunset (2013)
Trust (2013)
By the Chimney, With Care (2013)
Drinking Games (2013) (with Kris DeLake)
Losing Dolly (2013)
Three Wishes Before A Fire (2013)
Bonding (2014)
Chimera (2014)
The Destroyer (2014)
The Injustice Collector (2014)
A Little Night Music (2014)
Skating in Time (2014)
The Hanging Judge (2014)
Perennials (2014)
Play Like a Girl (2014)
Earth Day (2014)
The Scottish Play (2014)
Dancers Like Children (2014)
Five Starving Cats and a Dead Dog (2014)
Game Testing (2014)
Hollywood Ending (2014)
Shadow Side (2014)
The Young Shall See Visions and the Old Dream Dreams (2014)
Common Sense (2014)
Eating It Too (2014)
One Small Step (2014)
Rick the Robber Baron (2014)
The Silence (2014)
Trial (2014)
When Thomas Jefferson Dined Alone (2014)
Alien Influences: The Short Story (2014)
Living the Legend (2014)
Rose in Dreamland (2014)
Trains (2014)
Uncertainty (2014)
FoL (2014)
Glass Walls (2014)
Heading West (2014)
September at Wall and Broad (2014)
Asset Protection (2014)
Children (2014)
Northern Correspondent (2014)
Notes from the Buffer Zone (2014)
Snapshots (2014)
Chains (2014)
Commute (2014)
Harold Angel (2014)
Inspiration (2014)
Live Performance (2014)
My Real Cousin Ruby (2014)
The Space Between Hope and Dreams (2014)
Sweet Young Things (2014)
Theme and Variations (2014)
Hearts (2015)
An Incursion of Mice (2015)
Purity Test (2015)
The Best and the Brightest (2015)
Courting Rites (2015)
Voyeuristic Tendencies (2015)
War Cake (2015)
The Poop ThiefThe Secret Lives of CatsBroken WindchimesCowboy Grace
DiscoveryDomestic MagicThe Moorhead HousePaparazzi of Dreams
Say Hello to My Little FriendVictimsWhat Fluffy KnewWhat the Monster Saw
The One That Got AwayThe Amazing QuizmoDetailsDragon's Tooth
Flower FairiesGoing NativePatriotic GesturesPudgygate
Stomping MadThe Assassin's DaggerExcept The MusicJury Duty
SpinningElitesFamiliar TerritoryHer Mother's Secrets
LoopNutball SeasonThe Perfect ManRehabilitation
Stille NachtThe Women of Whale RockAdvisors at NaptimeBoz
Disaster Relief: Seavy Village StoryDoubting ThomasGhostsHero Dust
Saving FaceSearching for the FamiliarSnow AngelsStrange Creatures: Seavy Village Story
The Strangeness of the DaySubstitutionsBlindCorpse Vision
Dark CornersDragon SlayerJudgmentThe Light in Whale Cove: Seavy Village Short Story
Subtle InterpretationsThrill of the HuntFlowers and the Last HurrahThe Questing Mind
Without EndJune Sixteenth at Anna'sFifteen Minutes at Mercy GeneralJackie-O
Kindred SoulsKuchenModelsMonuments to the Dead
ScarsStraysChristopher's Crummy ChristmasThe Last Christmas Letter
Bring Me the Head of Anne BoleynE-MaleRed Letter DaySpirit Guides
Cat NapThe ObserverSongbirdsDeath on D Street
Elegy for Piano and Three VoicesGood GenesResultsStar
Burial DetailForest for the Trees : Seavy VillageThe Japanese SwordPhysical Therapy
ThornsWatching the Music DanceWorlds Enough...And TimeThe Beautiful, The Damned
CanopyDispatches from the Front: Number Sixty-OneFit to Print: Fantasy Life / Seavy VillageLove and Justice
Something BlueClay FeetCrunchers, Inc.Elvis at the White House
HomecomingKiller AdviceParking Space VigilantesStill Life, With Cats
ChameleonThe Disappearance of WickedDunyonDread Unlocks
The HookThe Taste of MiraclesFateIncident at Lonely Rocks
UpdatesWell-Chosen WordsGhosts of Christmas PresentMr. Alibi
The End of The WorldThe Front PorchImprovementsRenn and the Little Men
The TowerUnnatural DisasterCratersThe Flower Man
A Helping HandHitchhiking Across an Ancient SeaThe Life and Deaths of Rachel LongMurder, She Workshopped
SingDeath and TaxesThe Destruction of a GoddessMoments
SpreeStory ChildAfter the FallFlitting Away
HeroicsShadows on the MoonShow Trial: A Faerie Justice NovellaTribute
The Best DefenseDefect: Assassins UniverseSolo for Concert GrandTwenty Years Later, By Separation Peak
Coin of the RealmLocal KnowledgeSeniorSourceWaltzing on a Dancer's Grave
Blood TrailKilling TimeSkin DeepThe Dead Line
Safety TestsThe Voodoo ProjectWhat People Leave BehindFumes
ProtectVisionYear of the RatHeart FleshRoger, at Sunset
TrustBy the Chimney, With CareDrinking GamesLosing Dolly
Three Wishes Before A FireBondingChimeraThe Destroyer
The Injustice CollectorA Little Night MusicSkating in TimeThe Hanging Judge
PerennialsPlay Like a GirlEarth DayThe Scottish Play
Dancers Like ChildrenFive Starving Cats and a Dead DogGame TestingHollywood Ending
Shadow SideThe Young Shall See Visions and the Old Dream DreamsCommon SenseEating It Too
One Small StepRick the Robber BaronThe SilenceTrial
When Thomas Jefferson Dined AloneAlien Influences: The Short StoryLiving the LegendRose in Dreamland
TrainsUncertaintyFoLGlass Walls
Heading WestSeptember at Wall and BroadAsset ProtectionChildren
Northern CorrespondentNotes from the Buffer ZoneSnapshotsChains
CommuteHarold AngelInspirationLive Performance
My Real Cousin RubyThe Space Between Hope and DreamsSweet Young ThingsTheme and Variations
HeartsAn Incursion of MicePurity TestThe Best and the Brightest
Courting RitesVoyeuristic TendenciesWar Cake
Short Stories
Scrawny PeteEchea
Series contributed to
The EscapeEncounters with the UnknownEchoes
The Soldiers of Fear: Invasion! 2Vectors: Double Helix 2Double Helix Omnibus
The Long Night
The New RebellionStar Wars Diplomatic Corps Entrance Exam
Treaty's LawStar Trek Day of Honor
Thin Air: New Earth 5Invasion Omnibus
The X-Men Novelization
No Good DeedLittle Green Men
Enterprise by the Book
Tales of the Slayer, Vol. 2
Safe Harbor
Death at Forgeheart
Anthologies edited
The Best of Pulphouse: The Hardback MagazineThe Best from Fantasy and Science Fiction: A 45th Anniversary AnthologyFiction River: Unnatural WorldsHex in the City: 5
Fiction River Special Edition: CrimeFiction River: Fantasy Adrift
Non fiction
The Professional Writer's Guide to Writing ProfessionallyGetting Started: A Freelancer's Survival Guide Short BookTurning Setbacks into Opportunity: A Freelancer's Survival Guide Short BookHow to Make Money:  A Freelancer's Survival Guide Short Book
How to Negotiate Anything: A Freelancer's Survival Guide Short Book Networking in Person and Online: A Freelancer's Survival Guide Short BookThe Secrets of Success: A Freelancer's Survival Guide Short BookTime Management:: A Freelancer's Survival Guide Short Book
The Freelancer's Survival GuideSurviving the Transition: How Writers Can Thrive in the New World of PublishingGoals and Dreams: A Freelancer's Survival Guide Short BookWhen to Quit Your Day Job : Freelancer's Survival Guide
Amelia Pillar's Etiquette for the Space TravelerThe Pursuit of Perfection: And How It Harms WritersDeal Breakers 2013: Contract Terms Writers Should AvoidDiscoverability: A WMG Writers' Guide
Anthologies containing stories by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
First ContactFull Spectrum 3The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror Fourth Annual CollectionBorderlands 3
GhosttideJourneys to the Twilight ZoneConfederacy of the DeadAlternate Warriors
By Any Other FameAlien Pregnant by ElvisDeals with the DevilSherlock Holmes in Orbit
The Armless Maiden: And Other Tales for Childhood's SurvivorsExcaliburHeaven Sent: 18 Glorious Tales of the AngelsThe Book of Kings
The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror Eighth Annual CollectionCelebrity VampiresSisters of the NightKilling Me Softly
Adventures of the BatmanDinosaursReturn of the DinosaursBlood Lines: Vampire Stories from New England
Wizard FantasticThe UFO FilesBlack Cats and Broken MirrorsAlien Pets
Star*drive: StarfallAlien AbductionsEarth, Air, Fire, WaterPast Lives, Present Tense
Isaac Asimov's Mother's DayStar ColoniesCivil War FantasticFar Frontiers
Guardsmen of TomorrowSingle White Vampire Seeks SameOceans of Magic
Short stories
Fast Cars (1989)Nebula (nominee)
Phantom (1989)Bram Stoker (nominee)
Harvest (1990)
Story Child (1990)Nebula (nominee)
A Time For Every Purpose (1990)Nebula (nominee)
The Gallery of His Dreams [short story] (1991)Hugo (nominee)
World Fantasy (nominee)
Precious Moments (1991)
Waltzing on a Dancer's Grave (1991)
Hide and Seek (1992)
Mists (1992) (with Dean Wesley Smith)
The Arrival of Truth (1993)
Chameleon (1993)
Ghosts of Christmas Present (1993)
Model Lover (1993) (with Dean Wesley Smith)
Sinner-Saints (1993)
The Unknown Soldier (1993)
ApocalypseCon (1994)
Elvis at the White House (1994)
Jealous Gods (1994)
Monuments to the Dead [short story] (1994)
The Beautiful, the Damned (1995)
The Boy Who Needed Heroes (1995)
Changeling (1995)
Controlling the Sword (1995)
Second Fiddle (1995)
Spirit Guides (1995)
Victims [short story] (1995)
Familiar Territory [short story] (1997)
Fit to Print (1997)
Stomping Mad [short story] (1997)
Coolhunting [short story] (1998)
Echea [short story] (1998)Hugo (nominee)
Nebula (nominee)
The One That Got Away [short story] (1998)
Reflections On Life And Death [short story] (1998)
Something Blue (1998)
What Fluffy Knew [short story] (1998)
Blind [short story] (1999)
The Great Negotiator (1999)
Relics (1999)
Strange Creatures [short story] (1999)
Alliances (2000)
Burial Detail (2000)
Dreamlike States (2000)
Full Circle (2000) (with Mike Resnick)
Millennium Babies [short story] (2000)
Folk Lure (2001)
Tribute (2001)

Bram Stoker nominee (1990) : Phantom
John W. Campbell Best New Author winner (1990)
Nebula nominee (1990) : Fast Cars
Nebula Best Short story nominee (1991) : Story Child
Nebula nominee (1991) : A Time For Every Purpose
Hugo nominee (1992) : The Gallery of His Dreams [short story]
World Fantasy nominee (1992) : The Gallery of His Dreams [short story]
Arthur C. Clarke Award Best Novel nominee (1995) : Alien Influences
Hugo nominee (1999) : Echea [short story]
Nebula nominee (1999) : Echea [short story]

Kristine Kathryn Rusch recommends
Imposter (1997)
Valerie J Freireich
"Freireich brings a feeling of wonder back to science fiction."
The Border
The Border (1999)
Marina Fitch
"Marina Fitch is one of our best contemporary fantasist."
Eccentric Circles
Eccentric Circles (2001)
Rebecca Lickiss
"A delight. Rebecca Lickiss is a strong new voice."
Harbinger (2009)
Jack Skillingstead
"Jack Skillingstead's fiction always delights and surprises."
Heart of the Exiled
Heart of the Exiled (2011)
(Blood of the Kindred, book 2)
Pati Nagle
"Pati Nagle has been one of fantasy's best-kept secrets. She takes us places no one else can."

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