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Jane Yolen's picture

Jane Yolen

(Jane Hyatt Yolen Stemple)
USA (1939 - )

Jane Yolen is one of the acknowledged masters of fantasy today. She is the author of more than two hundred books for children and adults. Her young adult novel The Devil's Arhtmetic won the Jewish Book Council Award. Her children's book Owl Moon, illustrated by John Schoenherr, was awarded the Caldecott Medal; her fantasy novels Sister Light, Sister Dark and White Jenna were both short-listed for the Nebula; and she's won the Nebula twice for short stories. She has also won the World Fantasy Award, the Christopher Medal twice, and the Golden Kite Award. She has written two previous books in the Young Heroes series with Robert J. Harris, Odysseus in the Serpent Maze and Hippolyta and the Curse of the Amazons. Jane Yolen lives with her husband in western Massachusetts and St. Andrews, Scotland.






Rock'n' Roll Fairy Tale (with Adam Stemple)
Pay the Piper (2005)
Troll Bridge (2006)
The Girl Who Cried Flowers (1974)
The Moon Ribbon: And Other Tales (1976)
The Hundredth Dove: And Other Tales (1977)
Dragonfield: And Other Stories (1985)
Merlin's Booke (1986)
Tales of Wonder (1987)
The Faery Flag (1989)
Hark! A Christmas Sampler (1991)
Storyteller (1992)
Here There Be Dragons (1993)
How Beastly (poems) (1994)
Here There Be Unicorns (1994)
Among Angels (poems) (1995) (with Nancy Willard)
Water Music (poems) (1995)
Sister Emily's Lightship: And Other Stories (1997)
Twelve Impossible Things Before Breakfast: Stories (1997)
Here There Be Ghosts (1998)
Dear Mother, Dear Daughter: Poems for Young People (poems) (2001) (with Adam Stemple and Heidi Elisabet Yolen Stemple)
The Fish Prince: And Other Stories (2001) (with Shulamith Oppenheim)
Least Things (poems) (2003)
The Radiation Sonnets (poems) (2003)
Barefoot Book of Stories from the Ballet (2004) (with Heidi Elisabet Yolen Stemple)
Fine Feathered Friends: Poems for Young People (poems) (2004)
Fairy Tale Feasts: A Literary Cookbook for Young Readers and Eaters (2006)
Shape Me a Rhyme (poems) (2007) (with Jason Stemple)
The Barefoot Book of Ballet Stories (2009) (with Rebecca Guay and Heidi Elisabet Yolen Stemple)
A Mirror to Nature: Poems About Reflection (poems) (2009)
An Egret's Day (poems) (2010)
Birds of a Feather (poems) (2011)
Self-Portrait with Seven Fingers: A Life of Marc Chagall in Verse (poems) (2011) (with J Patrick Lewis)
What You Wish For: A Book for Darfur (2011) (with Jeanne DuPrau, Nikki Giovanni, John Green, Karen Hesse, Alexander McCall Smith, Naomi Shihab Nye, Joyce Carol Oates and Sofia Quintero)
Things to Say to a Dead Man: Poems at the End of a Marriage and After (poems) (2011)
The Last Selchie Child (poems) (2012)
Grumbles from the Forest: Fairy-Tale Voices with a Twist (poems) (2013) (with Rebecca Kai Dotlich)
Wee Rhymes: Baby's First Poetry Book (poems) (2013)
The Bloody Tide: Politics, Polemics, Poetry, Songs, and Rants (poems) (2014)
Beyond the Pale (2014) (with Saladin Ahmed, Peter S Beagle, Heather Brewer, Jim Butcher, Kami Garcia, Nancy Holder and Gillian Philip)
Animal Stories: Heartwarming True Tales from the Animal Kingdom (2014)
Picture Books
See This Little Line (1963)
Gwinellen, the Princess Who could Not Sleep (1965)
The Emperor and the Kite (1967)
The Minstrel and the Mountain (1967)
Greyling (1968)
The Longest Name On the Block (1968)
World On a String: The Story of Kites (1968)
It All Depends (1969)
The Seventh Mandarin (1969)
The Bird of Time (1971)
The Girl Who Loved the Wind (1973)
The Boy Who Had Wings (1974)
Rainbow Rider (1974)
The Little Spotted Fish (1975)
Hands (1976)
Milkweed Days (1976)
An Invitation to the Butterfly Ball (1976)
Hannah Dreaming (1977)
The Seeing Stick (1977)
The Sultan's Perfect Tree (1977)
No Bath Tonight (1978)
The Simple Prince (1978)
Spider Jane (1978)
All in the Woodland Early: An Abc Book (1979)
Mice on Ice (1980)
Commander Toad in Space (1980)
Dragon Night and Other Lullabies (1980)
Sleeping Ugly (1981)
Commander Toad and the Planet of the Grapes (1982)
Commander Toad and the Big Black Hole (1983)
Commander Toad and the Dis-Asteroid (1985)
Commander Toad and the Intergalactic Spy (1986)
The Lullaby Songbook (1986)
The Sleeping Beauty (1986)
Ring of Earth (1986)
Too Old for Naps (1987)
The Three Bears Rhyme Book (1987)
Owl Moon (1987)
Commander Toad and the Space Pirates (1987)
Best Witches (1989)
Dove Isabeau (1989)
The Laptime Song and Play Book (1989)
Wings (1990)
Baby Bear's Bedtime Book (1990)
Dinosaur Dances (1990)
Bird Watch: A Book of Poetry (1990)
Elfabet: An ABC of Elves (1990)
Sky Dogs (1990)
Tam Lin (1990)
Merlin and the Dragons (1991)
All Those Secrets of the World (1991)
Street Rhymes Around the World (1992)
Eeny, Meeny, Miney Mole (1992)
Encounter (1992)
Letting Swift River Go (1992)
A Letter from Phoenix Farm (1992)
Mouse's Birthday (1993)
Welcome to the Green House (1993)
Jane Yolen's Songs of Summer (1993)
Honkers (1993)
Raining Cats and Dogs (1993)
What Rhymes with Moon? (1993)
Sleep Rhymes Around the World (1994)
Animal Fare (1994)
Little Mouse and Elephant (1994)
Grandad Bill's Song (1994)
Beneath the Ghost Moon: A Halloween Tale (1994)
The Girl in the Golden Bower (1994)
Old Dame Counterpane (1994)
Good Griselle (1994)
Alphabestiary: Animal Poems from A to Z (1995)
The Three Bears Holiday Rhyme Book (1995)
The Ballad of the Pirate Queens (1995)
Before the Storm (1995)
A Sip of Aesop (1995)
The Musicians of Bremen (1996)
Welcome to the River of Grass (1996)
Welcome to the Sea of Sand (1996)
O Jerusalem (1996)
Sea Watch (1996)
Sky Scrape / City Scape (1996)
Meet the Monsters (1996) (with Heidi Elisabet Yolen Stemple)
Sacred Places (1996)
Once Upon Ice (1997)
Miz Berlin Walks (1997)
Child of Faerie, Child of Earth (1997)
Nocturne (1997)
Welcome to the Ice House (1998)
House, House (1998)
King Long Shanks (1998) (with Victoria Chess)
The Originals (1998)
Pegasus, the Flying Horse (1998)
Tea with an Old Dragon (1998)
Prince of Egypt (1998)
Raising Yoder's Barn (1998)
Commander Toad and the Voyage Home (1998)
Snow, Snow (1998)
MoonBall (1999)
The Mary Celeste: An Unsolved Mystery from History (1999) (with Heidi Elisabet Yolen Stemple)
Off We Go! (2000)
Where Have the Unicorns Gone? (2000) (with Ruth Sanderson)
Color Me a Rhyme (2000)
The Wolf Girls: An Unsolved Mystery from History (2001)
Bedtime for Bunny (2002)
The Firebird (2002)
Wild Wings (2002)
Animal Train (2002)
Harvest Home (2002)
Horizons (2002)
The Sea King (2002) (with Shulamith Oppenheim)
Time for Naps (2002)
My Brothers' Flying Machine (2003)
Hoptoad (2003)
The Flying Witch (2003)
Eeny Up Above (2004)
The Salem Witch Trials: An Unsolved Mystery from History (2004)
The Perfect Wizard: Hans Christian Andersen (2005)
Grandma's Hurrying Child (2005)
Soft House (2005)
Sleep, Black Bear, Sleep (2007) (with Heidi Elisabet Yolen Stemple)
Dimity Duck 2 (2007)
Baby Bear's Big Dreams (2007)
Hip Hippos (2008)
One Hippo Hops (2008)
Sad, Mad, Glad Hippos (2008)
Mama's Kiss (2008)
My Uncle Emily (2009)
Pumpkin Baby (2009)
Come to the Fairies' Ball (2009)
Under the Star (2009)
Good Night, Little Bunny (2010)
All Star!: Honus Wagner and the Most Famous Baseball Card Ever (2010)
My Father Knows the Names of Things (2010)
Not All Princesses Dress in Pink (2010) (with Heidi Elisabet Yolen Stemple)
Lost Boy (2010)
Elsie's Bird (2010)
Hush, Little Horsie (2010)
The Day Tiger Rose Said Goodbye (2011)
Pretty Princess Pig (2011)
Creepy Monsters, Sleepy Monsters (2011)
Sister Bear: A Norse Tale (2011)
Take Two!: A Celebration of Twins (2012) (with J Patrick Lewis)
Bug Off!: Creepy, Crawly Poems (2012)
The Emily Sonnets: The Life of Emily Dickinson (2012) (with Gary Kelley)
Jewish Fairy Tale Feasts (2012) (with Heidi E Y Stemple)
Waking Dragons (2012)
Romping Monsters, Stomping Monsters (2013)
Count Me a Rhyme: Animal Poems by the Numbers (2014)
How Do Dinosaurs Stay Safe? (2015)
Stone Angel (2015)
You Nest Here With Me (2015) (with Heidi Stemple)
The Stranded Whale (2015)
Series contributed to
Anthologies edited

Non fiction

Anthologies containing stories by Jane Yolen
Dragons of Light (1980)
Elsewhere Two (1982)
Magic for Sale (1983)
100 Great Fantasy Short Short Stories (1984)
The Year's Best Fantasy Stories 11 (1985)
Imaginary Lands (1985)
The Year's Best Fantasy Stories 12 (1986)
The Year's Best Fantasy First Annual Collection (1988)
The Year's Best Fantasy Second Annual Collection (1989)
     aka Demons and Dreams
Nebula Awards 24 (1990)
The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror Third Annual Collection (1990)
Vampires: The Greatest Stories (1991)
The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror Fifth Annual Collection (1992)
Inside the Funhouse: 17 SF Stories About SF (1992)
Xanadu (1993)
The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror Sixth Annual Collection (1993)
The Ultimate Witch (1993)
Fantasy Stories (1994)
Xanadu 2 (1994)
Horses! (1994)
The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror Seventh Annual Collection (1994)
Deals with the Devil (1994)
Angels of Darkness (1995)
Witch Fantastic (1995)
Xanadu 3 (1995)
The Armless Maiden: And Other Tales for Childhood's Survivors (1995)
Nebula Awards 29 (1995)
Excalibur (1995)
Angels! (1995)
The Book of Kings (1995)
Great Writers and Kids Write Spooky Stories (1995)
The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror Eighth Annual Collection (1995)
Sisters of the Night (1995)
Blood Muse (1995)
Ruby Slippers, Golden Tears (1995)
The Merlin Chronicles (1995)
Off Limits: Tales of Alien Sex (1996)
Castle Fantastic (1996)
Sisters in Fantasy 2 (1996)
The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror Ninth Annual Collection (1996)
Fantasy Stories (1996)
Twists of the Tale (1996)
Wild Women (1997)
Modern Classics of Fantasy (1997)
Tarot Fantastic (1997)
Black Swan, White Raven (1997)
The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror Tenth Annual Collection (1997)
Elf Magic (1997)
Wizard Fantastic (1997)
Robert Bloch's Psychos (1997)
Don't Open This Book! (1998)
Vampire and Werewolf Stories (1998)
The Mammoth Book of Comic Fantasy (1998)
Isaac Asimov's Camelot (1998)
The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror Eleventh Annual Collection (1998)
Sirens and Other Daemon Lovers: Magical Tales of Love and Seduction (1998)
The Crow: Shattered Lives and Broken Dreams (1998)
Nebula Awards 33 (1999)
The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror Twelfth Annual Collection (1999)
Merlin (1999)
Black Heart, Ivory Bones (2000)
Bruce Coville's Strange Worlds (2000)
Sherwood (2000)
Nebula Awards Showcase 2000: The Year's Best SF and Fantasy Chosen by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (2000)
Perchance to Dream (2000)
A Wolf At the Door (2000)
The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror Thirteenth Annual Collection (2000)

Short stories
The Lady and the Merman [short story] (1976)
The Tower Bird (1978)
Angelica (1979)
Cockfight (1980)
The Sleep of Trees (1980)
Brothers of the Wind [short story] (1981)
In the Hall of Grief (1982)
The Malaysian Mer (1982)
Brother Kenan's Bell (1983)
The Foxwife (1984)
Evian Steel (1985)
The Face in the Cloth (1985)
The Confession of Brother Blaise (1986)
Dream Reader (1986)
"Once Upon a Time..." She Said (1987)
Science Fiction (1987)
Wolf/Child (1987)
Words of Power (1987)
The Boy Who Drew Unicorns (1988)
The Devil's Arithmetic [short story] (1988)Nebula (nominee)
World Fantasy (nominee)
Memoirs of a Bottle Djinn (1988)
The Quiet Monk (1988)
Beauty and the Beast: An Anniversary (1989)
The Faery Flag [short story] (1989)
Mama Gone (1991)
A Story Must Be Held (1991)
The Question of the Grail (1992)
The Tale of the Seventeenth Eunuch (1992)
this is a story (1992)
Will (1992)
Inscription (1993)
Knives (1993)
The Ring at Yarrow (1993)
Circles (1994)
De Natura Unicorni (1994)
Märchen (1994)
Orkney Lament (1994)
Pitch (1994)
Allerleirauh (1995)
Daffodils (1995) (with Heidi Elisabet Yolen Stemple)
Jacob and the Angel (1995)
Journey into the Dark (1995)
The Mirror Speaks (1995)
The Question of the Sword (1995)
Sister Death (1995)
Swan/Princess (1995)
The Traveler and the Tale (1995)
Vamping the Muse (1995)
Women's Stories (1995)
Castle Collapse (1996)
First Contact/Second Coming (1996)
Flattened Fauna Poem #37: Cats (1996)
The House of Seven Angels (1996)
Intermarriage (1996)
Sex Among the Abos (1996)
Sextraterrestrials (1996) (with Joe Haldeman)
Wonder Land (1996)
Belle Bloody Merciless Dame (1997)
Godmother Death (1997)
Rabbit Hole (1997)
Song of the Cards (1997)
A Southern Night (1997)
The Wizard of the Birds (1997) (with Adam Stemple)
Become a Warrior (1998)
Bird Count (1998)
Carrion Crows (1998) (with Robert J Harris)
Lost Girls (1998)Nebula
Sister Emily's LightShip [short story] (1998)Nebula
Studies in Stone (1998) (with Robert J Harris)
Old Merlin Dancing On the Sands of Time (1999)
Cinder Elephant (2000)
Holy, Holy, Holy (2000) (with Heidi Elisabet Yolen Stemple)
Our Lady of the Greenwood (2000)
Snow in Summer [short story] (2000)

Mythopoeic Fantasy Award for Adult Literature winner (1985) : Cards of Grief
World Fantasy Best Collection nominee (1986) : Dragonfield: And Other Stories
Mythopoeic Fantasy Award for Adult Literature Best Collection nominee (1987) : Merlin's Booke
World Fantasy Best Collection nominee (1987) : Merlin's Booke
Nebula nominee (1989) : The Devil's Arithmetic [short story]
World Fantasy nominee (1989) : The Devil's Arithmetic [short story]
Nebula Best Novel nominee (1990) : Sister Light, Sister Dark
Mythopoeic Fantasy Award for Adult Literature nominee (1991) : Sister Light, Sister Dark
Nebula Best Novel nominee (1991) : White Jenna
Mythopoeic Fantasy Award for Adult Literature winner (1993) : Briar Rose
Nebula Best Novel nominee (1993) : Briar Rose
World Fantasy Best Novel nominee (1993) : Briar Rose
Nebula Best Short story winner (1998) : Sister Emily's LightShip [short story]
Nebula winner (1999) : Lost Girls

Jane Yolen recommends
The Gods of Pegana
The Gods of Pegana (1905)
Lord Dunsany
"Lord Dunsany is the great grandfather of us all."
A College of Magics
A College of Magics (1994)
(College of Magics, book 1)
Caroline Stevermer
"A large step up ... from Harry Potter."
Song in the Silence: The Tale of Lanen Kaelar
Song in the Silence: The Tale of Lanen Kaelar (1996)
(Song in the Silence, book 1)
Elizabeth Kerner
"Elizabeth Kerner has a strong new voice that has the cadences and resonance of an old and wise bard."
The Fox Woman
The Fox Woman (2000)
(Fox Woman, book 1)
Kij Johnson
"If you are a smash-and-grab, blood-on-the-sword fantasy reader, this astonishingly lyrical first novel about a medieval Japanese shapeshifter is not for you. But if you want lush prose, romantic settings, and a poetry-of-the-soul book, run-do not walk-to get this. God, I wish I had written it!"
The Freedom Maze
The Freedom Maze (2001)
Delia Sherman
"A bold and sensitively-written novel about a supposed-white child, Sophie Fairchild returned magically to a time of her ancestors who were slavemaster and slaves in the old South. I was mesmerized."

Spiral Path (2014)
(Night Calls , book 3)
Katharine Eliska Kimbriel
"With a clear, distinctive voice, Katharine Kimbriel invents and re-invents magic on America's frontier..."

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