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Nora Roberts's picture

Nora Roberts

(Eleanor Marie Robertson Aufem-Brinke Wilder)
USA (1950 - )

aka Sarah Hardesty, Jill March, J D Robb

Nora Roberts was born in Silver Spring Maryland, the youngest of five children. After a school career that included some time in Catholic school and the disciplines of nuns, she married young and settled in Keedysville, Maryland.

She worked briefly as a legal secretary. "I could type fast but couldn't spell, I was the worst legal secretary ever," she says now. After her sons were born she stayed home and tried every craft that came along. A blizzard in February 1979 forced her hand to try another creative outlet. She was snowed in with a three and six year old with no kindergarten respite in sight and a dwindling supply of chocolate.

Born into a family of readers, Nora had never known a time that she wasn't reading or making up stories. During the now famous blizzard, she pulled out a pencil and notebook and began to write down one of those stories. It was there that a career was born. Several manuscripts and rejections later, her first book, Irish Thoroughbred, was published by Silhouette in 1981.

Nora met her second husband, Bruce Wilder, when she hired him to build bookshelves. They were married in July 1985. Since that time, they've expanded their home, traveled the world and opened a bookstore together.

Through the years, Nora has always been surrounded by men. Not only was she the youngest in her family, but she was also the only girl. She has raised two sons. Having spent her life surrounded by men has given Ms. Roberts a fairly good view of the workings of the male mind, which is a constant delight to her readers. It was, she's been quoted as saying, a choice between figuring men out or running away screaming.

Nora is a member of several writers groups and has won countless awards from her colleagues and the publishing industry.
Irish ThoroughbredIrish RoseIrish RebelIrish Hearts
The Irish Trilogy
ReflectionsDance of DreamsReflections and Dreams
Playing the OddsTempting FateAll the PossibilitiesOne Man's Art
For Now, ForeverRebellionThe MacGregor BridesThe Winning Hand
The MacGregor GroomsThe Perfect NeighborSerena - CaineAlan - Grant
Daniel - IanAll the Possibilities / One Man's ArtRobert - CybilRebellion / In From The Cold
The MacGregors Collection Volume 1The MacGregors Collection Volume 2
Celebrity Magazine
1. Second Nature (1985)
2. One Summer (1986)
Summer Pleasures (omnibus) (2002)
Second NatureOne SummerSummer Pleasures
Summer DessertsLessons LearnedTable for Two
Affaire RoyaleCommand PerformanceThe Playboy PrinceCordina's Crown Jewel
Cordina's Royal FamilyAffaire Royale / Command PerformanceBennett - Camilla
D.C. Detectives
1. Sacred Sins (1987)
2. Brazen Virtue (1988)
Sacred SinsBrazen Virtue
The Last Honest WomanDance to the PiperSkin DeepWithout a Trace
Born O'Hurley: The Last Honest Woman /  Dance to the PiperO'Hurley's Return
Jack's History
1. Loving Jack (1988)
2. Best Laid Plans (1989)
3. Lawless (1989)
Loving JackBest Laid PlansLawless
Time and Again
1. Time Was (1989)
2. Times Change (1989)
Time and Again (omnibus) (2001)
Time WasTimes ChangeTime and Again
Taming NatashaLuring a LadyFalling for RachelConvincing Alex
Waiting for NickConsidering KateThe Stanislaski SistersThe Stanislaski Brothers
Taming Natasha / Luring a LadyFalling for Rachel / Convincing AlexWaiting for Nick / Considering KateThe Stanislaskis: Taming Natasha / Luring a Lady / Falling for Rachel / Convincing Alex / Waiting for Nick / Considering Kate
Stanislaski's Bundle 1 of 2: Considering Kate / Convincing Alex / Falling for RachelStanislaski's Bundle 2 of 2: Luring a Lady / Waiting for Nick / Taming Natasha
Night ShiftNight ShadowNightshadeNight Smoke
Night ShieldNight TalesNight Moves: Nightshade / Night SmokeNight Shift / Night Shadow
Nightshade / Night SmokeNight Shield / Night MovesNight Smoke / Nightshade / Night Shift / Night Shadow
Courting CatherineA Man for AmandaFor the Love of LilahSuzanna's Surrender
Megan's MateCatherine and AmandaLilah and SuzannaCatherine, Amanda and Lilah
Suzanna and MeganThe Calhouns CollectionAmanda and Lilah: A Man for Amanda / For the Love of Lilah
The Donovan LegacyCaptivated / EntrancedCharmed / Enchanted
Concannon Sisters Trilogy
1. Born in Fire (1994) (as by Sarah Hardesty)
2. Born in Ice (1995) (as by Sarah Hardesty)
3. Born in Shame (1996) (as by Sarah Hardesty)
Born in Fire / Born in Ice / Born in Shame (omnibus) (1996)
Irish Born (omnibus) (1996)
Born in FireBorn in IceBorn in ShameBorn in Fire / Born in Ice / Born in Shame
Irish Born
The Return of Rafe MacKadeThe Pride of Jared MacKadeThe Heart of Devin MacKadeThe Fall of Shane MacKade
The Mackade Brothers: Rafe and JaredThe Mackade Brothers: Devin and ShaneThe MacKades Collection: The Return of Rafe MacKade / The Pride of Jared MacKade / The Heart of Devin MacKade / The Fall of Shane MacKadeThe MacKade Brothers Bundle: The Fall of Shane MacKade / The Heart of Devin MacKade / The Pride of Jared MacKade / The Return of Rafe MacKade
Daring to DreamHolding the  DreamFinding the DreamDream Trilogy
Lovers and Dreamers
Sea SweptRising TidesInner HarborChesapeake Blue
Nora Roberts Boxed SetThe Quinn Brothers TrilogyThe Lives and Loves of Four Brothers on the Windswept Shores of the Chesapeake Bay...The Quinn Brothers
The Quinn LegacyChesapeake Bay Saga 1-4
Hidden StarCaptive StarSecret StarStars: Hidden Star / Captive Star
Stars of Mithra Box Set: Captive Star / Hidden Star / Secret Star
Jewels of the SunTears of the MoonHeart of the SeaThe Gallaghers of Ardmore Trilogy
Dance Upon the AirHeaven and EarthFace the FireThree Sisters Island Collection
Key of LightKey of KnowledgeKey of ValorThe Key Trilogy
In Death (Novellas) (with J D Robb)
Remember When (2003)
Remember When
In The Garden
1. Blue Dahlia (2004)
2. Black Rose (2005)
3. Red Lily (2005)
In the Garden Trilogy (omnibus) (2006)
Blue DahliaBlack RoseRed LilyIn the Garden Trilogy
Morrigan's CrossDance of the GodsValley of SilenceThe Electrifying Trilogy Box Set
Nora Roberts's Circle Trilogy
Sign of Seven Trilogy
1. Blood Brothers (2007)
2. The Hollow (2008)
3. The Pagan Stone (2008)
Sign of Seven Trilogy (omnibus) (2009)
Blood BrothersThe HollowThe Pagan StoneSign of Seven Trilogy
Vision in WhiteBed of RosesSavor the MomentHappy Ever After
Bridal Quartet Boxed Set
The Next AlwaysThe Last BoyfriendThe Perfect HopeThe Inn Boonsboro Trilogy
The Novels of Nora Roberts Volume 1The Novels of Nora Roberts Volume 2The Novels of Nora Roberts Volume 3The Novels of Nora Roberts Volume 4
The Novels of Nora Roberts Volume 5
Dark WitchShadow SpellBlood MagickThe Complete Cousins O'Dwyer Trilogy
Guardians Trilogy
1. Stars of Fortune (2015)
Song of the West (1982)
Blithe Images (1982)
The Heart's Victory (1982)
Island of Flowers (1982)
Search For Love (1982)
From This Day (1983)
Her Mother's Keeper (1983)
Once More With Feeling (1983)
This Magic Moment (1983)
Tonight and Always (1983)
Untamed (1983)
Promise Me Tomorrow (1984)
Storm Warning (1984)
Sullivan's Woman (1984)
Rules of the Game (1984)
The Law is a Lady (1984)
Endings and Beginnings (1984)
First Impressions (1984)
A Matter of Choice (1984)
Less of a Stranger (1985)
The Right Path (1985)
Partners (1985)
Night Moves (1985)
Opposites Attract (1985)
Boundary Lines (1985)
Dual Image (1985)
The Art of Deception (1986)
Treasures Lost, Treasures Found (1986)
Risky Business (1986)
A Will and a Way (1986)
Mind Over Matter (1987)
Hot Ice (1987)
Temptation (1987)
Local Hero (1988)
The Name of the Game (1988)
Sweet Revenge (1988)
Impulse (1989)
Gabriel's Angel (1989)
The Welcoming (1989)
Genuine Lies (1991)
Public Secrets (1991)
Carnal Innocence (1991)
Unfinished Business (1992)
Honest Illusions (1992)
Divine Evil (1992)
Private Scandals (1993)
Hidden Riches (1994)
True Betrayals (1995)
Montana Sky (1996)
Sanctuary (1997)
Homeport (1998)
The Reef (1998)
River's End (1999)
Carolina Moon (2000)
Midnight Bayou (2001)
The Villa (2001)
Three Fates (2002)
Birthright (2003)
Northern Lights (2004)
Blue Smoke (2005)
The Best Mistake (2005)
Angels Fall (2006)
High Noon (2007)
Tribute (2008)
All I Want for Christmas (2009)
Black Hills (2009)
Hot Rocks (2010)
The Search (2010)
Chasing Fire (2011)
Ever After (2011)
The Witness (2012)
Whiskey Beach (2013)
The Collector (2014)
The Liar (2015)
Song of the WestBlithe ImagesThe Heart's VictoryIsland of Flowers
Search For LoveFrom This DayHer Mother's KeeperOnce More With Feeling
This Magic MomentTonight and AlwaysUntamedPromise Me Tomorrow
Storm WarningSullivan's WomanRules of the GameThe Law is a Lady
Endings and BeginningsFirst ImpressionsA Matter of ChoiceLess of a Stranger
The Right PathPartnersNight MovesOpposites Attract
Boundary LinesDual ImageThe Art of DeceptionTreasures Lost, Treasures Found
Risky BusinessA Will and a WayMind Over MatterHot Ice
TemptationLocal HeroThe Name of the GameSweet Revenge
ImpulseGabriel's AngelThe WelcomingGenuine Lies
Public SecretsCarnal InnocenceUnfinished BusinessHonest Illusions
Divine EvilPrivate ScandalsHidden RichesTrue Betrayals
Montana SkySanctuaryHomeportThe Reef
River's EndCarolina MoonMidnight BayouThe Villa
Three FatesBirthrightNorthern LightsBlue Smoke
The Best MistakeAngels FallHigh NoonTribute
All I Want for ChristmasBlack HillsHot RocksThe Search
Chasing FireEver AfterThe WitnessWhiskey Beach
The CollectorThe Liar
Silhouette Christmas Stories 1986 (1986) (with Debbie Macomber, Maura Seger and Tracy Sinclair)
Silhouette Summer Sizzlers (1989) (with Parris Afton Bonds and Kathleen Korbel)
Once More With Feeling / Song of the West (1991)
Birds, Bees and Babies (1994) (with Ann Major and Dallas Schulze)
Jingle Bells, Wedding Bells (1994) (with Elizabeth August, Barbara Boswell and Myrna Temte)
From the Heart (1996)
Once Upon A Castle (1998) (with Jill Gregory, Ruth Langan and Marianne Willman)
Forever Mine (1998) (with Heather Graham and Elizabeth Lowell)
Once Upon A Star (1999) (with Jill Gregory, Ruth Langan and Marianne Willman)
Three Complete Novels: Honest Illusions / Private Scandals / Hidden Riches (2000)
Once Upon A Dream (2000) (with Jill Gregory, Ruth Langan and Marianne Willman)
Take This Man (2000) (with Marie Ferrarella and Diana Palmer)
True Betrayals / Montana Sky / Sanctuary (2001)
Once Upon A Rose (2001) (with Jill Gregory, Ruth Langan and Marianne Willman)
A Little Magic (2001)
Nora Roberts Collection: Homeport / The Reef / River's End (2002)
Once Upon a Kiss (2002) (with Jill Gregory, Ruth Langan and Marianne Willman)
Going Home (2002)
Dangerous (2002)
Love by Design (2003)
Truly Madly Manhattan (2003)
Engaging the Enemy (2003)
Mysterious (2003)
Once Upon a Midnight (2003) (with Jill Gregory, Ruth Langan and Marianne Willman)
Suspicious (2003)
Carolina Moon / The Villa / Three Fates (2004)
Nora Roberts Collection 5: Midnight Bayou / Chesapeake Blue/ Birthright (2004)
A Little Fate (2004)
Sullivan's Woman / Heart's Victory (2004)
With Open Arms (2004)
Opposites Attract / Local Hero (2004)
Moon Shadows (2004) (with Jill Gregory, Ruth Langan and Marianne Willman)
The Gift (2004)
Winner Takes All (2004)
Reunion (2004)
Two of a Kind (2005)
Rules of Play (2005)
By My Side (2006)
Dream Makers (2006)
Irish Dreams (2007)
Christmas Angels (2007)
Treasures (2008)
Summer Delights (2008)
First Impressions / Blithe Images (2008)
Home for Christmas / All I Want for Christmas / Gabriel's Angel (2008)
Chances (2009)
Where the Heart Is (2009)
The Law of Love (2009)
Forever (2009)
Windfall (2009)
Western Skies (2009)
Winter Dreams (2009)
Worth the Risk (2009)
Name of the Game / Once More with Feeling (2009)
Key of Light / Morrigan's Cross (2010)
Summer Dreams (2010)
Sweet Rains (2010)
Secrets & Sunsets (2010)
And Then There Was You (2010)
The Reef / Midnight Bayou (2011)
Perfect Harmony (2011)
Under Summer Skies (2011)
The Magic of Home (2011)
Spellbound / Ever After (2012)
Hazy Summer Nights (2012)
Summer Love (2012)
A Day Away (2012)
Christmas Magic (2012)
Golden Shores (2012)
Holiday Wishes (2012)
In Dreams / Winter Rose (2013)
Playing for Keeps (2013)
Change of Heart (2013)
Happy Endings (2013)
California Summer (2013)
A World Apart / The Witching Hour (2013)
Eight Classic Nora Roberts Romantic Suspense Novels (2013)
Whispered Promises (2013)
Catching Snowflakes (2013)
Not Without You (2013)
Wild at Heart (2014)
Winds of Change (2014)
Best of Nora Roberts Books 1-6 (2014)
Love Comes Along (2014)
A Change of Plans (2014)
Play It Again (2014)
Mystery Box Set (2014)
Something New (2014)
California Dreams (2014)
Mistletoe and Snow (2014)
Hearts Untamed (2014)
Home at Last (2014)
All At Once (2014)
Silhouette Christmas Stories 1986: Home For Christmas/ Let it Snow/ Starbright / Under the MistletoeSilhouette Summer Sizzlers: Impulse / Ravished! / The Road to MandalayOnce More With Feeling / Song of the WestBirds, Bees and Babies: Best Mistake / Baby Machine / Cullen's Child
Jingle Bells, Wedding Bells: All I Want for Christmas / A Very merry Step-Christmas / Jack's Ornament / The Forever GiftFrom the Heart: Tonight and Always / A Matter of Choice / Endings and BeginningsOnce Upon A Castle: Spellbound / Castle Doom / Falcons Lair / DragonspellForever Mine: Rebellion / Reckless Love / Dark Stranger
Once Upon A Star: Ever After / Catch a Falling Star / Curse of Castle Clough / Starry, Starry NightThree Complete Novels: Honest Illusions / Private Scandals / Hidden RichesOnce Upon A Dream: In Dreams / Sorcerer's Daughter / Enchantment / Bridge of SighsTake This Man
True Betrayals / Montana Sky / SanctuaryOnce Upon A Rose: Winter Rose / Rose and the Sword / Roses of Glenross / Fairest RoseA Little MagicNora Roberts Collection: Homeport / The Reef /  River's End
Once Upon a Kiss: World Apart / Impossible / Sealed with a Kiss / Kiss Me KateGoing Home: Unfinished Business / Island of Flowers / Mind Over MatterDangerous: Risky Business / Storm Warning / WelcomingLove by Design: Loving Jack / Best Laid Plans
Truly Madly Manhattan: Local Hero / Dual ImageEngaging the Enemy: A Will and a Way / Boundary LinesMysterious: This Magic Moment / Search for Love / The Right PathOnce Upon a Midnight: Witching Hour / Mirror, Mirror / Dream Lover / Midnight Country
Suspicious: Partners / Art of Deception / Night MovesCarolina Moon / The Villa / Three FatesNora Roberts Collection 5: Midnight Bayou / Chesapeake Blue/  BirthrightA Little Fate: Witching Hour / Winter Rose / World Apart
Sullivan's Woman / Heart's VictoryWith Open Arms: Song of the West / Her Mother's KeeperOpposites Attract / Local HeroMoon Shadows: Wolf Moon / Moon Witch / Blood on the Moon / West of the Moon
The Gift: Home For Christmas / All I want for ChristmasWinner Takes AllReunionTwo of a Kind
Rules of PlayBy My Side: From This Day / TemptationDream Makers: Untamed / Less Of A StrangerIrish Dreams: Irish Rebel / Sullivan's Woman
Christmas Angels: Gabriel's Angel / First ImpressionsTreasures: Secret Star / Treasures Lost, Treasures FoundSummer DelightsFirst Impressions / Blithe Images
Home for Christmas / All I Want for Christmas / Gabriel's AngelChances: Opposites Attract / Will and a WayWhere the Heart IsThe Law of Love
ForeverWindfallWestern SkiesWinter Dreams
Worth the RiskName of the Game / Once More with FeelingKey of Light / Morrigan's CrossSummer Dreams
Sweet Rains: Second Nature / Lessons LearnedSecrets & Sunsets: Risky Business / Mind Over MatterAnd Then There Was You: Island of Flowers / Less of a StrangerThe Reef / Midnight Bayou
Perfect Harmony: Unfinished Business / Local HeroUnder Summer Skies: From This Day / Her Mother's KeeperThe Magic of HomeSpellbound / Ever After
Hazy Summer NightsSummer LoveA Day Away: One Summer / TemptationChristmas Magic
Golden Shores: Treasures Lost, Treasures Found / The WelcomingHoliday WishesIn Dreams / Winter RosePlaying for Keeps: Opposites Attract / Partners
Change of Heart: Best Laid Plans / From This DayHappy Endings: A Will and a Way / Loving JackCalifornia SummerA World Apart / The Witching Hour
Eight Classic Nora Roberts Romantic Suspense NovelsWhispered Promises: The Art of Deception / Storm WarningCatching SnowflakesNot Without You: Secret Star  / The Law is a Lady
Wild at Heart: Less of a Stranger / Her Mother's KeeperWinds of Change: Island of Flowers / UntamedBest of Nora Roberts Books 1-6Love Comes Along: The Best Mistake / Local Hero
A Change of Plans: Second Nature / Summer DessertsPlay It Again: Once More with Feeling / Dual ImageMystery Box Set: A Will and a Way / Mind Over Matter / Risky Business / The Art of Deception / Treasures Lost, Treasures FoundSomething New: Impulse / Lessons Learned
California Dreams: Mind Over Matter / The Name of the GameMistletoe and SnowHearts Untamed: Risky Business / Boundary LinesHome at Last: Song of the West / Unfinished Business
All At Once: Temptation /  The Right Path
Home for Christmas
In DreamsWinter RoseA World ApartThe Witching Hour
Series contributed to
Historical Christmas Stories 1990: In From The Cold / Miracle of the Heart / Christmas at Bitter Creek
Short stories
In From the Cold (1990)

Rita Awards Best Novel winner (1983) : The Heart's Victory
Rita Awards Best Novel winner (1984) : This Magic Moment
Rita Awards Best Novel winner (1984) : Untamed
Rita Awards Best Novel winner (1985) : A Matter of Choice
Rita Awards Best Novel winner (1985) : Opposites Attract
Rita Awards Best Novel winner (1987) : One Summer
Rita Awards Best Novel winner (1989) : Brazen Virtue
Rita Awards Best Novel winner (1992) : Night Shift
Rita Awards Best Novel winner (1993) : Divine Evil
Rita Awards Best Novel winner (1994) : Nightshade
Rita Awards Best Novel winner (1994) : Private Scandals
Rita Awards Best Novel winner (1995) : Hidden Riches
Rita Awards Best Novel winner (2001) : Carolina Moon
Rita Awards Best Novel winner (2003) : Three Fates
Rita Awards Best Novel winner (2004) : Birthright

Books about Nora Roberts
Nora Roberts: A Reader's Checklist and Reference GuideThe Official Nora Roberts Companion
Nora Roberts recommends
A Man to Die for
A Man to Die for (1991)
Eileen Dreyer
"A wicked prescription guaranteed to give you sleepless nights."
Evermore (1993)
Modean Moon
"Beguiling... a story of choices, passion, and healing that spans two lifetimes."
Crooked Hearts
Crooked Hearts (1994)
Patricia Gaffney
"With a lyrical voice and keen wit, Patricia Gaffney weaves compelling stories that echo in the human heart."
Laura (1994)
Hilary Norman
"Wrenching, emotional, triumphant!"
Line of Duty
Line of Duty (1996)
(Military Thriller)
Merline Lovelace
"Sizzles with passion!"
A Groom for Maggie
A Groom for Maggie (1997)
(Whirlwind Weddings)
Elizabeth Harbison
"A delightful trip on the tangled path of true love."
The Mermaid's Song
The Mermaid's Song (1997)
Marianne Willman
"A lyrically woven tale that glows with romance, pulses with suspense and shimmers with magic."
The Intended
The Intended (1998)
(MacPherson Clan, book 4)
May McGoldrick
"Love Triumphs in this richly romantic tale."
The Bride Finder
The Bride Finder (1998)
(St. Leger Legacy, book 1)
Susan Carroll
"An intriguing tale..."
The Hanged Man
The Hanged Man (1998)
(Tango Key Mysteries)
T J MacGregor
"Taut, tricky, and terrifying... a dark and suspenseful page turner."
Girl in the Mirror
Girl in the Mirror (1998)
Mary Alice Monroe
"What price beauty? Mary Alice Monroe's Girl in the Mirror reflects the shadows and shapes of a womans painful and illuminating journey of self-discovery, of choices, of loves."
The Legend MacKinnon
The Legend MacKinnon (1999)
(Paranormal )
Donna Kauffman
"Adventure, passion, magic and betrayal are the bright threads Donna Kauffman weaves together to create the legend of three bold warriors out of their time."
Second Star to the Right
Second Star to the Right (1999)
Mary Alice Kruesi
"The romance... will charm the reader."
Inseparable (1999)
Ann Major
"Want it all? Read Ann Major."
Silver Lining
Silver Lining (2000)
Maggie Osborne
"Wit, style, and class. Maggie Osborne is a storyteller who consistently delivers all three."
Big, Bad Wolfe, at the Altar!
Big, Bad Wolfe, at the Altar! (2000)
(Big, Bad Wolfe)
Joan Hohl
"Ms. Hohl is a compelling storyteller who weaves her stories with passion."
Dove's Way
Dove's Way (2000)
Linda Francis Lee
"Dove's Way will capture your heart."
How to Marry a Marquis
How to Marry a Marquis (2000)
(Agents for the Crown, book 2)
Julia Quinn
"A delightful parfait of a book."
The China Bride
The China Bride (2000)
(Bride Trilogy , book 2)
Mary Jo Putney
"Ms. Putney just gets better and better."
The Enchantress
The Enchantress (2000)
(Highland Treasure)
May McGoldrick
"Richly romantic."
Heaven on Earth
Heaven on Earth (2000)
Constance O'Day-Flannery
"She proves that love is timeless."
Waiting for You
Waiting for You (2000)
(London Friends, book 2)
Kasey Michaels
"Kasey Michaels aims for the heart and never misses."
The Firebrand
The Firebrand (2000)
(Highland Treasure)
May McGoldrick
"Richly romantic."
Dark Side of Dawn
Dark Side of Dawn (2001)
(Military Thriller)
Merline Lovelace
"[Her novels] sizzle with passion for life and love."
Still Mr and Mrs
Still Mr and Mrs (2002)
Mary McBride
"McBride deftly spins the estranged lovers through the hoops of passion and danger."
That Summer
That Summer (2003)
Joan Wolf
"Joan Wolf never fails to deliver the best."
Driven to Distraction
Driven to Distraction (2004)
Dixie Browning
"There is no one writing romance today who touches the heart and tickles the ribs like Dixie Browning."
Hot Stuff
Hot Stuff (2004)
Elaine Fox
"Fox writes romance in a fresh and vibrant voice."
The Ocean Between Us
The Ocean Between Us (2004)
(Ocean Between Us)
Susan Wiggs
"A human and multilayered story exploring duty to both country and family."
Guys & Dogs
Guys & Dogs (2006)
(Guys & Dogs, book 1)
Elaine Fox
"A fresh and vibrant voice."
Immediate Family
Immediate Family (2006)
Eileen Goudge
"Eileen Goudge writes like a house on fire, creating characters you come to love and hate to leave."
Silent in the Grave
Silent in the Grave (2006)
(Lady Julia Grey, book 1)
Deanna Raybourn
"Storytelling at its most compelling."
Beware of Doug
Beware of Doug (2007)
(Guys & Dogs, book 2)
Elaine Fox
"A fresh and vibrant voice."
Knock 'em Dead
Knock 'em Dead (2008)
(Finley Anderson Tanner Mystery, book 2)
Rhonda Pollero
"Rhonda Pollero will take you on a fun, fascinating journey. You won't want to miss her!"
The Golden Prince
The Golden Prince (2010)
Rebecca Dean
"If you like Philippa Gregory you'll love this."
Montana Glory
Montana Glory (2010)
(McCords, book 3)
R C Ryan
"Found love, lost treasure, and ever-present danger. Ryan delivers it all with page-turning romance."
What Happened to Hannah
What Happened to Hannah (2012)
Mary Kay McComas
"McComas weaves stories that brighten the heart."
Bad Nights
Bad Nights (2013)
(Rockfort Security, book 1)
Rebecca York
"Rebecca York delivers page-turning suspense."
Second Star to the Right
Second Star to the Right (2013)
Mary Alice Monroe
"The magic of innocence and the romance of hope will charm the reader."
The Maverick of Copper Creek
The Maverick of Copper Creek (2014)
(Copper Creek Cowboys, book 1)
R C Ryan
"R. C. Ryan delivers it all with page-turning romance!"

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