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Brian Aldiss's picture

Brian Aldiss

(Brian Wilson Aldiss)
UK (1925 - )
Space, Time and Nathaniel (1957)
But Who Can Replace Man? (1958)
Galaxies Like Grains of Sand (1959)
     aka The Canopy of Time
The Airs of Earth (1963)
Best Science Fiction Stories of Brian Aldiss (1965)
The Saliva Tree: And Other Strange Growths (1966)
Who Can Replace a Man? (1966)
The Inner Landscape (1969) (with J G Ballard and Mervyn Peake)
Intangibles Inc.: And Other Stories (1969)
The Moment of Eclipse (1970)
Comic Inferno (1972)
     aka The Book of Brian Aldiss
Equator: Best Fantasy Stories (1973)
Brothers of the head: And, Where the lines converge (1977)
Last Orders: And other stories (1977)
New Arrivals, Old Encounters (1979)
Pile: Petals from St. Klaed's Computer (poems) (1979)
Foreign bodies: Stories (1981)
Farewell to a Child (poems) (1983)
Seasons in Flight (1984)
A Tupolev Too Far (1986)
The Magic of the Past (1987)
Best SF Stories of Brian W Aldiss (1988)
Science Fiction Blues (1988)
Man in His Time: The Best Science Fiction Stories of Brian W. Aldiss (1989)
At the Caligula Hotel: And other poems (poems) (1995)
The Secret of This Book (1995)
     aka Common Clay
Supertoys Last All Summer Long: And Other Stories of Future Time (2001)
The Dark Sun Rises (2002)
Cultural Breaks (2005)
A Prehistory of Mind (poems) (2008)
Mortal Morning (poems) (2011)
Lemistry: A Celebration of the Work of Stanislav Lem (2011) (with Annie Clarkson, Frank Cottrell-Boyce, Jacek Dukaj, Trevor Hoyle, Stanislaw Lem, Toby Litt, Adam Marek, Wojciech Orlinski and Piotr Szulkin)
50 x 50: The mini-sagas (2012)
The Invention of Happiness (2013)
The Zodiacal Planet Galaxy (2013)
Four For Fantasy (2013) (with Joanne Harris, Joe Hill and Richard Christian Matheson)
Supertoys Trilogy (2014)
Songs from the Steppes (poems) (2014)
The Complete Short Stories: Volume One: The 1950s (2014)
The Complete Short Stories: Volume Two: The 1960s (2015)
The Complete Short Stories: Volume Four: The 1980s (2016)
The Complete Short Stories: Volume Three: The 1970s (2016)
Series contributed to
Anthology series
Best SF (with Harry Harrison)
1. Best SF : 1967 (1968)
     aka The Year's Best Science Fiction 1
2. Best SF: 1968 (1969)
     aka The Year's Best Science Fiction 2
3. Best SF: 1969 (1969)
     aka The Year's Best Science Fiction 3
4. Best SF: 1970 (1971)
     aka The Year's Best Science Fiction 4
5. Best SF: 1971 (1972)
     aka The Year's Best Science Fiction 5
6. Best SF: 1972 (1973)
     aka The Year's Best Science Fiction 6
7. Best SF: 1973 (1974)
     aka The Year's Best Science Fiction 7
8. Best SF: 1974 (1975)
     aka The Year's Best Science Fiction 8
9. Best SF: 1975 (1976)
     aka The Year's Best Science Fiction 9

Anthologies edited

Non fiction

Anthologies containing stories by Brian Aldiss
Best SF 2 (1956)
Science Fiction Adventures Vol. 3 No. 16 (1960)
Best Fantasy Stories (1962)
Spectrum 2 (1962)
The Best from Fantasy and Science Fiction 12th Series (1963)
Spectrum 3 (1963)
New Writings in SF 1 (1964)
Tales of Science Fiction (1964)
Best Horror Stories 2 (1965)
The Unfriendly Future (1965)
Weird Shadows from Beyond (1965)
An ABC of Science Fiction (1966)
Best SF 6 (1966)
The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction 185 (1966)
Nebula Award Stories 2 (1966)
Nebula Award Stories 1 (1966)
New Writings in SF 10x (1966)
Tales of Unease (1966)
Dangerous Visions 1 (1967)
Orbit 2 (1967)
World's Best Science Fiction 1967 (1967)
     aka World's Best SF 3rd Series
The Future Makers (1968)
One Hundred Years of Science Fiction (1968)
Science Fiction Horizons No. 1 (1968)
World's Best Science Fiction 1968 (1968)
Best SF Stories from New Worlds (1969)
Best SF: 1969 (1969)
     aka The Year's Best Science Fiction 3
Four for the Future (1969)
Robert Silverberg's Worlds of Wonder: Exploring the Craft of Science Fiction (1969)
Best SF 7 (1970)
Mind in Chains (1970)
Nova 1 (1970)
On Our Way to the Future (1970)
London Tales of Terror (1972)
This Side of Infinity (1972)
New Writings in SF 23 (1973)
New Writings in SF 22 (1973)
The Penguin Science Fiction Omnibus (1973)
Best SF: 1972 (1973)
     aka The Year's Best Science Fiction 6
Nova 3 (1973)
     aka The Outdated Man
New Writings in SF 24 (1974)
Space 2 (1974)
Modern Science Fiction (1974)
New Worlds 7 (1974)
Final Stage (1974)
New Worlds 9 (1975)
New Writings in SF 25 (1975)
New Writings in SF 27 (1975)
Tales of Terror From Outer Space (1975)
Best SF: 1974 (1975)
     aka The Year's Best Science Fiction 8
Creatures from Beyond (1975)
Antigrav: Cosmic Comedies by SF Masters (1975)
New Writings in SF 28 (1976)
New Writings in SF 29 (1976)
Universe 6 (1976)
The Ides of Tomorrow: Original Science Fiction Tales of Horror (1976)
The Best Science Fiction Stories (1977)
To Follow a Star (1977)
Universe 7 (1977)
A Book of Contemporary Nightmares (1977)
New Writings in SF 30 (1977)
Anticipations (1978)
Beyond Reality (1979)
The Science Fiction Hall of Fame Volume Four (1981)
The Golden Age of Science Fiction (1981)
Top Science Fiction (1985)
Great Science Fiction of the 20th Century (1987)
Gaslight and Ghosts (1988)
The Great SF Stories 19: 1957 (1989)
The Night Fantastic (1991)
The Oxford Book of Science Fiction Stories (1992)
The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror Sixth Annual Collection (1993)
Invaders! (1993)
Modern Classic Short Novels of Science Fiction (1994)
Universe 3 (1994)
Weird Tales from Shakespeare (1994)
The Year's Best Science Fiction Eleventh Annual Collection (1994)
Blue Motel: Narrow Houses Vol 3 (1994)
The Good Old Stuff (1995)
Tales in Space (1995)
Dante's Disciples (1996)
The Wizards of Odd: Comic Tales of Fantasy (1996)
Visions of Wonder (1996)
New Worlds (1997)
The Best of Interzone (1997)
The Best of Crank! (1998)
The Road to Science Fiction 5: The British Way (1998)
Immortals (1998)
Not the Only Planet: Science Fiction Travel Stories (1998)
Moon Shots (1999)
Isaac Asimov's Solar System (1999)
The Furthest Horizon (2000)

Short stories
Aimez-Vouz Holman Hunt?
All Those Enduring Old Charms
Basis for Negotiation
But Without Orifices
Carefully Observed Women
The Daffodil Returns the Smile
Danger: Religion! (with Anonymous, J G Ballard and Mervyn Peake)
The Day We Embarked for Cythera...
Down the Up Escalation
Faceless Card
The Game of God
The Girl and the Robot with Flowers
How to Be a Soldier
The International Smile
Judas Danced
Killing Off the Big Animals
Legends of Smith's Burst
The Lonely Habit
Nobody Spoke Or Waved Goodbye
'O Moon of My Delight!'
One Role with Relish
Orgy of the Living and the Dying
Paternal Care
The Serpent of Kundalini
Super-Toys Last All Summer Long
That Uncomfortable Pause Between Life and Art...
There's a Cloud
They Shall Inherit
Waiting for the Universe to Begin
What Are You Doing? Why Are You Doing It?
Within the Black Circle
The Year of the Quiet Computer
Boy in Darkness [short story] (1956) (with Anonymous, J G Ballard and Mervyn Peake)
There is a Tide (1956)
All the World's Tears (1957)
The Flowers of the Forest (1957)
Let's Be Frank (1957)
O Ishrail! (1957)
Out of Reach (1957)
Visiting Amoeba (1957)
Blighted Profile (1958)
But Who Can Replace a Man? (1958)
Equator [short story] (1958)
Gene-Hive (1958)
Incentive (1958)
The New Father Christmas (1958)
Poor Little Warrior! (1958)
Secret of a Mighty City (1958)
Intangibles Inc. [short story] (1959)
Neanderthal Planet [short story] (1960)
Old Hundredth (1960)
A Touch of Neanderthal (1960)
The Voices of Time [short story] (1960) (with Anonymous, J G Ballard and Mervyn Peake)
Hothouse [short story] (1961)
     aka The Long Afternoon of Earth
A Kind of Artistry (1962)
Comic Inferno [short story] (1963)
The Thing Under the Glacier (1963)
Man on Bridge (1964)
The Day of the Doomed King (1965)
Man in His Time [short story] (1965)Hugo (nominee)
Nebula (nominee)
The Saliva Tree [short story] (1965)Nebula
The Source (1965)
Amen and Out (1966)
Burning Question (1966)
The Circulation of the Blood... (1966)
Heresies of the Huge God (1966)
The O in Jose (1966)
A Pleasure Shared (1966)
A Taste for Dostoevsky (1966)
Confluence (1967)
Full Sun (1967)
The Night That All Time Broke Out (1967)
Randy's Syndrome (1967)
...And the Stagnation of the Heart (1968)
Send Her Victorius (1968)
Total Environment (1968)Hugo (nominee)
Nebula (nominee)
The Village Swindler (1968)
The Worm That Flies (1968)
The Moment of Eclipse [short story] (1969)
Since the Assassination (1969)
So Far from Prague (1969)
The Soft Predicament (1969)
Working in the Spaceship Yards (1969)
The Hunter at His Ease (1970)
As for Our Fatal Continuity... (1972)
The Ergot Show (1972)
Castle Scene with Penitents (1973)
The Expensive Delicate Ship (1973)
Serpent Burning on an Altar (1973)
Three Enigmas I (1973)
Three Enigmas II: The Eternal Theme of Exile (1973)
A Cultural Side-Effect (1974)
The Girl in the Tau-Dream (1974)
The Immobility Crew (1974)
Live? Our Computers Will Do That for Us (1974)
The Monster of Ingratitude IV (1974)
The Secret of Holman Hunt and the Crude Death Rate (1974)
Three Enigmas III: All in God's Mind (1974)
Wired for Sound (1974)
Patagonia's Delicious Filling Station (1975)
Three Enigmas IV: Three Coins in Enigmatic Fountains (1975)
Year by Year the Evil Gains (1975)
An Appearance of Life (1976)
The Bang-Bang (1976)
The Bones of Bertrand Russell (1976)
The Dark Soul of the Night (1976)
Journey to the Heartland (1976)
Last Orders [short story] (1976)
A Space for Reflection (1976)
Creatures of Apogee (1977)
The Game with the Big Heavy Ball (1977)
My Lady of the Psychiatric Sorrows (1977)
A Chinese Perspective (1978)
Enemies of the System [short story] (1978)Hugo (nominee)
The Small Stones of Tu Fu (1978)
Bill Carter Takes Over (1979)
Her Toes Were Beautiful on the Mountains (1980)
Just Back From Java (1980)
A Romance of the Equator (1980)
The Blue Background (1983)
Consolations of Age (1983)
The Girl Who Sang (1983)
Igur and the Mountain (1983)
The Gods in Flight (1984)
Incident in a Far Country (1984)
Journey to the Goat Star (1984)
The Other Side of the Lake (1984)
The Plain, the Endless Plain (1984)
You Never Asked My Name (1985)
The Big Question (1986)
The Difficulties Involved in Photographing Nix Olympica (1986)
Lies! (1986)
North Scarning (1986)
The Ascent of Humbelstein (1987)
Traveller, Traveller, Seek Your Wife in the Forests of This Life (1987)
Confluence Revisited (1988)
Forgotten Life [short story] (1988)
How an Inner Door Opened to My Heart (1988)
A Day in the Life of a Galactic Empire (1989)
North of the Abyss (1989)
Three Degrees Over (1989)
A Tupolev Too Far [short story] (1989)
Better Morphosis (1990)
A Life of Matter and Death (1990)
FOAM (1991)
Summertime Was Nearly Over (1991)
Common Clay (1992)
Horse Meat (1992)
Ratbird (1992)
Alphabet of Ameliorating Hope (1993)
Else the Isle with Calibans (1993)
Friendship Bridge (1993)
Short Stories (1993)
A Dream of Antigone (1994)
The God Who Slept with Women (1994)World Fantasy (nominee)
Headless (1994)
The Madonna of Futurity (1994)
The Mistakes, Miseries and Misfortunes of Mankind (1994)
The Servant Problem (1994)
Becoming the Full Butterfly (1995)
Evans in His Moment of Glory (1995)
The Eye-Opener (1995)
How the Gates Opened and Closed (1995)
If Hamlet's Uncle Had Been a Nicer Guy (1995)
Making My Father Read Revered Writings (1995)
Sitting With Sick Wasps (1995)
A Swedish Birthday Present (1995)
Three Moon Enigmas (1995)
Travelling Towards Humbris (1995)
An Unwritten Love Note (1995)
Dark Society (1996)
Death, Shit, Love, Transfiguration (1997)

Hugo Best Short story winner (1962) : Hothouse [short story]
Nebula winner (1966) : The Saliva Tree [short story]
Hugo Best Short story nominee (1967) : Man in His Time [short story]
Nebula Best Short story nominee (1967) : Man in His Time [short story]
Hugo nominee (1969) : Total Environment
Nebula nominee (1969) : Total Environment
Hugo nominee (1979) : Enemies of the System [short story]
John W Campbell Memorial Award Best Novel winner (1983) : Helliconia Spring
Nebula Best Novel nominee (1983) : Helliconia Spring
Nebula Best Novel nominee (1986) : Helliconia Winter
World Fantasy nominee (1995) : The God Who Slept with Women

Books about Brian Aldiss

Brian Aldiss recommends
The End of Eternity
The End of Eternity (1955)
Isaac Asimov
" the height of his powers."
The Door into Summer
The Door into Summer (1957)
Robert Heinlein
The Penultimate Truth
The Penultimate Truth (1964)
Philip K Dick
"As full of muscle, teeth and flashing surprises as an alligator pool."
Nine by Laumer
Nine by Laumer (1967)
Keith Laumer
"A very enjoyable collection with accent on punch and surprise...mainline science fiction with plenty of colour and satiric snap."
Camp Concentration
Camp Concentration (1968)
Thomas M Disch
"Fiendishly clever."
Under Compulsion
Under Compulsion (1968)
Thomas M Disch
"A genuine pessimist of a new writer has come along, to delight us with an unadulterated shot of pure bracing gloom."
Sex and Drugs: A Journey Beyond Limits
Sex and Drugs: A Journey Beyond Limits (1973)
Robert Anton Wilson
"Here is a Genius with a Gee!"
The Killer Mice
The Killer Mice (1976)
Kit Reed
"Her flights of fancy are tipped with curare."
A Wreath of Stars
A Wreath of Stars (1976)
Bob Shaw
"Staggeringly enjoyable... vivid characters, a well-realized African state, and a great deal of intellectually sustained suspense."
The Divine Invasion
The Divine Invasion (1981)
(Valis, book 2)
Philip K Dick
"No other writer of his generation had such a powerful intellectual presence. He has stamped himself not only on our memories but in our imaginations."
Empire of the Sun
Empire of the Sun (1984)
(Empire of the Sun, book 1)
J G Ballard
"Ballard's ferocious intelligence, his wit, his cantankerousness, and in particular his extraordinary rendering of the perverse pleasures of today's paranoia, make him one of the grand magicians of modern fiction."
Mirrorshades: The Cyberpunk Anthology
Mirrorshades: The Cyberpunk Anthology (1986)
Bruce Sterling
"A knowing bunch of guys, bristling with rock, pain and octane."
The Plenty Principle
The Plenty Principle (1988)
(Tabitha Jute)
Colin Greenland
"Colin Greenland is the Verdi of Space Opera."
Dead Lines
Dead Lines (1992)
Greg Bear
"One of the grand contemporary masters of SF."
How to Write Science Fiction (1993)
Bob Shaw
"Full of are going to love this book."
Godshome (1998)
Robert Sheckley
"A famous and skilled exponent of science fiction."

The Empire of Time (2014)
(Roads to Moscow, book 1)
David Wingrove

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