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Gordon R Dickson's picture

Gordon R Dickson

(Gordon Rupert Dickson)
Canada (1923 - 2001)

Gordon Dickson was as influential as Robert A. Heinlein in the creation of the sub-genre of military space opera--his Dorsai! is a significantly more considered work than Heinlein's Starship Troopers. It inaugurated a sequence of Future History novels in which the isolation of colonies has produced specialized sub-species of humanity--dominated by the warrior, the religious, the mystic and the acquisitive temperaments, for example--which produce fertile chaos when brought back into close contact and are the key to humanity's future transcendence; Dickson projected a sequence of historical novels linked to the Dorsai books which through representative figures would clarify his argument--his sympathies and the readers tend to be mostly with the ethical mercenaries of the Dorsai, but Dickson's portrayal and perception of the military virtues is sufficiently complex constantly to wrongfoot our expectations. Dickson's best non-sequence novel is probably Time Storm in which a motley group of adventurers cope with a landscape drawn from all of Earth's history; its charismatic flawed hero has an attractive unhappiness to balance his omnicompetence. A fantasy sequence, which started with The Dragon and the George, sets a contemporary adventurer loose in a magic world at once comic and ethically complex where human beings and dragons share a common culture.


Series contributed to
Combat Command (with Troy Denning and Cory Glaberson)
8. Dorsai's Command (1989)
Anthologies edited
Anthologies containing stories by Gordon R Dickson

Short stories
The Present State of Igneos Research
Sleight of Wit
The Monkey Wrench (1951)
Black Charlie (1954)
Joy in Mudville (1955) (with Poul Anderson)
St. Dragon and the George (1957)
The Christmas Present (1958)
Last Voyage (1958)
The Dreamsman (1959)
The Man in the Mailbag (1959)
An Honorable Death (1961)
Home from the Shore [short story] (1962)
Dolphin's Way (1964)
Soldier, Ask Not [short story] (1964)Hugo
Computers Don't Argue (1965)Nebula Awards (nominee)
Call Him Lord (1966)Hugo (nominee)
Nebula Awards
Jackal's Meal (1969)
Jean Dupres (1970)Hugo (nominee)
Brothers (1973)
The Cloak and the Staff (1980)Hugo
Lost Dorsai [short story] (1980)Hugo
See Now, a Pilgrim (1985)

Hugo Best Novel nominee (1960) : Dorsai!
Hugo Best Short Story winner (1965) : Soldier, Ask Not [short story]
Nebula Awards Best Short Story nominee (1966) : Computers Don't Argue
Hugo Best Novellette nominee (1967) : Call Him Lord
Nebula Awards Best Novellette winner (1967) : Call Him Lord
Hugo Best Short Story nominee (1971) : Jean Dupres
British Fantasy Society Best Novel winner (1977) : The Dragon and the George
World Fantasy Best Novel nominee (1977) : The Dragon and the George
Hugo Best Novel nominee (1978) : Time Storm
Hugo Best Novellette winner (1981) : The Cloak and the Staff
Hugo Best Novella winner (1981) : Lost Dorsai [short story]
Prometheus Award Best Novel nominee (1985) : The Final Encyclopedia
Prometheus Award Best Novel nominee (1988) : Way of the Pilgrim

Books about Gordon R Dickson
Gordon R. Dickson (1983) by Raymond H Thompson
Gordon R. Dickson (1989) by Gordon Benson and Phil Stephensen-Payne
Gordon R Dickson recommends
Dinosaur Beach
Dinosaur Beach (1971)
Keith Laumer
"Unrivalled not only in its class, but in a class by itself."
All One Universe
All One Universe (1996)
Poul Anderson
"The great canvas of interstellar space comes alive under his hand as it does under no other."

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