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Robert E Howard's picture

Robert E Howard

(Robert Ervin Howard)
USA (1906 - 1936)

Some of the pulp fiction of the short-lived Texan Robert E. Howard are straightforward Westerns or historical romance; his contribution to the history of fantasy was to realize that setting his stories of ruthless hard men in Atlantis or a mythical age shortly after its fall enabled him to write without the trammels of historical accuracy. His Conan stories feature a young barbarian warrior who carves himself a kingdom and rules with a degree of wisdom and justice; they are notable for their violent energy--in one of the films with Arnold Schwarzeneggar there is a moment when Conan, crucified by an enemy, bites out the throat of a vulture that gets too close too soon, and it is worth pointing out that this, unlike most of the film, is pure unadult erated Howard. Howard's early death--he shot himself when his mother died--meant that pious friends like L Sprague de Camp finished a number of unpublished stories, and then, as with H P Lovecraft, the Howard mythos became something which endlessly newer writers have quarried--Poul Anderson and more recently Robert Jordan.

The Garden of Fear (1945)
Skull-Face: And Other Stories (1946)
Always Come Evening (poems) (1957)
The Dark Man and Others (1963)
Red Shadows (1968)
Wolfshead (1968)
King Kull (1969)
Singers in the Shadows (poems) (1970)
Echoes from an Iron Harp (poems) (1972)
Pigeons from Hell: And Other Weird and Fantastic Adventures (1976)
The Second Book of Robert E. Howard (1976)
The Book of Robert E. Howard (1976)
Black Vulmea's Vengeance (1976)
The Devil in Iron (1976)
The Iron Man (1976)
Night Images (1976)
Queen of the Black Coast (1978)
Black Canaan (1978)
Kull (1978)
The Complete Marvel Conan the Barbarian, Volume 1 (1979)
The Complete Marvel Conan the Barbarian, Volume 2 (1979)
The Gods of Bal-Sagoth (1979)
Howard Collector (1979)
Black Colossus (1979)
The Ghost Ocean (poems) (1982)
The Dark Barbarian: The Writings of Robert E Howard, a Critical Anthology (1984)
The Adventures of Lal Singh (1985)
Cthulhu (1987)
Shadows of Dreams (poems) (1989)
The Conan Chronicles: v. 2 (1990)
The Challenge From Beyond (1990) (with Frank Belknap Long, H P Lovecraft, A Merritt and C L Moore)
Nameless Cults (1993)
Beyond the Borders (1996)
The Essential Conan (1998)
The Ultimate Triumph: The Heroic Fantasy of Robert E Howard (1999)
Waterfront Fists: And Others (2003)
Far Below and Other Horrors from the Pulps (2003)
Graveyard Rats: And Others (2003)
The Complete Action Stories (2003)
Shadow Kingdoms, The Weird Works of Robert E. Howard, Volume 1 (2004)
Lord of Samarcand: And Other Adventure Tales of the Old Orient (2005)
The Black Stranger: And Other American Tales (2005)
Boxing Stories (2005)
The End of the Trail: Western Stories (2005)
The Riot At Bucksnort: And Other Western Tales (2005)
A Gent from Bear Creek and Other Tales (2005)
The Conquering Sword of Conan (2005)
Gates of Empire: And Other Tales of the Crusades (2006)
Treasures of Tartary (2006)
The Robert E. Howard Reader (2007) (with Darrell Schweitzer)
The Horror Stories of Robert E. Howard (2008)
El Borak and Other Desert Adventures (2010)
The Cthulhu Mythos Megapack: 40 Modern and Classic Lovecraftian Stories (2012) (with Michael R Collings, John S Glasby, T E D Klein, Frank Belknap Long, H P Lovecraft, Brian McNaughton, Darrell Schweitzer, Clark Ashton Smith, Brian Stableford and Lawrence Watt-Evans)
The Wildside Book of Fantasy: 20 Great Tales of Fantasy (2012) (with Lin Carter, Paul Di Filippo, Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Clive Jackson, Tanith Lee, Fritz Leiber, E Hoffmann Price, Thomas Burnett Swann, Lawrence Watt-Evans and Gene Wolfe)

Graphic Novels
Series contributed to

Anthologies containing stories by Robert E Howard

Short stories
The Blue Flame of Vengeance
Casonetto's Last Song
The Cobra in the Dream
Delenda Est
The Grey God Passes
Men of the Shadows
The Night of the Wolf
In the Forest of Villefere (1925)
The Lost Race (1927)
The Dream Snake (1928)
The Hyena (1928)
The Mirrors of Tuzun Thune (1929)
The Shadow Kingdom (1929)
Skulls in the Stars [short story] (1929)
Kings of the Night (1930)
The Voice of El-Lil (1930)
The Black Stone (1931)
The Children of the Night (1931)
The Dark Man (1931)
The Gods of Bal Sagoth (1931)
People of the Dark [short story] (1932)
The Phoenix on the Sword [short story] (1932)
The Thing on the Roof (1932)
Worms of the Earth [short story] (1932)
Black Colossus [short story] (1933)
The Cairn on the Headland (1933)
The Man on the Ground (1933)
Old Garfield's Heart (1933)
The Pool of the Black One [short story] (1933)
The Scarlet Citadel (1933)
The Slithering Shadow (1933)
The Tower of the Elephant [short story] (1933)
The Devil in Iron [short story] (1934)
The Frost Giant's Daughter (1934)
     aka Gods of the North
The Garden of Fear [short story] (1934)
The Haunter of the Ring (1934)
The People of the Black Circle [short story] (1934)
Queen of the Black Coast [short story] (1934)
Rogues in the House [short story] (1934)
Shadows in the Moonlight (1934)
The Valley of the Worm [short story] (1934)
A Witch Shall be Born [short story] (1934)
Beyond the Black River [short story] (1935)
Jewels of Gwahlur [short story] (1935)
Shadows in Zamboula (1935)
The Dead Remember [short story] (1936)
The Fire of Asshurbanipal (1936)
Red Nails [short story] (1936)
Dig Me No Grave (1937)
Pigeons from Hell [short story] (1938)
The God in the Bowl (1952)
The Treasure of Tranicos [short story] (1953)
     aka The Black Stranger
King of the Forgotten People (1966)
Dermod's Bane (1967)
Swords of the Purple Kingdom (1967)
People of the Black Coast (1969)
Black Country (1973)
The Temple of Abomination (1974)
Nekht Semerkeht (1977) (with Andrew J Offutt)
Lord of the Dead [short story] (1978)
Memories (1988)

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