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J T Edson

(John Thomas Edson)
UK (1928 - )

John Thomas Edson was born near the border of the County of Derbyshire, England, in a small mining village, Whitwell, where his relatives still live. He was obsessed with Westerns from an early age and often "rewrote" cowboy movies that he had seen at the cinema. One thing that always intrigued him was the minutiae - how did the baddie's gun jam? What were the mechanics of cheating at cards? How did Westerners really dress and speak? His writing was helped to develop by a schoolteacher who encouraged him.
Floating Outfit
1. The Ysabel Kid (1968)
2. .44 Calibre Man (1969)
3. A Horse Called Mogollon (1971)
4. Goodnight's Dream (1969)
5. From Hide and Horn (1969)
6. Set Texas Back on Her Feet (1973)
     aka Viridian's Trail
7. The Hide and Tallow Men (1974)
8. The Hooded Riders (1980)
9. Quiet Town (1968)
10. Trail Boss (1973)
11. Wagons to Backsight (1972)
12. Troubled Range (1969)
13. Sidewinder (1972)
14. Rangeland Hercules (1968)
15. McGraw's Inheritance (1968)
16. The Half Breed (1965)
17. White Indians (1982)
18. Texas Kidnappers (1996)
19. The Wildcats (1969)
20. The Bad Bunch (1968)
21. The Fast Gun (1967)
22. Cuchilo (1969)
23. A Town Called Yellowdog (1966)
24. Trigger Fast (1969)
25. The Making of a Lawman (1968)
26. The Trouble Busters (1969)
27. Decision for Dusty Fog (1986)
28. Diamonds, Emeralds, Cards and Colts (1986)
     aka Cards and Colts
29. The Code of Dusty Fog (1988)
30. The Gentle Giant (1979)
31. Set A-foot (1978)
     aka The Night Hawk
32. The Law of the Gun (1966)
33. The Peacemakers (1974)
34. To Arms! to Arms, in Dixie! (1972)
35. Hell in the Palo Duro (1971)
36. Go Back to Hell (1972)
37. The South Will Rise Again (1972)
38. The Quest for Bowie's Blade (1974)
39. Beguinage (1978)
     aka The Texas Assassin
40. Beguinage Is Dead! (1978)
     aka The Lone Star Killers / Texas Killers
41. Master of Triggernometry (1981)
     aka The Trigger Master
42. The Rushers (1969)
43. Buffalo Are Coming! (1984)
44. The Fortune Hunters (1969)
45. Rio Guns (1963)
46. Gun Wizard (1969)
47. The Texan (1964)
48. Old Moccasins on the Trail (1981)
49. Mark Counter's Kin (1990)
50. The Rio Hondo Kid (1966)
51. Ole Devil's Hands and Feet (1983)
52. Waco's Debt (1964)
53. The Hard Riders (1968)
54. The Floating Outfit (1970)
55. Apache Rampage (1966)
56. The Rio Hondo War (1970)
57. The Man from Texas (1969)
58. Gunsmoke Thunder (1969)
59. The Small Texan (1969)
60. The Town Tamers (1970)
61. Return to Backsight (1966)
62. Wedge Goes to Arizona (1996)
63. Arizona Range War (1996)
64. Arizona Gun Law (1996)
65. Terror Valley (1967)
66. Guns in the Night (1970)
The Ysabel Kid.44 Calibre ManA Horse Called MogollonGoodnight's Dream
From Hide and HornSet Texas Back on Her FeetThe Hide and Tallow MenThe Hooded Riders
Quiet TownTrail BossWagons to BacksightTroubled Range
SidewinderRangeland HerculesMcGraw's InheritanceThe Half Breed
White IndiansTexas KidnappersThe WildcatsThe Bad Bunch
The Fast GunCuchiloA Town Called YellowdogTrigger Fast
The Making of a LawmanThe Trouble BustersDecision for Dusty FogDiamonds, Emeralds, Cards and Colts
The Code of Dusty FogThe Gentle GiantSet A-footThe Law of the Gun
The PeacemakersTo Arms! to Arms, in Dixie!Hell in the Palo DuroGo Back to Hell
The South Will Rise AgainThe Quest for Bowie's BladeBeguinageBeguinage Is Dead!
Master of TriggernometryThe RushersBuffalo Are Coming!The Fortune Hunters
Rio GunsGun WizardThe TexanOld Moccasins on the Trail
Mark Counter's KinThe Rio Hondo KidOle Devil's Hands and FeetWaco's Debt
The Hard RidersThe Floating OutfitApache RampageThe Rio Hondo War
The Man from TexasGunsmoke ThunderThe Small TexanThe Town Tamers
Return to BacksightWedge Goes to ArizonaArizona Range WarArizona Gun Law
Terror ValleyGuns in the Night
Waco's BadgeSagebrush SleuthArizona RangerWaco Rides in
The DrifterDoc Leroy, M.D.Hound Dog Man
ComancheMississippi RaiderYou're in Command Now, Mr.FogThe Big Gun
Under the Stars and BarsFastest Gun in TexasA Matter of HonorKill Dusty Fog!
The Devil GunThe Colt and the SabreThe Rebel SpyThe Bloody Border
Back to the Bloody Border
Calamity Jane
1. Calamity, Mark and Belle (1986)
     aka Texas Trio
2. Cold Deck, Hot Lead (1970)
3. The Bull Whip Breed (1977)
4. Trouble Trail (1969)
5. The Cow Thieves (1983)
     aka Running Irons
6. The Hide and Horn Saloon (1983)
7. Cut One, They All Bleed (1983)
8. Calamity Spells Trouble (1968)
     aka The Road to Ratchet Creek
9. White Stallion, Red Mare (1970)
     aka Ranch War
10. The Remittance Kid (1978)
11. The Whip and the Warlance (1979)
12. The Big Hunt (1967)
Calamity, Mark and BelleCold Deck, Hot LeadThe Bull Whip BreedTrouble Trail
The Cow ThievesThe Hide and Horn SaloonCut One, They All BleedCalamity Spells Trouble
White Stallion, Red MareThe Remittance KidThe Whip and the WarlanceThe Big Hunt
The Sixteen-Dollar ShooterThe Lawmen of Rockabye CountySheriff of Rockabye CountyThe Professional Killers
The Quarter Second DrawThe DeputiesPoint of ContactThe Owlhoot
Run for the BorderBad HombreTexas Teamwork
No Finger on the TriggerSlip GunCure the Texas Fever
Young Ole DevilOle Devil and the CaplocksOle Devil and the Mule TrainOle Devil at San Jacinto
Get Urrea!
BundukiBunduki and DawnSacrifice for the Quagga GodFearless Master of the Jungle
You're a Texas Ranger, Alvin FogRapido ClintThe Justice of Company ZCap.Fog, Texas Ranger, Meet Mr.J.G.Reeder
The Return of Rapido Clint and Mr J.G.ReederRapido Clint Strikes Back
Omnibus Vol. 1: You're in Command Now, Mr Fog / Kill Dusty Fog ! / The Devil GunOmnibus Vol. 2: Comanche / Sidewinder / Old Moccasins on the TrailOmnibus Vol. 3: Troubled Range / The Wildcats / Rangeland HerculesOmnibus Vol. 4: Trigger Fast / The Making of a Lawman / Waco's Debt
Omnibus Vol. 5: Quiet Town / The Town Tamers / The Small TexanOmnibus Vol. 6: From Hide and Horn / Trail Boss / Gun WizardOmnibus Vol. 7: Bull Whip Breed / Trouble Trail / Cow ThievesOmnibus Vol. 8: Colt and the Sabre / Rebel Spy / To Arms! To Arms! In Dixie
Omnibus Vol. 9: Young Ole Devil / Ole Devil and the Caplocks / Ole Devil and the Mule TrainOmnibus Vol. 10: The Big Gun / Under the Stars and Bars / The Fastest Gun in TexasOmnibus Vol. 11x: Hell in the Palo Duro / Go Back to Hell / The South Will Rise AgainOmnibus Vol. 12: Bloody Border / Back to the Bloody Border / Quest for Bowie's Blade
Omnibus Vol. 13: Decision for Dusty Fog / Diamonds, Emeralds, Cards and ColtsOmnibus Vol. 14: The Code of Dusty Fog / The Gentle Giant

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