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William W Johnstone's picture

William W Johnstone

(William Wallace Johnstone)
USA (1938 - 2004)

aka William Mason

In brief, William W. Johnstone was born in Southern Missouri, the youngest of four children. His father was a minister and his mother was a schoolteacher. He quit school when he was fifteen and joined a carnival after getting kicked out of the FFL (for being underage), he returned to finish high school in 1957. Bill then worked as a deputy sheriff, did a hitch in the army, returned home and began a career in radio broadcasting, where he worked for sixteen years.

Mr. Johnstone started writing in 1970, but wasn't published until late 1979. He has written close to two hundred books including the best-selling Ashes series and the Mountain Man series. He began writing full-time in the early 1980s and hasn't stopped since. His first published book was THE DEVIL'S KISS and his favorite is THE LAST OF THE DOG TEAM.

Mr. Johnstone passed away in 2004.
The Devil's KissThe Devil's HeartThe Devil's TouchThe Devil's Cat
WolfsbaneThe Devil's LaughterThe UninvitedCrying Shame
The NurserySweet DreamsCat's CradleJack-In-The-Box
RockinghorseBaby GrandSandmanCarnival
Cat's EyeDarkly the ThunderWatchers in the Woods
The Last of the Dog TeamThe Return of the Dog TeamRevenge of The Dog TeamTarget Response
Out of the AshesFire in the AshesAnarchy in the AshesBlood in the Ashes
Alone in the AshesWind in the AshesSmoke from the AshesDanger in the Ashes
Valor in the AshesTrapped in the AshesDeath in the AshesSurvival in the Ashes
Fury in the AshesCourage in the AshesTerror in the AshesVengeance in the Ashes
Battle in the AshesFlames from the AshesTreason in the AshesD-Day in the Ashes
Betrayal in the AshesChaos in the AshesSlaughter in the AshesJudgment in the Ashes
Ambush in the AshesTriumph in the AshesHatred in the AshesStandoff in the Ashes
Crisis in the AshesTyranny in the AshesWarriors from the AshesDestiny in the Ashes
Enemy in the AshesEscape from the Ashes
Mountain Man
1. The Last Mountain Man (1984)
2. Return of the Mountain Man (1986)
3. Trail of the Mountain Man (1987)
4. Revenge of the Mountain Man (1988)
5. Journey of the Mountain Man (1986)
6. Law of the Mountain Man (1989)
7. War of the Mountain Man (1990)
8. Code of the Mountain Man (1991)
9. Pursuit of the Mountain Man (1991)
10. Courage of the Mountain Man (1995)
11. Blood of the Mountain Man (1996)
12. Fury of the Mountain Man (1993)
13. Rage of the Mountain Man (1994)
14. Cunning of the Mountain Man (1994)
15. Power of the Mountain Man (1995)
16. Spirit of the Mountain Man (1995)
17. Ordeal of the Mountain Man (1996)
18. Triumph of the Mountain Man (1997)
19. Vengeance of the Mountain Man (1997)
20. Honor of the Mountain Man (1998)
21. Battle of the Mountain Man (1998)
22. Pride of the Mountain Man (1998)
23. Creed of the Mountain Man (1999)
24. Guns of the Mountain Man (1999)
25. Heart of the Mountain Man (2000)
26. Justice of the Mountain Man (2000)
27. Valor of the Mountain Man (2001)
28. Warpath of the Mountain Man (2002)
29. Trek of the Mountain Man (2002)
30. Quest of the Mountain Man (2003)
31. Ambush of the Mountain Man (2003)
32. Wrath of the Mountain Man (2004)
33. Destiny of the Mountain Man (2005) (with Fred Austin)
34. Betrayal of the Mountain Man (2006) (with J A Johnstone)
35. Rampage of the Mountain Man (2007) (with J A Johnstone)
36. Violence of the Mountain Man (2008) (with J A Johnstone)
37. Savagery of the Mountain Man (2009) (with J A Johnstone)
38. Shootout of the Mountain Man (2010) (with J A Johnstone)
39. Assault of the Mountain Man (2011) (with J A Johnstone)
40. Strike of the Mountain Man (2012) (with J A Johnstone)
41. Butchery of the Mountain Man (2013) (with J A Johnstone)
42. Terror of the Mountain Man (2014) (with J A Johnstone)
43. Bloodshed of the Mountain Man (2015) (with J A Johnstone)
Spirit Of The Mountain Man / Ordeal Of The Mountain Man (omnibus) (2006)
Triumph of the Mountain Man / Battle of the Mountain Man (omnibus) (2006)
Ambush of the Mountain Man / Wrath of the Mountain Man (omnibus) (2006)
Trail Of The Mountain Man / Revenge Of The Mountain Man (omnibus) (2007)
Pride of the Mountain Man / Code of the Mountain Man (omnibus) (2007)
The Last Mountain ManReturn of the Mountain ManTrail of the Mountain ManRevenge of the Mountain Man
Journey of the Mountain ManLaw of the Mountain ManWar of the Mountain ManCode of the Mountain Man
Pursuit of the Mountain ManCourage of the Mountain ManBlood of the Mountain ManFury of the Mountain Man
Rage of the Mountain ManCunning of the Mountain ManPower of the Mountain ManSpirit of the Mountain Man
Ordeal of the Mountain ManTriumph of the Mountain ManVengeance of the Mountain ManHonor of the Mountain Man
Battle of the Mountain ManPride of the Mountain ManCreed of the Mountain ManGuns of the Mountain Man
Heart of the Mountain ManJustice of the Mountain ManValor of the Mountain ManWarpath of the Mountain Man
Trek of the Mountain ManQuest of the Mountain ManAmbush of the Mountain ManWrath of the Mountain Man
Destiny of the Mountain ManBetrayal of the Mountain ManRampage of the Mountain ManViolence of the Mountain Man
Savagery of the Mountain ManShootout of the Mountain ManAssault of the Mountain ManStrike of the Mountain Man
Butchery of the Mountain ManTerror of the Mountain ManBloodshed of the Mountain ManSpirit Of The Mountain Man / Ordeal Of The Mountain Man
Triumph of the Mountain Man / Battle of the Mountain ManAmbush of the Mountain Man / Wrath of the Mountain ManTrail Of The Mountain Man / Revenge Of The Mountain ManPride of the Mountain Man / Code of the Mountain Man
Rig WarriorEighteen-Wheel AvengerWheels of Death
Satan Influenced
Toy Cemetery (1987)
Blood Oath (1999)
Toy CemeteryBlood Oath
Blood ValleySix Ways from SundaySavage Guns
Brotherhood of the GunBlood BondGunsight CrossingDevil Creek Crossfire
Gunsmoke and GoldShootout at Gold CreekSan Angelo ShowdownDeath in Snake Creek
Slaughter TrailThe Hanging RoadTexas GundownRide for Vengeance
Deadly Road to YumaMoonshine MassacreArizona AmbushA Hundred Ways to Kill
The First Mountain ManBlood on the DivideAbsaroka AmbushForty Guns West
Cheyenne ChallengePreacher and the Mountain CaesarBlackfoot MessiahPreacher
Preacher's PeacePreacher's JusticePreacher's JourneyPreacher's Fortune
Preacher's QuestPreacher's ShowdownPreacher's PursuitPreacher's Fire
Preacher's AssaultPreacher's FuryPreacher's MassacrePreacher's Blood Hunt
Preacher's Slaughter40 Guns West / Preacher's Peace
Eyes of EaglesDreams of EaglesTalons of EaglesScream of Eagles
Rage of EaglesSong of EaglesCry of EaglesBlood of Eagles
Destiny of EaglesRevenge of EaglesPride of EaglesCrusade of Eagles
Thunder of EaglesBloodshed of EaglesSlaughter of EaglesMassacre of Eagles
Carnage of EaglesDefiance of Eagles
Rockabilly Hell
1. Rockabilly Hell (1995)
2. Rockabilly Limbo (1996)
Rockabilly HellRockabilly Limbo
1. Hunted (1995)
2. Prey (1996)
The DrifterReprisalGhost ValleyThe Forbidden
ShowdownImposterThe RescueThe Burning
No Man's LandManhuntViolent SundayRenegades
Savage CountryThe Devil's LegionAvengerHell Town
Ambush ValleyKilling GroundSlaughterSudden Fury
Winter KillDead Before SundownMontana Gundown
QuickstrikeExtreme PrejudiceKill Zone
Invasion USA
1. Invasion USA (2006) (with Fred Austin)
2. Border War (2006) (with J A Johnstone)
Invasion USABorder War
Town Called Fury
1. A Town Called Fury (2006) (with Fred Austin)
2. Hard Country (2007) (with J A Johnstone)
3. Judgment Day (2007) (with J A Johnstone)
4. Redemption (2011) (with J A Johnstone)
A Town Called FuryHard CountryJudgment DayRedemption
Matt Jensen: The Last Mountain ManDeadly TrailPurgatorySavage Territory
Snake River SlaughterDakota AmbushMassacre at Powder RiverThe Eyes of Texas
Torture TownWhere There's Smoke, There's a Jensen!
SidewindersMassacre At Whiskey FlatsCutthroat CanyonMankiller, Colorado
Deadwood GulchTexas BloodshedThe Butcher of Bear CreekBleeding Texas
The Family JensenHelltown MassacreThe Violent LandHard Ride to Hell
Massacre CanyonBrotherhood of Evil
The Eagles LegacyThe KillingDry Gulch AmbushKill Crazy
Kingdom Come
Massacre MountainWyoming SlaughterSupport Your Local Deputy
Savage TexasA Good Day to DieThe StampedersRebel Yell
Phoenix RisingFirebase FreedomDay of Judgement
Luke Jensen, Bounty Hunter (with J A Johnstone)
1. Bounty Hunter (2012)
2. Dead Shot (2013)
3. Bloody Sunday (2014)
4. Bad Men Die (2015)
Bounty HunterDead ShotBloody SundayBad Men Die
The Brothers O'BrienShadow of the HangmanLast Man StandingA Time to Slaughter
The Killing SeasonThe Law of Violence
Sixkiller, US MarshalDay of RageEight Hours to DieBlood for Blood
Dead Man Walking
FlintlockGut-ShotKill or Die
Forty Times a Killer: A Novel of John Wesley HardinA Dangerous Man
Shawn O'Brien (with J A Johnstone)
1. Town Tamer (2014)
2. Manslaughter (2015)
Town TamerManslaughter
Texas John SlaughterDeadly Day in TombstoneThe Edge of Hell
Smoke Jensen, the Beginning
A Texas DynastyThe Lawless
Hell's Half Acre (with J A Johnstone)
2. Cold-Blooded (2015)
Winchester 1886Winchester 1887
SanctionDaggerEagle DownBloodland
Death MasterThemBatsNight Mask
What the Heart KnowsBreakdownOrdealThe Last Rebel: Survivor
Vengeance Is MineBlack Ops: American JihadRemember the AlamoJacknife
Home InvasionA Lone Star ChristmasThe Blood of PatriotsThe Bleeding Edge
A Rocky Mountain ChristmasThe Trail WestButch Cassidy the Lost YearsA Big Sky Christmas
Suicide MissionDay of IndependenceStand Your GroundA Frontier Christmas
Those Jensen Boys!Shot in the BackTyrannyA Texas Hill Country Christmas
Absakara Ambush / Courage of the Mountain ManPreacher and the Mountain Caesar / Blood of the Mountain ManBlackfoot Messiah / War of the Mountain ManPreacher's Journey / Law of the Mountain Man
Honor of the Mountain Man / Preacher's FortunePreacher's Justice / Fury of the Mountain Man
Best of Mysteries: Slaughter in the Ashes Tripwire, Last Chants, Saints Mudd, the Last SuppersLost Trails
William W Johnstone recommends
Night Blood
Night Blood (2001)
James M Thompson
"If you read one horror book this year, read this one."
Wolf Mountain
Wolf Mountain (2004)
L J Martin
"A good solid fist-slinging read."

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