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Lori Foster

(Lori L Foster)

aka L L Foster

Lori L. Foster was born on November 14. She did not attend college and married with her High School sweetheart. The marriage settled in Ohio. Sheheld various jobs as a saleslady, a grocery store clerk, and a Proctor and Gamble material handler before having the first of her three sons in 1981,after that she stayed at home to raise them.

Unlike many writers, Lori Foster never considered a writing career until shewas in her early 30s. In fact, she'd never even read romances until hersister once forced a load of them on her while she was down sick and unableto fight back. But it was a blessing she quickly took to, and before long,she was thoroughly hooked. It seemed a natural progression for the reader towant to write, so Lori penned a romance novel in longhand, strictly for herown entertainment. Once that was done, she borrowed a typewriter and startedanother. When she attended a local writers' conference and discovered thatnot many people had ever completed a book, Lori began to realize she mightactually have a talent for something that she absolutely loved doing.

It was only after writing 10 complete manuscripts that Lori made her firstsale to Harlequin in 1996. Her second book launched the Temptation Blazesubseries and since then she's continued writing at a prolific pace. Herbooks have appeared on the New York Times Extended, Waldenbooks, and USAToday bestseller lists. Lori also contributes to Writer's Digest Magazineand the Romance Writers Report. She regularly presents workshops to herlocal chapter and at various conferences, including RWA National.

Though Lori loves writing, her first priority will always be her family.She, her husband, and their three sons, all humorous, handsome, andhonorable fellows, are quickly following in their father's footsteps.
Lori Foster's books for adults only

Sommers Sisters
1. Fantasy (1998)
2. The Secret Life of Bryan (2004)

Winston Brothers and Cousins
1. Tangled Sheets (1999) (in Hot Chocolate)
2. Tangled Dreams (1999) (in Charmed)
3. Tangled Images (2000)
4. Wild (2001)
5. Say No to Joe? (2003)
6. Deuces Wild (2008) (in Double the Pleasure)
7. Hart and Soul (2009) (in Double the Heat)
The Winston Brothers: Tangled Sheets / Tangled Dreams / Tangled Images (omnibus) (2001)
Wildly Winston: Tangled Sheets / Tangled Dreams / Tangled Images / Wild (omnibus) (2006)

Brava Girlfriends
1. Satisfy Me (2001) (in All Through the Night)
2. Indulge Me (2002) (in I Love Bad Boys)
3. Drive Me Wild (2002) (in I Brake for Bad Boys)
Truth or Dare: Satisfy Me / Indulge Me / Drive Me Wild (omnibus) (2005)
Brava Brothers
1. Too Much Temptation (2002)
2. Never Too Much (2002)
3. The Christmas Present (2007) (in I'm Your Santa)

Watson Brothers
1. My House, My Rules (2003) (in Bad Boys on Board)
2. Bringing Up Baby (2003) (in Bad Boys to Go)
3. Good With His Hands (2004) (in Bad Boys in Black Tie)
The Watson Brothers (2008)
Law Duology
1. Jude's Law (2006)
2. Murphy's Law (2006)

Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor
1. When You Dare (2011)
2. Trace of Fever (2011)
3. Savor the Danger (2011)
4. A Perfect Storm (2012)
4.5. What Chris Wants (2013)
Ready, Set, Jett (2011)
Ready, Set, Jett (2011) (in The Guy Next Door)
Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor Box Set (omnibus) (2014)
Buckhorn Brothers Reissue
Buckhorn Beginnings (omnibus) (2011)
Forever Buckhorn (omnibus) (2012)
The Buckhorn Legacy (2012)

Impetuous (1995) (with Julie Elizabeth Leto)
Sizzle! (1999) (with Elda Minger)
Hot Chocolate (1999) (with Suzanne Forster, Elda Minger and Fayrene Preston)
Private Eye / Beguiled (1999) (with Jayne Ann Krentz)
Charmed (1999) (with Julie Beard, Jayne Castle and Eileen Wilks)
Heat of the Night (2002) (with Vicki Lewis Thompson and Gina Wilkins)
Jingle Bell Rock (2003) (with Janelle Denison, Susan Donovan, Donna Kauffman, Alison Kent and Nancy Warren)
Lip Service (2004) (with Julie Elizabeth Leto)
Perfect for the Beach (2004) (with MaryJanice Davidson, Janelle Denison, Morgan Leigh, Erin McCarthy and Kayla Perrin)
Summer Temptations (2004) (with Kristine Rolofson)
Scandalous (2004)
The Truth about Cats and Dogs (2004) (with Caroline Burnes and Kristine Rolofson)
Kiss Me Again (2005) (with Suzanne Forster, Lisa Jackson and Debbie Macomber)
Star Quality (2005) (with Dianne Castell and Lucy Monroe)
Unzipped (2005) (with Janelle Denison and Crystal Green)
The Night Before Christmas (2005) (with Kylie Adams, Katherine Garbera, Kathy Love, Erin McCarthy and Jill Shalvis)
A Very Merry Christmas (2006) (with Gemma Bruce and Janice Maynard)
I'm Your Santa (2007) (with Dianne Castell and Karen Kelley)
Caught! (2008)
Double the Pleasure (2008) (with Jacquie D'Alessandro, Penny McCall and Deirdre Martin)
Out of the Light, Into the Shadows (2009) (with L L Foster and Erin McCarthy)
Bodyguard (2009)
Double the Heat (2009) (with Elizabeth Bevarly, Deirdre Martin and Christie Ridgway)
Yule Be Mine (2009)
The Naughty List / The Night Before Christmas / Yule Be Mine (2010) (with Kylie Adams, Cynthia Eden, Susan Fox, Katherine Garbera, Donna Kauffman, Kathy Love, Erin McCarthy and Jill Shalvis)
Animal Attraction (2013) (with Jules Bennett, Heidi Betts and Maisey Yates)
Hot in Here (2013)
Up In Flames (2014)
Charade (2014)
All For You (2014) (with Bella Andre, Susan Mallery and Gena Showalter)
When You Dare / Hard Knocks (2015)
Scandalized! / Risque Business (2015) (with Tawny Weber)
Sinful: Unbuttoning Emmalina / Tangled Images / Sinderella / Leather and Lace (2000) (with Suzanne Forster, Kimberly Randell and Maggie Shayne)
Say Yes / Cinderella Solution (2000) (with Cathy Yardley)
All I Want for Christmas: Proper Love / Santa Wears Spurs / Christmas Bonus / Night with Emily (2000) (with Dee Holmes, Kinley MacGregor and Eileen Wilks)
Under His Skin: Snowflakes on the Sea / Bewitching / Outrageous (2003) (with Linda Lael Miller and Carla Neggers)
Men of Courage II: An Honorable Man / Blown Away / Perilous Waters (2005) (with Donna Kauffman and Jill Shalvis)
Santa, Baby: Hot Toy / Christmas Bonus / Naughty Under the Mistletoe (2006) (with Jennifer Crusie and Carly Phillips)
Enticing: Casey / Caught in the Act (2007)
The Power of Love (2008) (with Rosemary Laurey and Erin McCarthy)
Tails of Love (2009) (with Kate Angell, Stella Cameron, Dianne Castell, Ann Christopher, Marcia James, Sarah McCarty, Donna MacMeans, Patricia Sargeant and Sue-Ellen Welfonder)
The Gift of Love (2010) (with Jules Bennett, Heidi Betts, Ann Christopher, Lisa Cooke, Paige Cuccaro, Gia Dawn and HelenKay Dimon)
Unbelievable: Fantasy / Tantalizing (2010)
Bewitched: In Too Deep / Married to the Boss (2010)
The Guy Next Door: Ready, Set, Jett / Gail's Gone Wild / Just One Taste (2011) (with Victoria Dahl and Susan Donovan)
All Riled Up: Trapped! / Riley (2013)
Love Bites: Love Unleashed / Mane Haven / Molly Wants a Hero / Dog Tags / Smookie and the Bandit (2013) (with Jules Bennett, Virna DePaul, Brenda Jackson and Catherine Mann)
Delicious (2013) (with Lucy Monroe and Sarah Title)
Turn Up the Heat: Love Won't Wait / Beach House Beginnings / Strong Enough to Love (2013) (with Victoria Dahl and Christie Ridgway)
On the Naughty List (2014) (with Beth Ciotta, Sugar Jamison and Carly Phillips)

Series contributed to

Anthologies edited
Non fiction
Short stories
Beguiled (1999)
Tangled Dreams (1999)
Tangled Sheets (1999)
Tangled Images (2000)
Satisfy Me (2001)
Drive Me Wild (2002)
Indulge Me (2002)
Bringing Up Baby (2003)
He Sees You When You're Sleeping (2003)
My House, My Rules (2003)
Some Like It Hot (2003)
Trapped! (2003)
Good With His Hands (2004)
Tailspin (2004)
Uncovered (2004)
Do You Hear What I Hear (2006)
Luscious (2006)
Playing Doctor (2006)
The Christmas Present (2007)
Deuces Wild (2008)
Hart and Soul (2009)
Ready, Set, Jett (2011)
Ready, Set, Jett (2011)
Buckhorn Ever After (2013)

Lori Foster recommends
Knock Me Off My Feet
Knock Me Off My Feet (2002)
Susan Donovan
"Fun, fast and sexy. My favorite kind of book!"
Force of Nature
Force of Nature (2003)
(Braddock Black, book 5)
Susan Johnson
"Smart and sexy."
Southern Comfort
Southern Comfort (2004)
(Southern , book 1)
Karen Kelley
"A fun, sexy read!"
My Red Shoes
My Red Shoes (2005)
Liana Merrill
"A marvelous new talent!"
In Your Wildest Dreams
In Your Wildest Dreams (2005)
Toni Blake
"With sizzling sensuality and amazing depth, a book by Toni Blake is truly special!"
Suite Fantasy
Suite Fantasy (2006)
(Suite Fantasy)
Janice Maynard
"Suite Fantasy is sweet, indeed. Romantic, entertaining, and sexy enough to leave you wanting more."
Tag, You're It!
Tag, You're It! (2007)
Penny McCall
"Snappy dialogue, nonstop action, and sexy writing!"

Sweet Spot (2010)
(Richmond Rogues, book 5)
Kate Angell
"Fast-paced, Fun characters. Play ball!"

Black Ties and Lullabies (2011)
(Plano, Texas, book 3)
Jane Graves
"Jane Graves will win your heart."

Chosen By Fate (2011)
(Para-Ops, book 2)
Virna DePaul
"Virna DePaul is amazing!"

Kiss a Girl in the Rain (2014)
(Take a Chance , book 1)
Nancy Warren
"Sexy and wonderfully witty."

Iris in Bloom (2014)
(Take a Chance , book 2)
Nancy Warren
"Sexy and wonderfully witty."

Chance Encounter (2014)
(Take a Chance )
Nancy Warren
"Sexy and Wonderfully witty."

When Opposites Attract (2014)
(Barrington Trilogy, book 1)
Jules Bennett
"Jules Bennett writes wonderfully romantic, emotional stories...guaranteed to grip your heart."

Blueprint for a Kiss (2014)
(Take a Chance , book 3)
Nancy Warren
"Sexy and wonderfully witty."

Arthur (2015)
(The British Are Coming, book 2)
Nancy Warren
"Sexy and wonderfully witty."

Playing Dirty (2015)
(Bad Boys Undercover, book 1)
HelenKay Dimon
"So smart, sexy and fast paced. I devour her stories."

Rescuing the Bad Boy (2015)
(Second Chance , book 2)
Jessica Lemmon
"Everything I love in a romance!"

Sea Glass Sunrise (2015)
(Brides of Blueberry Cove, book 1)
Donna Kauffman
"Charming characters, emotion galore, a small town-you're going to love Donna Kauffman!"

Let's Do It (2015)
(Journey's End, book 2)
Ann Christopher
"Christopher gets it right everytime.."

What the Prince Wants (2015)
(Billionaires and Babies, book 3)
Jules Bennett
"Jules Bennett"

The Hotter You Burn (2015)
(Original Heartbreakers, book 2)
Gena Showalter
"Showalter writes fun, sexy characters you fall in love with!"

A Royal Amnesia Scandal (2015)
Jules Bennett
"Jules Bennett writes wonderfully romantic, emotional stories...guaranteed to grip your heart."

A Bad Boy for Christmas (2015)
(Second Chance , book 3)
Jessica Lemmon
"Everything I love in a romance!"

The Cinderella Scheme (2015)
Toni Blake
"A book by Toni Blake is truly special."

The Guy Next Door (2015)
Toni Blake
"A book by Toni Blake is truly special."

Snowflake Bay (2015)
(Brides of Blueberry Cove, book 2)
Donna Kauffman
"Charming characters, emotion galore, a small town-you're going to love Donna Kauffman."

Filthy Rich (2015)
(Belladonna Agency, book 3)
Virna DePaul
"Virna DePaul is amazing!."

Trapped with the Tycoon (2016)
(Mafia Moguls, book 1)
Jules Bennett
"Jules Bennett writes wonderfully romantic, emotional stories...guaranteed to grip your heart."

Wrapped In You (2016)
(Monroes, book 1)
Jules Bennett
"Another page turner-I couldn't put it down!."

Return of the Bad Boy (2016)
(Second Chance , book 4)
Jessica Lemmon
"Everything I love in a romance!."

Starfish Moon (2016)
(Brides of Blueberry Cove, book 3)
Donna Kauffman
"Charming characters, emotion galore, a small town-you're going to love Donna Kauffman!."

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