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Gertrude Chandler Warner's picture

Gertrude Chandler Warner

USA (1890 - 1979)
Boxcar Children
1. The Boxcar Children (1942)
2. Surprise Island (1949)
3. The Yellow House Mystery (1953)
4. Mystery Ranch (1958)
5. Mike's Mystery (1960)
6. Blue Bay Mystery (1961)
7. The Woodshed Mystery (1962)
8. The Lighthouse Mystery (1963)
9. Mountain Top Mystery (1964)
10. Schoolhouse Mystery (1965)
11. The Caboose Mystery (1966)
12. Houseboat Mystery (1967)
13. Snowbound Mystery (1968)
14. Tree House Mystery (1969)
15. Bicycle Mystery (1970)
16. Mystery in the Sand (1971)
17. Mystery Behind the Wall (1973)
18. Bus Station Mystery (1974)
19. Benny Uncovers a Mystery (1976)
20. The Haunted Cabin Mystery (1991)
21. The Deserted Library Mystery (1991)
22. The Animal Shelter Mystery (1991)
23. The Old Motel Mystery (1991)
24. The Mystery of the Hidden Painting (1991)
25. The Amusement Park Mystery (1992)
26. The Mystery of the Mixed-Up Zoo (1992)
27. The Camp-Out Mystery (1992)
28. The Mystery Girl (1992)
29. The Mystery Cruise (1992)
30. The Disappearing Friend Mystery (1992)
31. The Mystery of the Singing Ghost (1992)
32. The Mystery in the Snow (1992)
33. The Pizza Mystery (1993)
34. The Mystery Horse (1993)
35. The Mystery At the Dog Show (1993)
36. The Castle Mystery (1993)
37. The Mystery of the Lost Village (1993)
38. The Mystery of the Purple Pool (1994)
39. The Ghost Ship Mystery (1994)
40. The Canoe Trip Mystery (1994)
41. The Mystery of the Hidden Beach (1994)
42. The Mystery of the Missing Cat (1994)
43. The Mystery On Stage (1994)
44. The Dinosaur Mystery (1995)
45. The Mystery of the Stolen Music (1995)
46. The Chocolate Sundae Mystery (1995)
47. The Mystery of the Hot Air Balloon (1995)
48. The Mystery Bookstore (1995)
49. The Mystery of the Stolen Boxcar (1995)
50. The Mystery in the Cave (1995)
51. The Mystery On The Train (1996)
52. The Mystery of the Lost Mine (1996)
53. Guide Dog Mystery (1996)
54. The Hurricane Mystery (1996)
55. The Mystery of the Secret Message (1996)
56. The Firehouse Mystery (1997)
57. The Mystery in San Francisco (1997)
58. The Mystery At the Alamo (1997)
59. The Outer Space Mystery (1997)
60. The Soccer Mystery (1997)
61. The Growling Bear Mystery (1997)
62. The Mystery of the Lake Monster (1998)
63. The Mystery of Peacock Hall (1998)
64. The Black Pearl Mystery (1998)
65. The Cereal Box Mystery (1998)
66. The Panther Mystery (1998)
67. The Mystery of the Stolen Sword (1998)
68. The Basketball Mystery (1998)
69. The Movie Star Mystery (1999)
70. The Mystery of the Pirate's Map (1999)
71. The Ghost Town Mystery (1999)
72. The Mystery in the Mall (1999)
73. The Gymnastics Mystery (1999)
74. The Poison Frog Mystery (2000)
75. The Mystery of the Empty Safe (2000)
76. The Great Bicycle Race Mystery (2000)
77. The Mystery of the Wild Ponies (2000)
78. The Mystery in the Computer Game (2000)
79. The Mystery of the Crooked House (2000)
80. The Hockey Mystery (2001)
81. The Mystery of the Midnight Dog (2001)
82. The Summer Camp Mystery (2001)
83. The Copycat Mystery (2001)
84. The Haunted Clock Tower Mystery (2001)
85. The Disappearing Staircase Mystery (2001)
86. The Mystery On Blizzard Mountain (2002)
87. The Mystery of the Spider's Clue (2002)
88. The Mystery of the Mummy's Curse (2002)
89. The Mystery of the Star Ruby (2002)
90. The Stuffed Bear Mystery (2002)
91. The Mystery At Skeleton Point (2002)
92. The Tattletale Mystery (2003)
93. The Comic Book Mystery (2003)
94. The Ice Cream Mystery (2003)
95. The Midnight Mystery (2003)
96. The Mystery in the Fortune Cookie (2003)
97. The Radio Mystery (2003)
98. The Mystery of the Runaway Ghost (2004)
99. The Finders Keepers Mystery (2004)
100. The Mystery of the Haunted Boxcar (2004)
101. The Clue in the Corn Maze (2004)
102. The Ghost of the Chattering Bones (2005)
103. The Sword of the Silver Knight (2005)
104. The Game Store Mystery (2005)
105. The Mystery of the Orphan Train (2005)
106. The Vanishing Passenger (2006)
107. The Giant Yo-Yo Mystery (2006)
108. The Creature in Ogopogo Lake (2006)
109. The Rock 'n' Roll Mystery (2006)
110. The Secret Of The Mask (2007)
111. The Seattle Puzzle (2007)
112. The Ghost In The First Row (2007)
113. The Box That Watch Found (2007)
114. A Horse Named Dragon (2008)
115. The Great Detective Race (2008)
116. The Ghost At The Drive In Movie (2008)
117. The Mystery Of The Traveling Tomatoes (2008)
118. The Spy Game (2009)
119. The Dog Gone Mystery (2009)
120. The Vampire Mystery (2009)
121. Superstar Watch (2009)
122. The Spy In The Bleachers (2010)
123. The Amazing Mystery Show (2010)
124. The Pumpkin Head Mystery (2010)
125. The Cupcake Caper (2010)
The Boxcar ChildrenSurprise IslandThe Yellow House MysteryMystery Ranch
Mike's MysteryBlue Bay MysteryThe Woodshed MysteryThe Lighthouse Mystery
Mountain Top MysterySchoolhouse MysteryThe Caboose MysteryHouseboat Mystery
Snowbound MysteryTree House MysteryBicycle MysteryMystery in the Sand
Mystery Behind the WallBus Station MysteryBenny Uncovers a MysteryThe Haunted Cabin Mystery
The Deserted Library MysteryThe Animal Shelter MysteryThe Old Motel MysteryThe Mystery of the Hidden Painting
The Amusement Park MysteryThe Mystery of the Mixed-Up ZooThe Camp-Out MysteryThe Mystery Girl
The Mystery CruiseThe Disappearing Friend MysteryThe Mystery of the Singing GhostThe Mystery in the Snow
The Pizza MysteryThe Mystery HorseThe Mystery At the Dog ShowThe Castle Mystery
The Mystery of the Lost VillageThe Mystery of the Purple PoolThe Ghost Ship MysteryThe Canoe Trip Mystery
The Mystery of the Hidden BeachThe Mystery of the Missing CatThe Mystery On StageThe Dinosaur Mystery
The Mystery of the Stolen MusicThe Chocolate Sundae MysteryThe Mystery of the Hot Air BalloonThe Mystery Bookstore
The Mystery of the Stolen BoxcarThe Mystery in the CaveThe Mystery On The TrainThe Mystery of the Lost Mine
Guide Dog MysteryThe Hurricane MysteryThe Mystery of the Secret MessageThe Firehouse Mystery
The Mystery in San FranciscoThe Mystery At the AlamoThe Outer Space MysteryThe Soccer Mystery
The Growling Bear MysteryThe Mystery of the Lake MonsterThe Mystery of Peacock HallThe Black Pearl Mystery
The Cereal Box MysteryThe Panther MysteryThe Mystery of the Stolen SwordThe Basketball Mystery
The Movie Star MysteryThe Mystery of the Pirate's MapThe Ghost Town MysteryThe Mystery in the Mall
The Gymnastics MysteryThe Poison Frog MysteryThe Mystery of the Empty SafeThe Great Bicycle Race Mystery
The Mystery of the Wild PoniesThe Mystery in the Computer GameThe Mystery of the Crooked HouseThe Hockey Mystery
The Mystery of the Midnight DogThe Summer Camp MysteryThe Copycat MysteryThe Haunted Clock Tower Mystery
The Disappearing Staircase MysteryThe Mystery On Blizzard MountainThe Mystery of the Spider's ClueThe Mystery of the Mummy's Curse
The Mystery of the Star RubyThe Stuffed Bear MysteryThe Mystery At Skeleton PointThe Tattletale Mystery
The Comic Book MysteryThe Ice Cream MysteryThe Midnight MysteryThe Mystery in the Fortune Cookie
The Radio MysteryThe Mystery of the Runaway GhostThe Finders Keepers MysteryThe Mystery of the Haunted Boxcar
The Clue in the Corn MazeThe Ghost of the Chattering BonesThe Sword of the Silver KnightThe Game Store Mystery
The Mystery of the Orphan TrainThe Vanishing PassengerThe Giant Yo-Yo MysteryThe Creature in Ogopogo Lake
The Rock 'n' Roll MysteryThe Secret Of The MaskThe Seattle Puzzle The Ghost In The First Row
The Box That Watch FoundA Horse Named DragonThe Great Detective Race The Ghost At The Drive In Movie
The Mystery Of The Traveling TomatoesThe Spy GameThe Dog Gone MysteryThe Vampire Mystery
Superstar WatchThe Spy In The BleachersThe Amazing Mystery ShowThe Pumpkin Head Mystery
The Cupcake Caper
The Mystery On the IceThe Mystery in Washington D.C.The Mystery At Snowflake InnThe Mystery At the Ballpark
The Pilgrim Village MysteryThe Mystery At the FairThe Pet Shop MysteryThe Niagara Falls Mystery
The Mystery in the Old AtticThe Windy City MysteryThe Mystery of the Queen's JewelsThe Mystery of the Black Raven
The Mystery in New YorkThe Home Run MysteryThe Honeybee MysteryThe Mystery of the Screech Owl
The Mystery of the Tiger's EyeThe Candy Factory MysteryThe Mystery of Alligator SwampThe Great Shark Mystery
The Black Widow Spider MysteryThe Spooky Special
Meet the Boxcar ChildrenA Present for GrandfatherBenny's New FriendThe Magic Show Mystery
Benny Goes Into BusinessWatch Runs AwayThe Secret Under the TreeBenny's Saturday Surprise
Sam Makes TroubleWatch, the Superdog!Keys and Clues for BennyBenny's Boxcar Sleepover
The Haunted Cabin Mystery Graphic NovelThe Woodshed Mystery Graphic NovelThe Lighthouse Mystery  Graphic NovelMountaintop Mystery Graphic Novel

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