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Theodore Sturgeon's picture

Theodore Sturgeon

(Theodore Hamilton Sturgeon)
USA (1918 - 1985)

aka Frederick R Ewing

Theodore Sturgeon was born Edward Hamilton Waldo in New York City. He later adopted his stepfather's surname and took on a new first name. While still a teenager he went to sea for three years. He began publishing sf in 1939 but stopped producing it after a few years and went abroad. He began writing again in 1946 and, in the next fifteen years, produced almost all of the work for which he is famous. He is one of sf's great short story writers and his acclaimed novels include More than Human, the winner of the International Fantasy Award for 1954, The Cosmic Rape and Venus Plus X.
Series contributed to
Anthologies edited
Non fiction
Anthologies containing stories by Theodore Sturgeon
The Other Worlds (1941)
Who Knocks? (1946)
The Other Side of the Moon (1949)
Beyond Time and Space (1950)
The Outer Reaches (1951)
     aka The Time of Infinity
New Worlds for Old (1953)
     aka Worlds of Tomorrow
Best SF 2 (1956)
The Best from Fantasy and Science Fiction 6th Series (1957)
Imagination Unlimited (1959)
A Treasury of Great Science Fiction, Volume 1 (1959)
13 Great Stories of Science Fiction (1960)
A Decade of Fantasy and Science Fiction (1960)
Zacherley's Midnight Snacks (1960)
17 x Infinity (1963)
Fifty Short Science Fiction Tales (1963)
Spectrum 3 (1963)
The Unknown (1963)
Venture Science Fiction 9 (1964)
Best Horror Stories 2 (1965)
The Boris Karloff Horror Anthology (1965)
Weird Shadows from Beyond (1965)
Beyond the Curtain of Dark (1966)
The Playboy Book of Science Fiction and Fantasy (1966)
Dangerous Visions 3 (1967)
Famous Monster Tales (1967)
Time Untamed (1967)
The Future Makers (1968)
One Hundred Years of Science Fiction (1968)
Three to the Highest Power (1968)
Best SF: 1969 (1969)
     aka The Year's Best Science Fiction 3
Other Worlds, Other Times (1969)
The Unspeakable People (1969)
The Witchcraft Reader (1969)
Mind in Chains (1970)
Nebula Award Stories 5 (1970)
Science Fiction Hall of Fame Volume 1 (1970)
Partners in Wonder (1971)
Beware of the Cat (1972)
The Best Science Fiction of the Year (1972)
The Edge of Never (1973)
Science Fiction Hall of Fame Volume 2A (1973)
Astounding (1973)
     aka The John W Campbell Memorial Anthology
Modern Science Fiction (1974)
Creatures from Beyond (1975)
Antigrav: Cosmic Comedies by SF Masters (1975)
Weird Tales Volume 2 (1976)
The Hugo Winners 1971-1975 (1977)
Christopher Lee's Archives of Evil (1977)
Novella 3 (1978)
The 12th Fontana Book of Great Horror Stories (1979)
The Great SF Stories One: 1939 (1979)
The Great SF Stories Two: 1940 (1979)
Science Fiction of the Fifties (1979)
Classic Science Fiction (1979)
The Great SF Stories 3: 1941 (1980)
Dark Forces (1980)
A Century of Science Fiction 1950-1959 (1981)
The Giant Book of Horror Stories (1981)
The Great SF Stories 6: 1944 (1981)
A Treasury of Modern Fantasy (1981)
The Great SF Stories 8: 1946 (1982)
Unicorns! (1982)
The Great SF Stories 9: 1947 (1983)
Magic for Sale (1983)
Countdown to Midnight: Twelve Great Stories About Nuclear War (1984)
Machines That Kill (1984)
Great Science Fiction of the 20th Century (1987)
The Mammoth Book of Golden Age Science Fiction: Short Novels of the 1940s (1989)
Masterpieces of Terror and the Unknown (1992)
Nursery Crimes (1993)
Strange Dreams (1993)
The Norton Book of Science Fiction (1993)
The Ascent of Wonder (1994)
Worlds of Fear (1994)
The Vampire Omnibus (1995)
100 Tiny Tales of Terror (1996)
UFOs: The Greatest Stories (1997)
The Mammoth Book of Fantasy All-Time Greats (1998)
     aka The Fantasy Hall of Fame
The Unexplained: Stories of the Paranormal (1998)
My Favorite Science Fiction Story (1999)
Aliens Among Us (2000)

Short stories
A Crime for Llewellyn
'Derm Fool'
The Girl Had Guts
The Nail and the Oracle [short story]
The Pod and the Barrier
The Touch of Your Hand
Heavy Insurance (1938)
Abreaction (1939)
Cajun Providence (1939)
The Call (1939)
Contact! (1939)
East Is East (1939)
Ether Breather (1939)
Ex-Bachelor Extract (1939)
Extraordinary Seaman (1939)
Eyes of Blue (1939)
Fit for a King (1939)
A God in a Garden (1939)
Golden Day (1939)
Her Choice (1939)
His Good Angel (1939)
One Sick Kid (1939)
The Other Cheek (1939)
Permit Me My Gesture (1939)
Some People Forget (1939)
To Shorten Sail (1939)
Turkish Delight (1939)
Watch My Smoke (1939)
Butyl and the Breather (1940)
Cargo (1940)
He Shuttles (1940)
It (1940)
The Long Arm (1940)
Mahout (1940)
The Man on the Steps (1940)
Place of Honor (1940)
Punctuational Advice (1940)
Artnan Process (1941)
Biddiver (1941)
Brat (1941)
Completely Automatic (1941)
The Golden Egg (1941)
The Haunt (1941)
How to Kill Aunty (1941)
Microcosmic God [short story] (1941)
Nightmare Island (1941)
Poker Face (1941)
The Purple Light (1941)
Shottle Bop (1941)
Two Percent Inspiration (1941)
The Ultimate Egoist [short story] (1941)
Yesterday was Monday (1941)
The Hag Seleen (1942) (with James H Beard)
The Jumper (1942)
Medusa (1942)
The Bones (1943) (with James H Beard)
Ghost of a Chance (1943)
Killdozer! [short story] (1944)
August Sixth, 1945 (1945)
Blabbermouth (1946)
The Chromium Helmet (1946)
Memorial (1946)
Mewhu's Jet (1946)
Bianca's Hands (1947)
Cellmate (1947)
Fluffy (1947)
Largo (1947)
Maturity [short story] (1947)
The Sky Was Full of Ships (1947)
Thunder and Roses [short story] (1947)
Tiny and the Monster (1947)
Wham Bop! (1947)
It Wasn't Syzygy (1948)
The Martian and the Moron (1948)
Memory (1948)
The Perfect Host [short story] (1948)
The Professor's Teddy Bear (1948)
That Low (1948)
There is No Defence (1948)
Unite and Conquer (1948)
Die, Maestro, Die! (1949)
Farewell to Eden (1949)
The Hurkle is a Happy Beast (1949)
Minority Report (1949)
One Foot and the Grave (1949)
Prodigy (1949)
Scars (1949)
Well Spiced (1949)
What Dead Men Tell (1949)
Shadow, Shadow, on the Wall (1950)
The Incubi of Parallel X (1951)
Make Room for Me (1951)
Special Aptitude (1951)
Baby is Three [short story] (1952)
Never Underestimate (1952)
The Sex Opposite (1952)
...And My Fear Is Great (1953)
The Dark Room (1953)
Extrapolation (1953)
Mr Costello, Hero (1953)
The Music (1953)
Saucer of Loneliness (1953)
The Silken Swift (1953)
Talent (1953)
The Wages of Synergy (1953)
A Way Home [short story] (1953)
A Way of Thinking (1953)
The World Well Lost (1953)
To Here and the Easel [short story] (1954)
Bright Segment [short story] (1955)
Bulkhead (1955)
The Heart (1955)
Hurricane Trio (1955)
So Near the Darkness (1955)
Twink (1955)
When You're Smiling (1955)
The [Widget], the [Wadget], and Boff (1955)
And Now the News... [short story] (1956)
Fear is a Business (1956)
The Skills of Xanadu (1956)
Affair With a Green Monkey (1957)
It Opens the Sky (1957)
The Other Celia (1957)
The Comedian's Children (1958)
The Graveyard Reader (1958)
To Marry Medusa [short story] (1958)
A Touch of Strange [short story] (1958)
The Man Who Lost the Sea [short story] (1959)Hugo (nominee)
Need (1960)Hugo (nominee)
Tandy's Story (1961)
When You Care, When You Love (1962)Hugo (nominee)
Noon Gun (1963)
If All Men Were Brothers, Would You Let One Marry Your Sister? (1967)Nebula (nominee)
Like Young (1968)
It was Nothing - Really! (1969)
The Man Who Learned Loving (1969)Nebula (nominee)
Runesmith (1970) (with Harlan Ellison)
Slow Sculpture [short story] (1970)Hugo
Occam's Scalpel (1971)
Case and the Dreamer [short story] (1972)Nebula (nominee)
Helix the Cat (1973)
Vengeance Is (1980)
Accidentally on Porpoise (1994)
Alter Ego (1994)
Mailed Through a Porthole (1994)
Niobe (1994)
A Noose of Light (1994)
The Right Line (1994)
Strangers on a Train (1994)
Strike Three (1994)
Thanksgiving Again (1994)
Three People (1994)
The Anonymous (1995)
Two Sidecars (1995)
Bulldozer Is a Noun (1996)
Crossfire (1996)
Poor Yorick (1996)
The Blue Letter (1997)
Maturity (excerpt) (1997)

Hugo Best Short story nominee (1960) : The Man Who Lost the Sea [short story]
Hugo Best Short story nominee (1961) : Need
Hugo Best Novel nominee (1961) : Venus Plus X
Hugo Best Short story nominee (1963) : When You Care, When You Love
Nebula nominee (1968) : If All Men Were Brothers, Would You Let One Marry Your Sister?
Nebula Best Short story nominee (1970) : The Man Who Learned Loving
Hugo Best Short story winner (1971) : Slow Sculpture [short story]
Nebula nominee (1974) : Case and the Dreamer [short story]
World Fantasy Lifetime Achievement winner (1985)

Books about Theodore Sturgeon
Theodore Sturgeon: A Primary and Secondary Bibliography (1980) by Lahna Diskin
Theodore Sturgeon (1981) by Lucy Menger
Theodore Sturgeon (1989) by Gordon Benson and Phil Stephensen-Payne
Theodore Sturgeon recommends
Davy (1964)
(Post-Holocaust Stories, book 1)
Edgar Pangborn
"A lovely book, a rollocking, candenced, surprising, provocative and musical book."
I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream
I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream (1967)
Harlan Ellison
"Colourful, intrusive, abrasive, irritating, hilarious, illogical, inconsistent, unpredictable and one hell of a writer."
Moondust (1968)
Thomas Burnett Swann
"A remarkable writer."
Midsummer Century
Midsummer Century (1972)
(Haertel Scholium)
James Blish
"An engrossing book. Recommended."
Again Dangerous Visions Book 1
Again Dangerous Visions Book 1 (1973)
Harlan Ellison
"There has never been anything quite like this book."
Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said
Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said (1974)
Philip K Dick
"Buy this one and brace yourself..."
Sword of the Demon
Sword of the Demon (1976)
Richard A Lupoff
"One of the most beautiful things I've ever read."
Roadside Picnic
Roadside Picnic (1978)
Arkady Strugatsky and Boris Strugatsky
"Deft and supple...a truly superb tale."
A Different Light
A Different Light (1978)
Elizabeth A Lynn
"Deep space and high adventure."
The Well of Darkness
The Well of Darkness (1984)
(Gandalara, book 4)
Randall Garrett and Vicki Ann Heydron
"Entertaining and well-paced... Full of swordplay and giant cats."
Vampire Junction
Vampire Junction (1984)
(Timmy Valentine, book 1)
S P Somtow
"Terrible things happen in this book. It's about rock music, about mass hysteria, about vampires, about horror. One comes out knowing, and caring about a panoply of new friends and acquaintances, living and dead and unalive."
Nightmare Flower
Nightmare Flower (1992)
Elizabeth Engstrom
"Behind [Engstrom's] soft-voiced style is power, is surprise, is - well, ferocity."
L Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future Volume XV
L Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future Volume XV (1999)
(Writers of the Future, book 15)
Algis Budrys and L Ron Hubbard
"I wish this book had been around when I started to write!"

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