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Denise Robins's picture

Denise Robins

(Naomi Klein)
UK (1897 - 1985)
Daughter of Kit Dealtry, Mother of Patricia Robins

aka Denise Chesterton, Ashley French, Harriet Gray, Hervey Hamilton, Julia Kane, Francesca Wright

Denise Naomi Klein was born on 1 February 1897 in London, England, daughter of Herman Klein (1856-1934) and Kathleen Clarice Louise Cornwell(1872-1954). Her parents married on 19 February 1890 at the West London Synagogue, her father was a English music critic, author and teacherof singing and her mother was a Australian-born heiress, 16 years younger than him. Denise had a half-sister, Sibyl Klein, who became an actress. She also had two older brothers, Adrian Bernard L. Klein(1892-1969), who later changed his name to Adrian Cornwell-Clyne and wrote books on photography and cinematography, and Daryl Kleyn (b. 1894). Duringher parents marriage, her mother began an affair with a young Worcestershire Regiment officer, Herbert Arthur Berkeley Dealtry (b. 1878). When her fatherbecame aware of it, he filed a petition for divorce, which was granted in December 1901. After the divorce, her mother married Dealtry in 1902,but they were going through financial difficulties. They had to declare bankruptcy in 1905. The sameyear her father remarried with Helene Fox, a Christian Science practitioner of Boston, Massachusetts.

As Kit Dealtry, her mother began topublish her own writings, first short stories in magazines an later gothic novels. Years later, and single again her mother returned to London. In1918, and remarried for a third time with Sydney H. Groom, andstarted to sign her novels as C. Groom, Mrs Sydney Groom, Kathleen ClariceGroom and Clarice Groom. After Naomi left school, she decided follow in hermother's footsteps, and to publish her writings. She went to work as ajournalist for the D.C. Thomson Press, then became a freelance writer.Denise married Arthur Robins, a corn broker on the Baltic Exchange, but the marriage ended in divorce, after she met O'Neill Pearson in Egypt, who laterbecame her second husband. She was the mother of three daughters, Patricia Robins (also know as Claire Lorrimer) who became another best-sellingromance author, Anne, and Eve.

As a writer of fiction, Denise wrote short stories, plays and about 200 gothic romance novels under a variety of pseudonyms, including: Denise Chesterton, Hervey Hamilton, Francesca Wright, Ashley French, Harriet Gray, and Julia Kane, she also used to sign the books her first married name,Denise Robins, and some of her books were reedited under this pen-name. In1927, over ten years after she began to publish, Denise meet Charles Boon,of Mills & Boon, and she signed her first contract with his firm the sameyear. In a short time, she became the best paid Mills & Boon's writer, and one of the most prolific, but in 1935 she changed to a new publisher, Nicholson& Watson, that made her a better offer, and later with Hodder & Stoughton.During her very long career she worked with major publishing houses. Taylor Caldwell said: "Rarely has any writer of our times delvedso deeply into the secret places of a woman's heart." As in her real life,many of her novels are love triangles, and also appear as a backdrop the World Wars.

In 1960, she founded with other romance writers the "Romantic Novelists' Association" (R.N.A.), and she was its first president until 1966. In 1965,she wrote her autobiography, "Stranger Than Fiction". Denise passed away 1May 1985 in her native England. At the time of her death her novels, translated into 15 languages, had sold more than 100 million copies. In 1984,they were borrowed more than 1.5 million times from British libraries.
The Marriage Bond (1924)
Sealed Lips (1924)
The Inevitable End (1927)
Jonquil (1927)
The Triumph of the Rat (1927)
Desire Is Blind (1928)
     aka Bride of Revenge
The Passionate Flame (1928)
White Jade (1928)
Women Who Seek (1928)
The Dark Death (1929)
The Enduring Flame (1929)
Heavy Clay (1929)
Love Was a Jest (1929)
And All Because (1930)
Swing of Youth (1930)
The Lonely Heart (1930)
Crowns, Pounds, and Guineas (1931)
Fever of Love (1931)
Lovers of Janine (1931)
One Night in Ceylon (1931)
Second Best (1931)
Blaze of Love (1932)
The Boundary Line (1932)
The Secret Hour (1932)
Gay Defeat (1933)
Men Are Only Human (1933)
Shatter the Sky (1933)
Strange Rapture (1933)
Brief Ecstasy (1934)
Never Give All (1934)
Slave Woman (1934)
Sweet Love (1934)
All This for Love (1935)
Climb to the Stars (1935)
How Great the Price (1935)
Life and Love (1935)
Murder in Mayfair (1935)
Love Game (1936)
Those Who Love (1936)
Were I thy bride (1936)
Kiss of Youth (1937)
Set Me Free (1937)
The Tiger in Men (1937)
The Restless Heart (1938)
Since We Love (1938)
You Have Chosen (1938)
Chain of Love (1939)
Dear Loyalty (1939)
Gypsy Lover (1939)
     aka Romany Lover
I, Too, Have Loved (1939)
Officer's Wife (1939)
Island of Flowers (1940)
Little We Know (1940)
Set the Stars Alight (1940)
Sweet Sorrow (1940)
To Love Is to Live (1940)
If This Be Destiny (1941)
Winged Love (1941)
This One Night (1942)
War Marriage (1942)
What Matters Most (1942)
The Changing Years (1943)
Daughter Knows Best (1943)
Dust of Dreams (1943)
Escape to Love (1943)
This Spring of Love (1943)
War changes Everything (1943)
Give Me Back My Heart (1944)
How to Forget (1944)
Never Look Back (1944)
Desert Rapture (1945)
Love so Young (1945)
All for You (1946)
Separation (1946)
The Story of Veronica (1946)
Forgive Me, My Love (1947)
More Than Love (1947)
Could I Forget (1948)
The Feast is Finished (1948)
Greater Than All (1948)
Khamsin (1948)
Love Me No More (1948)
To Love Again (1949)
The Uncertain Heart (1949)
The Hard Way (1949)
Love Hath an Island (1950)
The Madness of Love (1950)
Heart of Paris (1951)
Infatuation (1951)
Only in My Dreams (1951)
Second Marriage (1951)
Something to Love (1951)
The Other Love (1952)
Strange Meeting (1952)
The First Long Kiss (1953)
My True Love (1953)
The Long Shadow (1954)
The Unshaken Loyalty (1954)
Venetian Rhapsody (1954)
Bitter-Sweet (1955)
All That Matters (1956)
The Enchanted Island (1956)
Loving and Giving (1956)
Bride of Violence (1957)
The Noble One (1957)
The Seagull's Cry (1957)
Chateau of Flowers (1958)
The Untrodden Snow (1958)
Do Not Go, My Love (1959)
We Two Together (1959)
Arrow in the Heart (1960)
The Unlit Fire (1960)
I Should Have Known (1961)
A Promise is for Ever (1961)
Put Back the Clock (1962)
Mad Is the Heart (1963)
Nightingale's Song (1963)
Reputation (1963)
Meet Me in Monte Carlo (1964)
Moment of Love (1964)
Once Is Enough (1965)
The Strong Heart (1965)
The Crash (1966)
Lightning Strikes Twice (1966)
Love Is Enough (1966)
O Love! O Fire! (1966)
Forbidden (1967)
House of the Seventh Cross (1967)
Wait for Tomorrow (1967)
House By the Watch Tower (1968)
Laurence, My Love (1968)
The Price of Folly (1968)
Two Loves (1968)
When a Woman Loves (1968)
Love and Desire and Hate (1969)
A Love Like Ours (1969)
Sweet Cassandra (1970)
Under the Sky (1970)
The Snow Must Return (1972)
Twice I Have Loved (1973)
The Other Side of Love (1973)
Twice Have I Loved (1973)
The Wild Bird (1974)
Dark Corridor (1974)
Australian Opal Safari (1974)
The Cyprus Love Affair (1974)
Betrayal (1976)
It Wasn't Love (1976)
Come Back, Yesterday (1976)
Fauna (1978)
Family Holiday (1978)
Let Me Love (1979)
Love's Triumph (1983)
Princess Passes (1983)
For the Sake of Love (1985)
Masquerade of Love (1985)
Life's a Game (1985)
The Enchantress (1987)
The Woman's Side of It (1988)
The Gilded Cage (1998)
Illusion of Love (2000)
The Marriage BondThe Inevitable EndJonquilDesire Is Blind
The Passionate FlameWhite JadeWomen Who SeekThe Enduring Flame
Heavy ClayAnd All BecauseSwing of YouthThe Lonely Heart
Fever of LoveSecond BestBlaze of LoveThe Boundary Line
Gay DefeatMen Are Only HumanShatter the SkyBrief Ecstasy
Never Give AllSlave WomanSweet LoveAll This for Love
Climb to the StarsLife and LoveMurder in MayfairThose Who Love
Were I thy brideKiss of YouthSet Me FreeThe Tiger in Men
The Restless HeartSince We LoveYou Have ChosenChain of Love
Dear LoyaltyGypsy LoverIsland of FlowersSet the Stars Alight
Sweet SorrowTo Love Is to LiveWinged LoveThis One Night
The Changing YearsDust of DreamsEscape to LoveThis Spring of Love
Give Me Back My HeartNever Look BackDesert RaptureAll for You
The Story of VeronicaMore Than LoveCould I ForgetThe Feast is Finished
Greater Than AllKhamsinTo Love AgainThe Hard Way
Love Hath an IslandHeart of ParisInfatuationOnly in My Dreams
Second MarriageSomething to LoveThe Other LoveStrange Meeting
The First Long KissMy True LoveThe Long ShadowThe Unshaken Loyalty
Venetian RhapsodyBitter-SweetAll That MattersThe Enchanted Island
Loving and GivingThe Noble OneThe Seagull's CryChateau of Flowers
The Untrodden SnowDo Not Go, My LoveWe Two TogetherArrow in the Heart
The Unlit FireI Should Have KnownA Promise is for EverPut Back the Clock
Mad Is the HeartNightingale's SongReputationMeet Me in Monte Carlo
Moment of LoveOnce Is EnoughThe Strong HeartThe Crash
Lightning Strikes TwiceLove Is EnoughO Love! O Fire!Forbidden
House of the Seventh CrossWait for TomorrowHouse By the Watch TowerLaurence, My Love
Two LovesLove and Desire and HateA Love Like OursSweet Cassandra
Under the SkyThe Snow Must ReturnTwice I Have LovedThe Other Side of Love
Twice Have I LovedThe Wild BirdDark CorridorThe Cyprus Love Affair
BetrayalIt Wasn't LoveCome Back, YesterdayFauna
Family HolidayLet Me LoveMasquerade of LoveLife's a Game
The Gilded CageIllusion of Love
Love, Volume ILove, Volume III: Lightning Strikes Twice / Forbidden / A Love Like Ours
Light the Candles
Anthologies edited
Non fiction
Stranger Than Fiction

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