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Daniel O'MalleyNew Books3t,c
Erica O'RourkeNew Books6c
Tim O'RourkeNew Books62h
Sophie Oak1s,f,h,m,t,r,c
Colleen Oakley2
Joyce Carol OatesNew Books167h,m,r,c
Constance O'Banyon48r
Chigozie Obioma1
Téa Obreht2c
Patrick O'BrianNew Books41t
Anne O'BrienNew Books25r
Caragh O'BrienNew Books14r
Charles O'Brien12m
Edna O'BrienNew Books47f,c
Fiona O'Brien6r
John O'BrienNew Books6c
Kathleen O'BrienNew Books60r
Kevin O'BrienNew Books16m
Martin O'Brien10m
Meg O'Brien17m,r
Susan O'brienNew Books2
Tim O'Brien11c
Laurence O'Bryan5t,c
Brendan O'Carroll9c
T Lynn Ocean8m
Weston OchseNew Books31h
Sarah Ockler6r
Martha Ockley3m,c
Lorie O'Clare1r
Carol O'Connell13m
Ellen O'Connell8r,c
Flannery O'Connor10h
Jane O'ConnorNew Books102h,m
Joseph O'Connor23c
Niamh O'Connor8f,h,m,t
Nuala O'ConnorNew Books1
Constance O'Day-Flannery23s,r
Scott O'Dell36c
Tawni O'DellNew Books6m
Terry Odell23m
Scott Oden6
Mel OdomNew Books144s,f,h,m,t
Laurel O'DonnellNew Books22r
Lillian O'Donnell34m
Peter O'Donnell14t
Nick O'Donohoe9f
Clare O'Donohue9m
Gerard O'Donovan2m,t
John O'FarrellNew Books14r,c
Maggie O'FarrellNew Books8r
Andrew J Offutt44f
Sheila O'FlanaganNew Books31r,c
Catherine O'Flynn5m,c
Yôko Ogawa5c
Ellen Oh3c
Andrew O'Hagan11c
Mo O'HaraNew Books7
Tracey O'Hara4s,f
Kate O'HearnNew Books13f
Kristina OhlssonNew Books7m,t
Leslie O'KaneNew Books21m
Janette OkeNew Books98f,r,w
M O'KeefeNew Books2
Molly O'KeefeNew Books39r
Nnedi OkoraforNew Books12f
Marc Olden40f,m
Daniel Jose OlderNew Books8
Jenny Oldfield183f,h,m,t,r
Mark OldfieldNew Books2t
Pamela Oldfield110h,m,r
Nick OldhamNew Books26m
Anne OliverNew Books37r
Jana Oliver15f,r
Jenny OliverNew Books9
L J OliverNew Books1
Lauren OliverNew Books19c
Neil OliverNew Books1
Tess OliverNew Books19r,c
Gregg OlsenNew Books50m
Mark Andrew Olsen10f,m,t,r,c
Karen E OlsonNew Books9m
Melissa F OlsonNew Books10s,f,c
Tricia O'MalleyNew Books8
Tim O'Mara3
Sister Carol Anne O'Marie11m
Stewart O'NanNew Books22h,t,c
Michael Ondaatje29c
Barbara O'Neal10r
Carlene O'NeilNew Books2
Geraldine O'NeillNew Books11r,c
Gilda O'Neill22m,r
Joseph O'Neill5
Louise O'NeillNew Books2
Kenneth OppelNew Books32f,m,t
Kelly OramNew Books13c
Sandra OrchardNew Books14m,c
Jane Orcutt15m,r,c
Baroness Orczy51m,t
Bill O'ReillyNew Books24m,t
Margie Orford13m
Diana OrgainNew Books9m
Kaitlin O'Riley10r
Roger Ormerod48m
Julie Orringer4c
Julie Ortolon17r
Peter Orullian9f
George Orwell63s,h,c
Sara OrwigNew Books165r
Ray O'RyanNew Books15
Maggie Osborne21r
Mary Pope OsborneNew Books163f,m
Kirsten OsbourneNew Books50r
Terri OsburnNew Books8c
Perri O'Shaughnessy15m
Patti O'Shea18s,r
Jerry Oster12s,m,t,c
Lori OstlundNew Books2c
Håkan ÖstlundhNew Books2c
Kathryn O'Sullivan3
Mark O'Sullivan10
J D OswaldNew Books4
James OswaldNew Books10m
Gail OustNew Books8m
Joan Overfield23r
Wayne D Overholser98w
Charlie Owen4m
Howard OwenNew Books14m
James A OwenNew Books20f
Lauren Owen1
C M OwensNew Books43
Robin D OwensNew Books30f,r
Sandra OwensNew Books7
Sharon Owens10r
Ruth OzekiNew Books5c

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