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Ramez Naam - Amy Sue Nathan
Melissa Nathan - Fiona Neill
Elizabeth Nelson - Emma Newman
Kim Newman - Douglas Niles
Jenny Nimmo - Michael Norman
Elizabeth Norris - Eric Nylund
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 All authors, surname starts with N BooksGenres
Ramez Naam5s
Magdalen Nabb18m
Vladimir Nabokov25c
Barbara NadelNew Books27m
Reggie Nadelson13m
Linda NagataNew Books14s
Nancy NaigleNew Books21r
V S Naipaul42c
Fuminori NakamuraNew Books5t,c
James NallyNew Books2
Mark L Van Name9s
John J Nance21m,t
Kathleen Nance15s,f,r
Barry NapierNew Books20h,c
Bill Napier9s,t
Susan Napier57r
William Napier7c
Donna Jo NapoliNew Books90f
B T NarroNew Books12s,f
Jonathan Nasaw9h,m
Joy Nash15f,r,c
Sophia Nash12r
Joseph NassiseNew Books29h
Fredrik NathNew Books14c
Amy Sue Nathan2
Melissa Nathan5r,c
Amber Lynn NatuschNew Books15c
James NaughtieNew Books6
Elisabeth NaughtonNew Books22r
Julia Navarro4m,t,c
Yvonne NavarroNew Books30s,h
Jacqueline Navin12r
Grant Naylor7s
Phyllis Reynolds NaylorNew Books141h,m,t
Vera Nazarian25f
Toby NealNew Books22m,t,c
Kitty NealeNew Books21r
Jake Needham8m,t,c
Linda Needham10r
Jan NeedleNew Books44s,f,h,t,c
Janet Neel10m
Betty Neels189r
Barbara Neely4m
Henry H NeffNew Books6f
Mindy Neff29r
Carla NeggersNew Books78m,r
Andrew NeidermanNew Books47h,t
Toby NeighborsNew Books30s,f,m,c
Chloe NeillNew Books21
Fiona Neill4r
Elizabeth NelsonNew Books8
J C NelsonNew Books5
James L NelsonNew Books21t
Jandy Nelson2r
Jill Elizabeth Nelson15m,r
Rhonda Nelson81r
Irène Némirovsky16c
Penelope Neri31r
Edith Nesbit36f,h
John D NesbittNew Books48w
Jo NesbøNew Books27m
Patrick Ness14f,c
Håkan NesserNew Books12m
Stacey Joy NetzelNew Books45r
Nele NeuhausNew Books6m
Rachel NeumeierNew Books12f
Sylvain NeuvelNew Books1
Adam Nevill9h
Katherine Neville5m
Miranda Neville17r
Stuart NevilleNew Books9m,t
Kerry Newcomb34r
Robert Newcomb6f
Christopher Newman14m
Emma NewmanNew Books9s,f,h,m,r,c
Kim NewmanNew Books43s,h
Peter NewmanNew Books2
Sharan Newman24f,m
Olivia NewportNew Books30r
Mark Charan Newton9f
Celeste Ng2
John NicholNew Books14t
Douglas Nicholas8c
Erin NicholasNew Books36r
David Nicholls4c
Stan NichollsNew Books28f,h
Lee Nichols8r
Linda Nichols5r,c
Mary NicholsNew Books76r
Scott NicholsonNew Books92s,h
Thom NicholsonNew Books13w
William Nicholson22f,c
Chris NicksonNew Books39m,t,c
Mike Nicol19m,t,c
Christopher NicoleNew Books109m,t
Jennifer A NielsenNew Books12f
Audrey Niffenegger10s,c
Marieke NijkampNew Books1
D J NikoNew Books4t,c
Douglas Niles58f,t
Jenny NimmoNew Books66f
Jennifer NivenNew Books9c
John Niven7c
Larry NivenNew Books98s,f
Garth Nix45s,f
JD Nixon10
Joan Lowery Nixon139h,m
Keith Nixon8
David Nobbs26
Cate Noble4r
Diane Noble24m,r
Elizabeth Noble7r,c
Kate NobleNew Books13r
Shelley NobleNew Books9r
Joe NobodyNew Books24c
Alyson NoëlNew Books29r
NoireNew Books5t,r
William F Nolan56s,h,m
Rosalind NoonanNew Books20f,r
Ruth Ann NordinNew Books69s,f,h,m,t,r,c
Charity Norman6c
Diana Norman12r
Hilary Norman25m,r
Lisanne Norman8s
Michael Norman4m
Elizabeth Norris3s,f,h,m,t,r,c
Audra NorthNew Books6
Claire NorthNew Books7
Freya NorthNew Books20r,c
Oliver NorthNew Books17t
Phoebe North2
Will North5
Michael NorthropNew Books12c
Andre Norton239s,f,w
Carla Norton5
Mary Norton15f
Alan E Nourse51s
Ali NovakNew Books3
Brenda NovakNew Books72r
Idra NoveyNew Books1
Sara Novic1
Naomi NovikNew Books14f
Michael NowotnyNew Books2
Judy Nunn16r
Malla Nunn5m
Christopher G NuttallNew Books69
Jody Lynn NyeNew Books53s,f
Harri Nykänen4m,t,c
Eric Nylund20s

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