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Daisy Meadows

A pseudonym used by Sue Bentley, Linda Chapman, Narinder Dhami, Sue Mongredien

Daisy Meadows is the pseudonym used for the four writers of the Rainbow Magic children's series: Narinder Dhami, Sue Bentley, Linda Chapman, and Sue Mongredien. Rainbow Magic features differing groups of fairies as main characters.
Ruby: The Red FairyAmber: The Orange FairySunny: The Yellow FairyFern: The Green Fairy
Sky: The Blue FairyInky: The Indigo FairyHeather: The Violet Fairy
Crystal: The Snow FairyAbigail: The Breeze FairyPearl: The Cloud FairyGoldie: The Sunshine Fairy
Evie: The Mist FairyStorm: The Lightning FairyHayley: The Rain FairyRainbow Magic Weather Fairies Treasury
The Weather Fairies Collection, Volume 1Weather Fairies SeriesThe Weather Fairies: Set
Rainbow Magic
Holly: The Christmas Fairy (2004)
Stella: The Star Fairy (2005)
Summer: The Holiday Fairy (2005)
Hannah: The Happy Ever After Fairy (2006)
Kylie: The Carnival Fairy (2006)
Paige: The Pantomime Fairy (2006)
     aka Paige: The Christmas Play Fairy
Joy: The Summer Vacation Fairy (2007)
Flora: The Fancy Dress Fairy (2007)
     aka The Dress-Up Fairy
Chrissie: The Wish Fairy (2007)
Shannon: The Ocean Fairy (2008)
Gab: The Snow Kingdom Fairy (2008)
Mia: The Bridesmaid Fairy (2009)
Trixie: The Halloween Fairy (2009)
Gabriella: The Snow Kingdom Fairy (2009)
Destiny: The Pop Star Fairy (2009)
Juliet: The Valentine Fairy (2009)
Emma: The Easter Fairy (2011)
Florence: The Friendship Fairy (2011)
Kate: The Royal Wedding Fairy (2011)
Selena: The Sleepover Fairy (2011)
Magical Holiday Collection (omnibus) (2011)
Natalie: The Christmas Stocking Fairy (2011)
Keira: The Film Star Fairy (2012)
Olympia: The Games Fairy (2012)
Elizabeth: The Jubilee Fairy (2012)
Tamara: The Tooth Fairy (2012)
     aka Brianna
Angelica: The Angel Fairy (2012)
Alexandra: The Royal Baby Fairy (2013)
Nicki: The Holiday Camp Fairy (2013)
Carly: The Schoolfriend Fairy (2013)
Magical Fairy Adventures (2013)
The Magical Princess Fairies (2013)
Robyn: The Christmas Party Fairy (2013)
Georgie: The Royal Prince Fairy (2014)
Lila and Myla: The Twins Fairies (2014)
Tilly: The Teacher Fairy (2014)
Giselle: The Christmas Ballet Fairy (2014)
Heidi: The Vet Fairy (2015)
Eleanor: The Snow White Fairy (2015)
Faith: The Cinderella Fairy (2015)
Julia: The Sleeping Beauty Fairy (2015)
Lacey: The Little Mermaid Fairy (2015)
Daisy: The Festival Fairy (2015)
Holly: The Christmas FairyStella: The Star FairySummer: The Holiday FairyHannah: The Happy Ever After Fairy
Kylie: The Carnival FairyPaige: The Pantomime FairyJoy: The Summer Vacation FairyFlora: The Fancy Dress Fairy
Chrissie: The Wish FairyShannon: The Ocean FairyGab: The Snow Kingdom FairyMia: The Bridesmaid Fairy
Trixie: The Halloween FairyGabriella: The Snow Kingdom FairyDestiny: The Pop Star FairyJuliet: The Valentine Fairy
Emma: The Easter FairyFlorence: The Friendship FairyKate: The Royal Wedding FairySelena: The Sleepover Fairy
Magical Holiday CollectionNatalie: The Christmas Stocking FairyKeira: The Film Star FairyOlympia: The Games Fairy
Elizabeth: The Jubilee FairyTamara: The Tooth FairyAngelica: The Angel FairyAlexandra: The Royal Baby Fairy
Nicki: The Holiday Camp FairyCarly: The Schoolfriend FairyMagical Fairy AdventuresThe Magical Princess Fairies
Robyn: The Christmas Party FairyGeorgie: The Royal Prince FairyLila and Myla: The Twins FairiesTilly: The Teacher Fairy
Heidi: The Vet Fairy
India: The Moonstone FairyScarlett: The Garnet FairyEmily: The Emerald FairyChloe: The Topaz Fairy
Amy: The Amethyst FairySophie: The Sapphire FairyLucy: The Diamond FairyJewel Fairies Collection
Cherry: The Cake FairyMelodie: The Music FairyGrace: The Glitter FairyHoney: The Sweet Fairy
Polly: The Party Fun FairyPhoebe: The Fashion FairyJasmine: The Present FairyThe Party Fairies Treasury
The Party Fairies: Set
Ruby and Kylie's Fairy TimeThe Rainbow Magic TreasuryMy Rainbow Fairies CollectionThe Rainbow Magic Collection
Megan: The Monday FairyTara: The Tuesday FairyWillow: The Wednesday FairyThea: The Thursday Fairy
Felicity: The Friday FairySienna: The Saturday FairySarah: The Sunday FairyFun Day Fairies Collection
Katie: The Kitten FairyBella: The Bunny FairyGeorgia: The Guinea Pig FairyLauren: The Puppy Fairy
Harriet: The Hamster FairyMolly: The Goldfish FairyPenny: The Pony FairyPet Fairies Series
The Pet Keeper Fairies: Set
Tia: The Tulip FairyPippa: The Poppy FairyLouise: The Lily FairyCharlotte: The Sunflower Fairy
Olivia: The Orchid FairyDanielle: The Daisy FairyElla: The Rose FairyPetal Fairies Collection
Bethany: The Ballet FairyJade: The Disco FairyRebecca: The Rock 'n' Roll FairyTasha: The Tap Dance Fairy
Jessica: The Jazz FairySerena: The Salsa FairyImogen: The Ice Dance FairySaskia: The Salsa Fairy
Dance Fairies Collection
Rainbow Magic Letter-writing KitMy Rainbow Magic Friendship SecretsSummer Activity Annual 2009Rainbow Magic Annual 2010
Rainbow Magic Invitation to FairylandMy Rainbow Magic Birthday SecretsRainbow Magic Summer Activity Annual 2010Rainbow Magic Sticker Book
Rainbow Magic Annual 2011Rainbow Magic 2011: Summer Gift PackRainbow Magic Sticker Activity BookRainbow Magic Annual 2012
Fairy Sticker FunRainbow Magic Annual 2013The Complete Book of FairiesRainbow Magic Fairy Annual 2014
Rainbow Magic Annual 2015
Helena: The Horseriding FairyStacey: The Soccer FairyZoe: The Skating FairyBrittany: The Netball Fairy
Samantha: The Swimming FairyAlice: The Tennis FairyGemma: The Gymnastic FairySports Fairies Collection
Francesca: The Football FairyNaomi: The Netball Fairy
Poppy: The Piano FairyEllie: The Guitar FairyFiona: The Flute FairyDanni: The Drum Fairy
Maya: The Harp FairyVictoria: The Violin FairySadie: The Saxophone FairyMusic Fairies Collection
Rainbow Magic : The Magical Creature / Animal Fairies
1. Ashley: The Dragon Fairy (2009)
2. Lara: The Black Cat Fairy (2009)
3. Erin: The Firebird Fairy (2009)
     aka The Phoenix Fairy
5. Sophia: The Snow Swan Fairy (2009)
6. Leona: The Unicorn Fairy (2009)
7. Caitlin: The Ice Bear Fairy (2009)
Ashley: The Dragon FairyLara: The Black Cat FairyErin: The Firebird FairySophia: The Snow Swan Fairy
Leona: The Unicorn FairyCaitlin: The Ice Bear Fairy
Ally: The Dolphin FairyAmelie: The Seal FairyPia: The Penguin FairyRihanna: The Seahorse Fairy
Stephanie: The Starfish FairyTess: The Sea Turtle FairyWhitney: The Whale FairyCourtney: The Clownfish Fairy
Nicole: The Beach FairyIsabella: The Air FairyEdie: The Garden FairyCoral: The Reef Fairy
Lily: The Rainforest FairyMilly: The River FairyCarrie: The Snow Cap Fairy
Rainbow Magic Choose Your Own
Ruby the Red Fairy (Choose Your Own) (2009)
Ruby the Red Fairy (Choose Your Own)
Belle: The Birthday FairyCheryl: The Christmas Tree FairyCara: The Camp FairyLindsay: The Luck Fairy
Autumn: The Falling Leaves FairyAddison: The April Fool's Day FairyBailey: The Babysitter Fairy
Rainbow Magic : The Twilight Fairies
1. Ava: The Sunset Fairy (2010)
2. Lexi: The Firefly Fairy (2010)
3. Zara: The Starlight Fairy (2010)
4. Morgan: The Midnight Fairy (2010)
5. Yasmin: The Night Owl Fairy (2010)
     aka Nia The Night Owl Fairy
6. Maisie: The Moonbeam Fairy (2010)
     aka Anna the Moonbeam Fairy
7. Sabrina: The Sweet Dreams Fairy (2010)
Ava: The Sunset FairyLexi: The Firefly FairyZara: The Starlight FairyMorgan: The Midnight Fairy
Yasmin: The Night Owl FairyMaisie: The Moonbeam FairySabrina: The Sweet Dreams Fairy
The Rainbow FairiesThe Fairies' Birthday SurpriseBest Friends In FairylandA Fairy Ballet
The Fairy Treasure HuntA Fairyland Costume BallPet Fairies to the Rescue!Pet Parade
Leah: The Theatre FairyAlesha: The Acrobat FairyDarcey: the Dance Diva FairyTaylor: The Talent Show Fairy
Amelia: The Singing FairyIsla: The Ice Star FairyMadison: The Magic Show FairyKatie and the Missing Kitten
Rainbow Magic : The Princess Fairies
1. Honor: The Happy Days Fairy (2011)
     aka Hope: The Happiness Fairy
2. Demi: The Dressing-up Fairy (2011)
     aka Cassidy: The Costume Fairy
3. Anya: The Cuddly Creatures Fairy (2011)
4. Elisa: The Adventure Fun Fairy (2011)
     aka The Royal Adventure Fairy
5. Lizzie: The Sweet Treats Fairy (2011)
6. Maddie: The Playtime Fairy (2011)
     aka The Fun and Games Fairy
7. Eva: The Enchanted Ball Fairy (2011)
Honor: The Happy Days FairyDemi: The Dressing-up FairyAnya: The Cuddly Creatures FairyElisa: The Adventure Fun Fairy
Lizzie: The Sweet Treats FairyMaddie: The Playtime FairyEva: The Enchanted Ball Fairy
Rochelle: The Star Spotter FairyAdele: The Singing Coach FairyJessie: The Lyrics FairyVanessa: The Dance Steps Fairy
Frankie: The Make-up FairyMiley: The Stylist FairyUna: The Concert Fairy
Miranda: The Beauty FairyClaudia: The Accessories FairyTyra: The Designer FairyAlexa: The Fashion Editor Fairy
Matilda: The Hair Stylist FairyBrooke: The Photographer FairyLola: The Fashion Show Fairy
Lottie: The Lollipop FairyEsme: The Ice Cream FairyCoco: The Cupcake FairyClara: The Chocolate Fairy
Madeline: The Cookie FairyLayla: The Candyfloss FairyNina: The Birthday Cake Fairy
Anna: The Arctic Fox FairyKimberley: The Koala FairyKitty: The Tiger FairyMae: The Panda Fairy
Mara: The Meerkat FairyRosie: The Honey Bear FairySavannah: The Zebra Fairy
Kayla: The Pottery FairyAnnabelle: The Drawing FairyZadie: The Sewing Fairying FairyJosie: The Jewellery-Making Fairy
Violet: The Painting FairyLibby: The Story-Writing FairyRoxie: The Baking Fairy
Lucy Longwhiskers Gets LostMolly Twinkletail Runs AwayEllie Featherbill All AloneBella Tabbypaw in Trouble
Marissa: The Science FairyAlison: The Art FairyLydia: The Reading FairyKathryn: The PE Fairy

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