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Max Brand's picture

Max Brand

(Frederick Schiller Faust)
USA (1892 - 1944)

aka Frank Austin, George Owen Baxter, Walter C Butler, George Challis, Evan Evans, Frederick Faust, John Frederick, Frederick Frost, David Manning, Peter Henry Morland

Max Brand, one of America's most popular and prolific novelists and author of such enduring works as Destry Rides Again and the Doctor Kildare stories, died on the Italian front in 1944.
Harrigan (1918)
Riders of the Silences (1919) (as by John Frederick)
Ghost Rider (1920)
     aka Clung
The Ten-foot Chain (1920) (with Achmed Abdullah, E K Means and P P Sheehan)
Trailin'! (1920)
Way of the Lawless (1921)
Devil Horse (1922)
The Garden of Eden (1922)
Ronicky Doone's Reward (1922)
Alcatraz: The Wild Stallion (1923)
The Bandit of the Black Hills (1923) (as by Frederick Faust)
Children Of Night (1923)
Hired Guns (1923) (as by Frederick Faust)
Bull Hunter's Romance (1924)
The Gentle Gunman (1924)
The Guide To Happiness (1924)
Gun Gentleman (1924)
Beyond the Outposts (1925) (as by Peter Henry Morland)
The Bronze Collar (1925) (as by John Frederick)
His Third Majesty (1925)
Black Jack (1926)
Fate's Honeymoon (1926)
Fire-Brain (1926)
Luck (1926)
Monsieur (1926) (as by George Challis)
The Splendid Rascal (1926) (as by George Challis)
The Stranger At The Gate (1926)
The White Eagle (1926)
The White Wolf (1926)
The Blue Jay (1927)
Flaming Irons (1927)
Pride Of Tyson (1927)
The Sword Lover (1927) (as by John Frederick)
The Trap at Commanche Bend (1927)
Border Guns (1928)
Lost Wolf (1928) (as by Peter Henry Morland)
Mystery Ranch (1928)
Outlaw Valley (1928) (as by Evan Evans)
Pillar Mountain (1928)
Pleasant Jim (1928)
     aka Six-Gun Ambush
Sawdust and Sixguns (1928) (as by Evan Evans)
     aka The Tenderfoot / Outlaw's Gold
The Galloping Broncos (1929)
The Gun Tamer (1929)
Mistral (1929)
Destry Rides Again (1930)
The Happy Valley (1930)
The Outlaw Of Buffalo Flat (1930)
Smiling Charlie (1930)
Strange Courage (1930) (as by Evan Evans)
Dionysus in Hades (1931) (as by Frederick Faust)
Gunman's Legacy (1932) (as by Evan Evans)
The Jackson Trail (1932)
The Longhorn Feud (1932)
Twenty Notches (1932)
Valley Vultures (1932) (as by Frederick Faust)
The False Rider (1933)
The King Bird Rides (1933)
The Loghorn Feud (1933)
Montana Rides! (1933) (as by Evan Evans)
The Outlaw (1933)
The Return Of The Rancher (1933) (as by Frank Austin)
Slow Joe (1933)
The Thunderer (1933) (as by Frederick Faust)
Valley Thieves (1933)
Brothers On The Trail (1934)
Crooked Horn (1934)
Montana Rides Again (1934) (as by Evan Evans)
The Rancher's Revenge (1934)
The Sheriff Rides (1934) (as by Frank Austin)
Smuggler's Trail (1934)
Timbal Gulch Trail (1934)
War Party (1934)
The Seven Of Diamonds (1935)
     aka Law of the Gun
The Bait and The Trap (1935) (as by George Challis)
Cross Over Nine (1935) (as by Walter C Butler)
Dead Man's Treasure (1935)
The Firebrand (1935) (as by George Challis)
Hunted Riders (1935)
King of the Range (1935) (as by Frank Austin)
Rustlers of Beacon Creek (1935)
Happy Jack (1936)
     aka Outlaw Rider
The Night Flower (1936) (as by Walter C Butler)
Secret Agent Number One (1936) (as by Frederick Frost)
The Song of the Whip (1936) (as by Evan Evans)
South Of Rio Grande (1936)
The Streak (1936)
The Bamboo Whistle (1937) (as by Frederick Frost)
The Golden Knight (1937) (as by George Challis)
Six Golden Angels (1937)
The Smoking Land (1937) (as by George Challis)
Spy Meets Spy (1937) (as by Frederick Frost)
Trouble Trail (1937)
     aka Desert Showdown
Dead Or Alive (1938)
The Iron Trail (1938)
The Naked Blade (1938) (as by George Challis)
Singing Guns (1938)
Fightin' Fool (1939)
     aka A Fairly Slick Guy
Lanky For Luck (1939)
Marbleface (1939)
Cleaned Out (1940)
Danger Trail (1940)
The Dude (1940)
Riders Of The Plains (1940)
The Border Kid (1941)
The Long Chance (1941)
Vengeance Trail (1941)
The Safety Killer (1942)
Striking Eagle (1942)
The Phantom Spy (1943)
My Favorite War Story (1945)
Mountain Riders (1946)
The Border Bandit (1947) (as by Evan Evans)
The Rescue Of Broken Arrow (1947) (as by Evan Evans)
Valley Of Vanishing Men (1947)
Hired Hands (1948)
Seven Trails (1949)
Single Jack (1950)
The Hair Trigger Kid (1951)
Tragedy Trail (1951)
Larramee's Ranch (1952)
The Tenderfoot (1953)
Outlaw's Code (1953) (as by Evan Evans)
Smiling Desperado (1953)
The Gambler (1954)
The Invisible Outlaw (1954)
Outlaw Breed (1954)
Speedy (1955)
The Big Trail (1956)
Trail Partners (1956)
Blood On The Trail (1957)
Lucky Larribee (1957)
Lanky (1959)
Showdown (1959) (as by Evan Evans)
The Long Chase (1960)
The White Cheyenne (1960)
Mighty Lobo (1962)
Tamer Of The Wild (1962)
The Stranger (1963)
Golden Lightning (1964)
The Guns of Dorking Hollow (1965)
Torture Trail (1965)
Mystery Valley (1966)
Ride the Wild Trail (1966)
The Trail of the Panther (1967)
Roman Military Law (1968)
Rippon Rides Double (1969)
The Stingaree (1969)
Thunder Moon (1970)
Trouble Kid (1971)
Ambush at Torture Canyon (1971)
Riding the Iron Trail (1972)
Cheyenne Gold (1972)
Drifter's Vengeance (1972)
Luck of the Spindrift (1972)
Big Game (1973)
Frontier Feud (1973)
Steve Train's Ordeal (1974)
The Last Showdown (1975)
Gunman's Reckoning (1976)
Rawhide Justice (1976)
Shotgun Law (1976)
The Bells of San Filipo (1977)
The Reward (1977)
Man from Savage Creek (1977)
Rider of the High Hill (1977)
Storm on the Range (1978)
Tiger (1979)
Galloping Danger (1979)
Gunfighter's Return (1979)
Six Gun Country (1980)
The Man from the Wilderness (1980)
The Revenge of Broken Arrow (1981)
Bull Hunter (1981)
The Gentle Desperado (1981)
Wild Freedom (1981)
Thunder Moon Strikes (1982)
Thunder Moon's Challenge (1982)
The Making of a Gunman (1983)
Lawless Land (1983)
Trouble in Timberline (1984)
Rogue Mustang (1984)
Trail of San Trieste (1985)
Mountain Guns (1985)
Sixgun Legacy (1986)
One Man Posse (1987)
The Nighthawk Trail (1987)
The Fastest Draw (1987)
Timber War (1988)
Coward of the Clan (1991)
Fugitive's Fire (1991)
The Three Crosses (1993)
Battle's End (1993)
The Best Bandit (1993)
Black Thunder (1993)
Earth Magic (1993)
The Cross Brand (1993)
King Charlie's Riders (1993)
Carcajou's Trail (1994)
Chip Champions a Lady (1994)
Max Brand Collection (1994)
Outcast Breed (1994)
Red Bandana (1994)
The Third Bullet (1994)
Valley of Jewels (1994)
Dust Across the Range (1994)
The Sacking of El Dorado (1994)
The Desert Pilot (1994)
Above the Law (1995)
The Quest of Lee Garrison (1995)
     aka Lee Garrison's Quest
The Return of Free Range Lanning (1995)
Sixteen in Nome (1995)
Murder Me! (1995)
Sunset Wins (1996)
The Wild West (1996)
The One-Way Trail (1996)
Farewell, Thunder Moon (1996)
The Legend of Thunder Moon (1996)
Red Wind and Thunder Moon (1996)
Laboratory Excursions (1996)
The Lightning Warrior (1996)
The Wolf Strain (1996)
The Fear of Morgan the Fearless (1997)
The Ghost Rides Tonight (1997)
The Laughter of Slim Malone (1997)
The Sun Stood Still (1997)
Werewolf (1997)
The Stone That Shines (1997)
Crossroads (1997)
The Fugitive's Mission (1997)
The Man Who Forgot (1998)
The Two-Handed Man (1998)
The Rock of Kiever (1998)
Safety McTee (1998)
In the Hills of Monterey (1998)
Seven Faces (1998)
The Ghost Wagon (1998)
The Lost Valley (1998)
Chinook (1998)
The City in the Sky (1998)
The Survival of Juan Oro (1999)
The Geraldi Trail (1999)
The Black Rider (1999)
The Gold Trail (1999)
A Sagebrush Cinderella (2000)
The Taming of Red Thunder (2000)
The Overland Kid (2000)
The Masterman (2000)
The Outlaw Redeemer (2000)
The Peril Trek (2000)
The Bright Face of Danger (2000)
Don Diablo (2001)
Welding Quirt (2001)
The Tyrant (2001)
The House of Gold (2001)
Crusader (2002)
The Lone Rider (2002)
Smoking Guns (2002)
Blue Kingdom (2003)
The Runaways (2003)
The Golden Cat (2004)
Mountain Storms (2004)
Trouble's Messenger (2005)
Gun Chance (2005)
Dogs of the Captain (2006)
Outlaws from Afar (2010)
HarriganRiders of the SilencesGhost RiderThe Ten-foot Chain
Trailin'!Way of the LawlessDevil HorseThe Garden of Eden
Ronicky Doone's RewardAlcatraz: The Wild StallionThe Bandit of the Black HillsChildren Of Night
Hired GunsBull Hunter's RomanceThe Gentle GunmanGun Gentleman
Beyond the OutpostsBlack JackFire-BrainLuck
MonsieurThe Splendid RascalThe White WolfThe Blue Jay
Flaming IronsPride Of TysonThe Sword LoverThe Trap at Commanche Bend
Border GunsLost WolfMystery RanchOutlaw Valley
Pillar MountainPleasant JimSawdust and SixgunsThe Galloping Broncos
The Gun TamerMistralDestry Rides AgainThe Happy Valley
The Outlaw Of Buffalo FlatSmiling CharlieStrange CourageGunman's Legacy
The Jackson TrailThe Longhorn FeudTwenty NotchesValley Vultures
The False RiderThe King Bird RidesThe Loghorn FeudMontana Rides!
The OutlawThe Return Of The RancherSlow JoeValley Thieves
Brothers On The TrailCrooked HornMontana Rides AgainThe Rancher's Revenge
The Sheriff RidesSmuggler's TrailTimbal Gulch TrailWar Party
The Seven Of DiamondsThe Bait and The TrapCross Over NineDead Man's Treasure
The FirebrandHunted RidersKing of the RangeRustlers of Beacon Creek
Happy JackThe Night FlowerSecret Agent Number OneThe Song of the Whip
South Of Rio GrandeThe StreakThe Bamboo WhistleThe Golden Knight
Six Golden AngelsThe Smoking LandSpy Meets SpyTrouble Trail
Dead Or AliveThe Iron TrailThe Naked BladeSinging Guns
Fightin' FoolMarblefaceCleaned OutDanger Trail
The DudeRiders Of The PlainsThe Border KidThe Long Chance
Vengeance TrailThe Safety KillerStriking EagleThe Phantom Spy
Mountain RidersThe Border BanditThe Rescue Of Broken ArrowValley Of Vanishing Men
Seven TrailsSingle JackThe Hair Trigger KidTragedy Trail
Larramee's RanchThe TenderfootOutlaw's CodeSmiling Desperado
The GamblerThe Invisible OutlawOutlaw BreedSpeedy
The Big TrailTrail PartnersBlood On The TrailLucky Larribee
ShowdownThe Long ChaseThe White CheyenneMighty Lobo
Tamer Of The WildThe StrangerGolden LightningThe Guns of Dorking Hollow
Torture TrailMystery ValleyRide the Wild TrailRippon Rides Double
The StingareeThunder MoonTrouble KidAmbush at Torture Canyon
Riding the Iron TrailCheyenne GoldDrifter's VengeanceLuck of the Spindrift
Big GameFrontier FeudSteve Train's OrdealThe Last Showdown
Gunman's ReckoningRawhide JusticeShotgun LawThe Bells of San Filipo
The RewardMan from Savage CreekRider of the High HillStorm on the Range
Galloping DangerGunfighter's ReturnSix Gun CountryThe Man from the Wilderness
The Revenge of Broken ArrowBull HunterThe Gentle DesperadoWild Freedom
Thunder Moon StrikesThunder Moon's ChallengeThe Making of a GunmanLawless Land
Trouble in TimberlineRogue MustangMountain GunsOne Man Posse
The Fastest DrawCoward of the ClanFugitive's FireThe Three Crosses
The Cross BrandKing Charlie's RidersMax Brand CollectionOutcast Breed
The Third BulletValley of JewelsDust Across the RangeThe Sacking of El Dorado
The Desert PilotAbove the LawThe Quest of Lee GarrisonThe Return of Free Range Lanning
Sixteen in NomeMurder Me!The One-Way TrailFarewell, Thunder Moon
The Legend of Thunder MoonRed Wind and Thunder MoonThe Lightning WarriorThe Wolf Strain
The Fear of Morgan the FearlessThe Ghost Rides TonightThe Laughter of Slim MaloneThe Sun Stood Still
WerewolfThe Stone That ShinesCrossroadsThe Fugitive's Mission
The Man Who ForgotThe Two-Handed ManThe Rock of KieverSafety McTee
In the Hills of MontereySeven FacesThe Ghost WagonThe Lost Valley
ChinookThe City in the SkyThe Survival of Juan OroThe Geraldi Trail
The Black RiderThe Gold TrailA Sagebrush CinderellaThe Taming of Red Thunder
The Overland KidThe MastermanThe Outlaw RedeemerThe Peril Trek
The Bright Face of DangerDon DiabloWelding QuirtThe Tyrant
The House of GoldCrusaderThe Lone RiderSmoking Guns
Blue KingdomThe RunawaysThe Golden CatMountain Storms
Trouble's MessengerDogs of the CaptainOutlaws from Afar
Five Complete NovelsBattle's End / The Three CrossesChip Champions a Lady / Forgotten TreasureOutlaw Crew / Best Bandit
Range Jester / Black ThunderMore Tales of Fiction and Suspense: The Claws of the Tigress, John Ovington Returns, the Wedding GuestThunder Moon and the Sky PeopleThe Desert Pilot / Valley of the Jewels
Thunder Moon / Red Wind3rd Bullet / Red BandannaBattle's End / Black ThunderChip Champions a Lady / Carcajou's Trail
Race / Outcast BreedRange Jester / Forgotten TreasureSoft MetalBest Bandit / 3 Crosses
Crazy Rythmn / No Man's Range / Guns for a PeacemakerDust Across the Range / The Cross BrandTrilogy of WesternsFlaming Fortune
Peter BlueThe Range FinderThe Dan Barry Omnibus: Untamed / Night Horsemen / Seventh ManHawks and Eagles
The Untamed WestTales from the Old WestBad Man's GulchTwisted Bars
The Crystal GameWheel of FortuneRed Rock's SecretRifle Pass
Treasure WellThe Way of the West
Wine On The Desert: And Other StoriesBest Western StoriesMax Brand's Best Western StoriesMax Brand's Best Western Stories: 2
Max Brand's Best Poems: Verses from a Master of Popular ProseThe Collected Stories of Max BrandThe Black Rider and Other StoriesThe Ghost Wagon and Other Great Western Adventures
Outlaws AllThe Bells of San Carlos and Other StoriesTales of the Wild WestMen Beyond the Law
Slumber MountainTwo SixesThe Abandoned OutlawThe Bells of San Carlos
The Oath of OfficeMore Tales of the Wild WestStolen GoldTimber Line
Jokers Extra WildThe Golden West

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