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Prometheus Award

Best Novel Awards
EmpireThe Ghost BrigadesGlasshouseHarbingers
Rainbows End
47The Black Arrow: A Tale of the ResistanceChainfireThe Hidden Family
Learning the WorldRebelfire: Out of the Gray Zone
AnarquiaMarque and ReprisalNewton's Wake: A Space OperaState of Fear
The System of the World
Harry Potter and the Order of the PhoenixNaked EmpireThe Pixel EyeSpin State
Dark LightEscape from HeavenThe Haunted AirNight Watch
Schild's Ladder
The American ZoneEnemy GloryFalling StarsPsychohistorical Crisis
Eagle Against the StarsForge of the EldersLodestarThe Sky Road
The Truth
The Cassini DivisionCradle of SaturnCryptonomiconA Deepness in the Sky
The Martian Race
The Golden GlobeMasqueMoonwarRogue Star
Y2K: The Millenium Bug
Bretta MartynFinity's EndThe Fleet of StarsNanotime
The Stone Canal
FirestarKings of the High FrontierPaths to OtherwhereSliders: The Novel
CLD: Collective Landing DetachmentDesign for Great-DayThe Diamond AgeThe Star Fraction
Dark Rivers of the HeartThe Stars Are Also Fire
Beggars in SpainPallasRainbow ManThe Silicon Man
Virtual Girl
The Multiplex Man
D'ShaiFallen AngelsMe: A Novel of Self-DiscoveryThe Rift
A Tale of the WindThe Tery
The Cybernetic ShogunIn the Country of the BlindThe Infinity GambitUnder the Yoke
V for Vendetta
The Boat of a Million YearsHenry MartynInfinity HoldThe Mirror Maze
Solomon's Knife
David's SlingFalling FreeFinal CircuitMoon of Ice
To Sail Beyond the Sunset
Circuit BreakerFirst CitizenThe Jehovah ContractThe Uplift War
Way of the Pilgrim
CircuitThe Crystal EmpireA Door Into OceanThe Handmaid's Tale
Marooned in Realtime
The Cybernetic SamuraiElegy for a SopranoThe Gallatin DivergenceA Matter of Time
Radio Free Albemuth
The Final EncyclopediaMannaThe Peace WarTom Paine Maru
The Tomb
Double CrossingThe Nagasaki VectorOrion Shall RiseThendara House
Fire DancerFridayThe Many-Coloured LandOath of Fealty
The Rainbow CadenzaVoyage from Yesteryear
The Probability Broach
Wheels within Wheels

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