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Bram Stoker

The Bram Stoker Awards are given annually by the Horror Writers Association, to acknowledge excellence in horror writing.

Lifetime Achievement Awards
Nigel KnealeEdward GoreyCharles L Grant
Best Novel Awards
Virus by Sarah Langan (winner)
Ghost Road BluesHeadstone CityLisey's StoryPressure
Prodigal Blues
CreepersDread in the Beast: The NovelKeepersNovember Mourns
The Dark TowerDeep in the DarknessIn the Night RoomThe Wind Caller
From a Buick 8The Hour Before DarkLullabyThe Night Class
American GodsBlack HouseFrom the Dust Returned: A Family RemembranceThe Lost
The DeceasedThe Indifference of HeavenThe Licking Valley Coon Hunters ClubSilent Children
The Traveling Vampire Show
Darker Than NightHannibalHexesMr. X
Bag of BonesDarker AngelsFear NothingFog Heart
Children of the DuskThe Church of Dead GirlsEarthquake WeatherMy Soul to Keep
CrotaExquisite CorpseThe Green MileThe Hellfire Club
Bone MusicDeadrushWidowZombie
The AlienistThe Butcher BoyDead in the WaterFrom the Teeth of Angels
BlackburnThe Throat
The Blood of the LambChildren of the NightDeath GripHideaway
Boy's LifeThe M.D.: A Horror StoryNeedful ThingsSummer of Night
The Waste Lands
FunlandMineReignSavage Season
Carrion ComfortGeek LoveIn a Dark DreamMidnight
The Wolf's Hour
Black WindThe Drive-InFleshThe Queen of the Damned
The Silence of the LambsStinger
Ash WednesdayLive GirlsMiserySwan Song
Unassigned Territory
Best First Novel Awards
Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill (winner)
Heart-Shaped Box
BloodstoneGhost Road BluesThe HarrowingThe Keeper
The HidesScarecrow GodsSiren Promised
Black FireCovenantMove Under GroundStained
AtmosphereThe Blues Ain't NothingThe Lovely BonesThe Red Church
Deadliest of the SpeciesPhantom FeastRiverwatchSkating on the Edge
House of LeavesThe Licking Valley Coon Hunters ClubNailed by the HeartRun
Every Dead ThingKing RatWidow's WalkWither
Dawn SongNight Prayers: A Vampire NovelSilkThis Symbiotic Fascination
The Art of Arrow CuttingDrawn to the GraveHungry EyesThe Inquisitor
Lives of the Monster Dogs
Crota by Owl Goingback (winner)
Dead Heat by Del Stone Jr
Flute Song by Donald R Burleson
Horror Show by Greg Kihn
CrotaDead HeatFlute SongHorror Show
The BetweenDiary of a VampireThe Safety of Unknown CitiesWyrm Wolf
The Black MariahDeadweightGrave MarkingsNear Death
Created BySuckersThe Thread That Binds the BonesWet Work
BeautyThe Holy TerrorLess Than HumanLost Souls
The CipherProdigalUnearthedWilderness
Winter Scream
Blood of the ChildrenDark FatherNightbloodThe Revelation
Goat DanceLaying The Music To RestThe Lilith FactorSunglasses after Dark
Cities of the DeadDeliver Us from EvilDemon NightFear Book
Resurrection, Inc.The Suiting
The Damnation GameExcavationThe Harvest BrideThe Manse
Best Collection Awards
The CollectionKnuckles and TalesNations of the Living, Nations of the DeadOne More for the Road
As the Sun Goes DownThe Dark FantasticThe Man with the Barbed Wire FistsThe Whisperer and Other Voices
Magic TerrorUp, Out of Cities That Blow Hot and ColdWind Over Heaven and Other Dark Tales
Death Drives a SemiDeep into that Darkness PeeringHearts in AtlantisThe Nightmare Chronicles
Black Butterflies: A Flock on the Dark SideThe Cleft and Other Odd TalesLeavingsSmoke and Mirrors: Short Fictions and Illusions
Exorcisms and EcstasiesPainted in BloodThings Left BehindThe Throne of Bones
The Nightmare FactoryThe Pavilion of Frozen WomenWith Wounds Still Wet
The Black CarouselCagesStrange Highways
Born BadThe Early FearsThe Flesh ArtistWriter of the Purple Rage
Alone with the HorrorsClose to the BoneA Good, Secret PlaceLoveDeath
Nightmares and Dreamscapes
Fantastic TalesMr Fox and Other Feral TalesNightmare Flower
Prayers to Broken StonesWaking Nightmares
The Brains of RatsFour Past MidnightHouses without DoorsPrayers to Broken Stones
Blue WorldBy Bizarre HandsPatternsRichard Matheson: Collected Stories
Soft and Others
Angry CandyCharles Beaumont Selected StoriesScare TacticsThe Toynbee Convector
The Essential Ellison: A 35 Year RetrospectiveMidnight PleasuresScared StiffStrange Monsters Of The Recent Past
Best Novella Awards
Caroline and Caleb by Richard Gilliam
Flashback [short story] by Dan Simmons
Mefisto In Onyx [short story] by Harlan Ellison
The Night We Buried Road Dog [short story] by Jack Cady (winner)
Best Novellette Awards
God Screamed and Screamed, Then I Ate Him by Lawrence P Santoro
In Shock by Joyce Carol Oates
The Man on the Ceiling [short story] by Steve Rasnic Tem and Melanie Tem
Riding the Bullet [short story] by Stephen King
Dread in the Beast [short story] by Charlee Jacob
Five Days in April by Brian A Hopkins (winner)
Mad Dog Summer [short story] by Joe R Lansdale (winner)
Right to Life [short story] by Jack Ketchum
As Above, So Below by John M Ford
Leavings [short story] by Patricia D Cacek
Mr. Clubb and Mr. Cuff by Peter Straub (winner)
What Would You Do for Love? by John Shirley
The Big Blow [short story] by Joe R Lansdale (winner)
Coppola's Dracula by Kim Newman
Everything's Eventual [short story] by Stephen King
The Word by Ramsey Campbell
The Zombies of Madison County by Douglas E Winter
Brimstone and Salt by S P Somtow
Kilroy Was Here by Jack Cady
The Thing from Lover's Lane by Nancy A Collins
Baby Girl Diamond by Adam-Troy Castro
Looking for Mr Flip by Thomas F Monteleone
Lover Doll by Wayne Allen Sallee
Lunch at the Gotham Cafe by Stephen King (winner)
The Alchemy of the Throat by Brian Hodge
Buba Ho-tep by Joe R Lansdale
The Scent of Vinegar by Robert Bloch (winner)
The Siren of Swan Quarter by William R Trotter
Sometimes, in the Rain by Charles L Grant
Colour by Michael Moorcock
Darker Angels [short story] by S P Somtow
Death in Bangkok by Dan Simmons (winner)
Death on the Nile by Connie Willis
Aliens: Tribes by Stephen Bissette (winner)
The Events Concerning a Nude Fold-Out Found in a Harlequin Romance by Joe R Lansdale (winner)
For You, the Living by Wayne Allen Sallee
Nothing Will Hurt You by David Morrell
The Shrine by David Morrell
Advocates by Suzy McKee Charnas and Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
The Beautiful Uncut Hair of Graves by David Morrell (winner)
Death Leaves an Echo by Charles de Lint
Fetish [short story] by Edward Bryant
Magpie by Stephen Gallagher
Bestseller by Michael Blumlein
Entropy's Bed at Midnight [short story] by Dan Simmons
The Langoliers [short story] by Stephen King
Pelts by F Paul Wilson
Stephen [short story] by Elizabeth Massie (winner)
At First Just Ghostly by Karl Edward Wagner
The Confessions of St. James by Chet Williamson
On the Far Side of the Cadillac Desert with Dead Folks by Joe R Lansdale (winner)
Phantom by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
The Function of Dream Sleep by Harlan Ellison
Horrorshow by John Farris
The Juniper Tree [short story] by Peter Straub
The Night Flier by Stephen King
Orange Is for Anguish, Blue Is for Insanity by David Morrell (winner)
The Skin Trade by George R R Martin
The Boy Who Came Back from the Dead by Alan Rodgers (winner)
Pamela's Get by David J Schow
The Pear-Shaped Man [short story] by George R R Martin (winner)
Resurrec Tech by S P Somtow
Best Short Story Awards
Dead Cat Bounce by Gerard Daniel Houarner
Fallen Angel by Robert J Sawyer
Gone by Jack Ketchum
Mexican Moon by Karen E Taylor
Aftershock by F Paul Wilson (winner)
The Entertainment by Ramsey Campbell
The Grave by Patricia D Cacek
Halloween Street by Steve Rasnic Tem
Autopsy Room Four by Stephen King
Blues-Born by Tina L Jens
The Dead Boy at Your Window by Bruce Holland Rogers (winner)
The Rug by Edo van Belkom
I Am Infinite; I Contain Multitudes by Douglas Clegg
Madame Babylon by Brian Hodge
A Plague on Both Your Houses by Scott Edelman
Rat Food by Edo van Belkom and David Nickle (winner)
The House of Mourning by Brian Stableford
Metalica by Patricia D Cacek (winner)
Plan 10 from Inner Space by Karl Edward Wagner
The Secret Shih Tan by Graham Masterton
The Slobbering Tongue that Ate the Frightfully Huge Woman by Robert Devereaux
Becky Lives by Harry Crews
The Bungalow House by Thomas Ligotti
Chatting with Anubis by Harlan Ellison (winner)
The Death of the Novel by William Browning Spencer
The Box by Jack Ketchum (winner)
Cafe Endless: Spring Rain by Nancy Holder (winner)
Mr Torso by Edward Lee
Things of Which We Do Not Speak by Lucy Taylor
Death Fiend Guerillas by William S Burroughs
Distances by Sherman Alexie
The Dog Park by Dennis Etchison
I Hear the Mermaids Singing by Nancy Holder (winner)
Pain Grin by Wayne Allen Sallee
Bright Lights, Big Zombie by Douglas E Winter
Come One, Come All by Gahan Wilson
Did They Get You to Trade? by Karl Edward Wagner
Farm Wife by Nancy Kilpatrick
This Year's Class Picture by Dan Simmons (winner)
The Ash of Memory, the Dust of Desire by Poppy Z Brite
The Braille Encyclopedia by Grant Morrison
Lady Madonna by Nancy Holder (winner)
Love Doll: A Fable by Joe R Lansdale
Richard's Head by Al Sarrantonio
Wolf Winter by Maxine O'Callaghan
Back Windows by Steve Rasnic Tem
But You'll Never Follow Me by Karl Edward Wagner
The Calling by David B Silva (winner)
From the Papers of Helmut Hecker by Chet Williamson
The Loneliest Number by Edward Bryant
Bodies and Heads by Steve Rasnic Tem
Each Night, Each Year by Kathryn Ptacek
Eat Me by Robert R McCammon (winner)
A Sad Last Love at the Diner of the Damned by Edward Bryant
'Yore Skin's Jes's Soft 'n Purdy,' He Said by Chet Williamson
Jack's Decline by Lucius Shepard
The Music of the Dark Time by Chet Williamson
Night They Missed the Horror Show by Joe R Lansdale (winner)
Nobody Lives There Now by Carol Orlock
The Young Thing at the Top of the Stairs by Ray Bradbury
Day-Tay-Vao by F Paul Wilson
The Deep End by Robert R McCammon (winner)
Friend's Best Man by Jonathan Carroll
This Old Man by Charles L Grant
Traps by F Paul Wilson

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