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G K Aalborg - C T Adams
Carrie Adams - Mitch Albom
Beth Albright - Mark Alpert
Adi Alsaid - Sarah Andrews
Toni Andrews - Michael Arnold
Jake Arnott - D D Ayres
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 All authors, surname starts with A BooksGenres
G K Aalborg1r
Gordon Aalborg3m
Avery AamesNew Books7m
Donald Aamodt2f
Pamela AaresNew Books6
Alyssa Aaron1r
Chester Aaron23s,f,m,t,c
David Aaron3m,t
Elizabeth AaronNew Books2
Moses Aaron7f
Rachel AaronNew Books10f
Relentless Aaron16t,c
Richard Aaron1m,t
Ben AaronovitchNew Books13s
Edward S Aarons56m,t
Kathy AaronsNew Books2
Carolyne AarsenNew Books54r
Rafael Ábalos1f
Chris AbaniNew Books14c
Atia AbawiNew Books1
Edward Abbey27r,c
Lynn Abbey41f
Sparkle Abbey7m
Anthony Abbot9m
Laura AbbotNew Books26r
Allyson K AbbottNew Books3
Donald Abbott7f
Edwin A Abbott14s
Ellen Jensen Abbott3f
Erica Abbott4m,t
Hailey Abbott16r
Jeff AbbottNew Books18m,t
Karen Abbott38r
Megan Abbott9m
Rachel Abbott3c
Tony AbbottNew Books106f
Victoria AbbottNew Books3m
Randa Abdel-Fattah7r
Kobo Abé15s,c
Shana Abé14f,r
C J Abedi2
Charlotte AbelNew Books10f,r
James AbelNew Books2
Kenneth Abel5m
Deborah AbelaNew Books24t
Linda Aber13s,f,h,m,t,r,c
Barbara Abercrombie15m,r
Joe AbercrombieNew Books12s
Lynn Abercrombie2m
Mark Abernethy5t
Dafydd ab Hugh20s,f,h
Albert Able5
Keith Ablow16m
Dan AbnettNew Books133f,h
Daniel AbrahamNew Books22f
Peter Abrahams27m,t
J J Abrams10m
Peter Abresch14m
Jus AccardoNew Books9f,r
Cathy AceNew Books5
Mario Acevedo7h,m
Chinua Achebe30c
Kathy Acker30s
Forrest J Ackerman32s,h
Peter AckroydNew Books56f,h
Marta Acosta9r
Bobby AdairNew Books12
Cherry AdairNew Books36h,t,r
Gilbert Adair28m,t,r,c
Liz AdairNew Books10m
Marina AdairNew Books9r,c
Robin Adair2
Paul Adam17m,t
The Adams Round Table6m
Alex Adams2c
Alexia AdamsNew Books6
Alice Adams20r,c
Alina Adams17m,r
Anna AdamsNew Books22r
Annie Adams2
C T AdamsNew Books2
Carrie Adams2r
Cat Adams8f,r
Claire AdamsNew Books7
Clifton Adams46t,w
Deborah Adams7m
Dee J AdamsNew Books2
Douglas AdamsNew Books33s
Elizabeth Adams1
Ellery AdamsNew Books17m
Guy AdamsNew Books31s,f,h,m,t
Harold Adams19m
Herbert Adams53m
Jane A AdamsNew Books27h,m
Jeanne AdamsNew Books5r
Jennie Adams36r
Jessica AdamsNew Books32r
Jocelyn AdamsNew Books12f,r
John Joseph AdamsNew Books22s,f,h
Kylie Adams13r
Lori AdamsNew Books3
Max Adams2
Noelle AdamsNew Books37r
Richard Adams23f,c
Riley Adams4m
Robert Adams40f
Scott AdamsNew Books133c
Stacy Hawkins Adams11c
Tessa Adams6f
Will Adams6t
Gil Adamson4c
Lydia Adamson37m
Siobhan AdcockNew Books1
Corban AddisonNew Books3c
Katherine Addison1
Chimamanda Ngozi AdichieNew Books7c
Aravind Adiga3c
Shelley AdinaNew Books20r
David A AdlerNew Books236s,f,m,r,c
Elizabeth AdlerNew Books33m,r
H G AdlerNew Books3c
Warren AdlerNew Books53m,t
Jussi Adler-OlsenNew Books6m
C H Admirand21r,w
Alexandra AdornettoNew Books7s,f
Lara AdrianNew Books27h,r
Tessa Afshar4
Denise A AgnewNew Books14s,f,h,m,t,r,c
Katie AgnewNew Books8r
Aimee Agresti2s,f,r
A A Aguirre2
Ann AguirreNew Books31s,h,r
Forrest AguirreNew Books11s
Cecelia AhernNew Books25r
Jerry Ahern77s,t
Allan Ahlberg136s,f,h,m,r,c
Ania AhlbornNew Books6h
Saladin AhmedNew Books4f,c
Robert Aickman25h
Jane Aiken Hodge36m,r
G A AikenNew Books11f,r
Ginny Aiken37m,r
Joan Aiken132f,h,m,r
William Harrison Ainsworth32h,m,t,r
Catherine AirdNew Books29m
Rennie Airth6m,t
James Aitcheson3c
Rosemary Aitken12r
Alan Burt Akers38s
Tim Akers7f
Yelena AkhtiorskayaNew Books1
Karen AkinsNew Books2
Boris Akunin13m,t
Isabella AlanNew Books4m
Jean-Pierre AlauxNew Books7
Peter Albano14s,t
Edoardo AlbertNew Books5
Marvin Albert53m,t,w
Michele Albert10r
Susan Wittig AlbertNew Books44m
Gennifer AlbinNew Books13s,f,r
Mitch Albom15c
Beth AlbrightNew Books8r
Alex Albrinck8
Randy AlcornNew Books40m
Kate AlcottNew Books3c
Louisa May Alcott74f,h,r,w,c
Jami Alden2r
Laura Alden5m,c
Elizabeth Alder2r
Mark Alder1f
P J Alderman4m,r
Maggie Alderson9r
Sarah AldersonNew Books11t
Brian AldissNew Books151s,f
James Aldridge27m
Wendy Alec7f
Katie AlenderNew Books5c
Rochelle AlersNew Books90r
A K AlexanderNew Books9m
Alma Alexander19f
Alyssa AlexanderNew Books2
Bruce Alexander11m
Carrie Alexander45r
Cassie AlexanderNew Books8c
David AlexanderNew Books57s,t
Ellie AlexanderNew Books2
Hannah AlexanderNew Books34m
Jen AlexanderNew Books1
Jerrie AlexanderNew Books7
Lloyd Alexander48f
Marcus Alexander4s,f,h,r
Meg Alexander27r
Nicole Alexander4c
Rebecca AlexanderNew Books2c
Robert Alexander3c
Tamera AlexanderNew Books13r
Tasha AlexanderNew Books12m
Trisha Alexander21r
Vanessa Alexander3r
Victoria AlexanderNew Books41r
William AlexanderNew Books3f
Belinda Alexandra6r
Sara AlexiNew Books9
Sherman Alexie23m,c
Alice Alfonsi82f,r
Monica Ali4c
Barbara AllanNew Books11m
Claire Allan7c
Jay AllanNew Books20s,f,m,t,r,c
Mabel Esther Allan148h,m,t
Ted Allbeury43t
Esri Allbritten3m,c
Tiffany Allee9f,r
Barbara Allen4r
Barbara J Allen1c
Beverly AllenNew Books2
Charlotte Vale Allen45r
Conrad Allen8m
Diane AllenNew Books4r,c
Garrison Allen11m
Harper Allen20r
Jeffrey Allen3m,c
Lisa Van AllenNew Books3c
Louise AllenNew Books64r
Robin Allen4m,c
Roger MacBride Allen27s
Sarah Addison AllenNew Books8c
Steve Allen17m
Isabel Allende23f,m,c
Susanne Alleyn8m
Lou Allin15m
Margery Allingham47h,m
Catherine AlliottNew Books16r
Jennifer AllisonNew Books7h,m
Katherine Allred7c
Chris Van AllsburgNew Books21
Aaron Allston46s,f
Kerry Allyne32r
G T Almasi2c
David AlmondNew Books33f
Paul AlmondNew Books7
Mark Alpert4t
Adi AlsaidNew Books2
Cheree AlsopNew Books25
Madelyn AltNew Books8m
Steve AltenNew Books22h,t
Paula AltenburgNew Books6
Judy AlterNew Books78w
John Altman5t
Marsha Altman11r
Laura Marie AltomNew Books57f,r
Jennifer Lynn AlvarezNew Books3
Julia Alvarez23c
Karin Alvtegen5m
Donna AlwardNew Books67r
Mercy AmareNew Books18s,f,h,m,t,r,c
Eric Ambler23m,t
David Ambrose9s,h
E C AmbroseNew Books3f,c
Starr AmbroseNew Books8r
Stephen E Ambrose39t
A AmericanNew Books5s
Joye Ames6r
Ritter AmesNew Books3
Kingsley Amis69s,h,t,c
Martin AmisNew Books29s,m,t,c
Amish Tripathi3f
Dani AmoreNew Books31m
Beth Amos6h,t
Christine Amsden7h,m
Valerie Anand15m,c
Heather Anastasiu3
Alivia AndersNew Books9
Donna Anders12m,r
Karen AndersNew Books27r
Lou AndersNew Books12s
Hans Christian Andersen17f
Jessica Andersen54r
Laura AndersenNew Books4r
Maggi AndersenNew Books21r,c
Susan AndersenNew Books22m,r
B Kent Anderson2m,t,c
Brian D AndersonNew Books8f
Caroline AndersonNew Books131r
Catherine AndersonNew Books43r
Gillian AndersonNew Books1s
James Anderson15m
Jessica Anderson9
Jessica Lee Anderson3c
Jodi Lynn AndersonNew Books14f
Karen Anderson10s
Kent Anderson3t
Kevin J AndersonNew Books167s,f
Laurie Halse Anderson36c
Lilliana AndersonNew Books14c
Lin AndersonNew Books20m,c
Louise Anderson2m
M T AndersonNew Books23f,h
Maree Anderson14s,f,r,c
Natalie AndersonNew Books58r
Poul Anderson179s,f,m
R J Anderson7f
Sarah M AndersonNew Books35c
Sheryl J Anderson4m
Taylor AndersonNew Books19s
Toni AndersonNew Books14m,r
Jo Anderton4s,c
Bella AndreNew Books21r
Saxon AndrewNew Books33s
Sylvia AndrewNew Books32r
Amy AndrewsNew Books78r
Andy AndrewsNew Books23s,f,h,m,t,r,c
Beth AndrewsNew Books31r
Donna AndrewsNew Books30m
Ilona AndrewsNew Books29f
Lucilla Andrews35r
Lyn AndrewsNew Books36r
Mary Kay AndrewsNew Books17m
Mesu AndrewsNew Books5r
Renee AndrewsNew Books17c
Robert Andrews7m,t
Russell Andrews5t
Sarah Andrews12m
Toni Andrews4r
V C AndrewsNew Books83h,m,r
Virginia Andrews9h,m,r
Vivi AndrewsNew Books23f,h,r
James Andrus4t
Josephine AngeliniNew Books5r,c
Kate AngellNew Books18r
Judy AngeloNew Books28r
Maya AngelouNew Books56c
Tom AnglebergerNew Books16c
Evan Angler4f
Brooklyn AnnNew Books5s,f,h,t,r,c
Vivi AnnaNew Books17h,r
David AnnandaleNew Books9m,t
Melody AnneNew Books21r
D M Annechino4m,t
Barbra Annino17c
Manette Ansay8c
F Anstey31f
Evelyn Anthony38t,r
Mark Anthony18t,r
Mark AnthonyNew Books12f
Michael David Anthony4m,t,c
Patricia Anthony8s,f
Piers AnthonyNew Books184s,f
Ashley Antoinette7c
Maggie AntonNew Books6r
Shari Anton14r
Christopher Anvil13s
Jennifer ApodacaNew Books11m,r
Lisa AppignanesiNew Books30m
Katherine ApplegateNew Books180f
Robert AppletonNew Books29s,f,h,m,t,r,c
Victor Appleton (House Name)78s,m,t
Jane Arbor65r
Gill ArbuthnottNew Books15s,f
Alex ArcherNew Books56s,h,t
C J ArcherNew Books27f,r
Catherine Archer15r
Connie ArcherNew Books5m,t,c
Geoffrey Archer11t
Gretchen ArcherNew Books4s,f,h,m,t,r
Jeffrey ArcherNew Books59m,t
Jennifer Archer16r
Jill Archer3c
Ursula P Archer1
Zoë Archer21r
Malcolm ArchibaldNew Books30m,t
Philip ArdaghNew Books91f,h
Sara ArdenNew Books4
Susan ArdenNew Books0
Felice Arena61t
Carol ArensNew Books10c
Daniel ArensonNew Books37s
Amber ArgyleNew Books9f,c
Amanda Arista4c
Jakob Arjouni9m
Z L ArkadieNew Books16s,f,c
M J ArlidgeNew Books4
Lucy ArlingtonNew Books4m
Jennifer L ArmentroutNew Books26f,r,c
Jennifer Armintrout9h,t,r
Aileen Armitage35m,r
Campbell Armstrong21h,m
Cathleen ArmstrongNew Books3
Charlotte Armstrong33m
David Armstrong9m
Jennifer Armstrong50f,m
K L ArmstrongNew Books3f
Kelley ArmstrongNew Books61f,h,t
Lindsay ArmstrongNew Books95r
Lori Armstrong14m
Mechele Armstrong1s,f,h,m,t,r,c
Vivien Armstrong18m
Eleanor Arnason11f
Mindee ArnettNew Books6f
Elizabeth Joy Arnold5m
Judith Arnold93r
Margot Arnold20m
Michael ArnoldNew Books9t
Jake ArnottNew Books8m
Suzanne Arruda6m
Emily ArsenaultNew Books5m,c
A C ArthurNew Books47r
Keri ArthurNew Books34f,h,r
Robert Arthur26h
Reed Arvin4t
Catherine AsaroNew Books33s,f
Maureen Ash8m
Sarah Ash10f
Heather AshbyNew Books3
Madeline AshbyNew Books4s,c
Gordon Ashe56m
Katharine AsheNew Books17r
Jackie AshendenNew Books1
Jay Asher2c
Michael AsherNew Books20t
Neal AsherNew Books28s
Barbara AshfordNew Books3c
Jane AshfordNew Books24r
Jeffrey Ashford51m
Lindsay Ashford10m
Lucy AshfordNew Books11r
Amanda AshleyNew Books42h,r
Anne Ashley37r
Jennifer AshleyNew Books47r
Kristen AshleyNew Books49r,c
Mike Ashley99s,f,h,m
Phillipa Ashley9r
Trisha AshleyNew Books23r
K M AshmanNew Books17m,t
Avril AshtonNew Books6
Brodi Ashton4s
David Ashton6m
Elizabeth Ashton55r
Sharon AshwoodNew Books13h,r
Adele Ashworth10r
Isaac Asimov549s
Janet Asimov25s
Austin AslanNew Books1
Robert Asprin75s,f
Judy AstleyNew Books20r
Elizabeth AstonNew Books14r
Kristi AstorNew Books4r
Philip AthansNew Books26f
Nancy AthertonNew Books22h,m
Ace AtkinsNew Books18m,t
Charles Atkins10m
Dani AtkinsNew Books3c
Dawn Atkins40r
Lucy Atkins6
Heather AtkinsonNew Books27c
Kate AtkinsonNew Books13c
A A Attanasio28s,f
Amelia Atwater-RhodesNew Books19f,h
Sarah Atwell3m
Leah AtwoodNew Books12
Margaret AtwoodNew Books83s,f
Jean Marie Auel8f
Donna AugustineNew Books7s,f,c
Sandi AultNew Books5m
Belle AuroraNew Books7s,f,h,m,t,r,c
Jane Austen17r,c
Paul Auster55s,m,c
Lori Austin6r
Lynn AustinNew Books24t,r
Terri L AustinNew Books8m
Michael Avallone96h,m,t
Kristi Avalon2s,f,r,c
Anne Avery16f,r
Rebecca M AveryNew Books7s,f,h,m,t,r,c
Victoria AveyardNew Books1
AviNew Books83f,m
Lori Avocato23m,r
Steven AxelrodNew Books4
James AxlerNew Books200s,t
Jonathan Aycliffe9h
Michael Aye7t
D D AyresNew Books3

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